Vote 4 me


Im planning on leading the last remnant’s of humanity against the upcoming zombie apocalypse, as long as the zombies dont get me first, or i get infected myself. How do you think i’ll do?


Well that depends. How many times have you read the zombie survival guide. I can’t really make an educated guess on how you will do. There are so many things that I don’t know about you. Are you physically fit? Do you have a natural ability to lead people? Do you have any military experience? Etcetera. Some things you gotta let us know if you want my vote. (Of course, I’m not being serious. Because I will in fact have that position.)


Leaders in a zombie apocalypse? I’m not sure there would be enough people to lead. If there were, any leader with enough high powered rifles should do a decent job.


To Kluuvdar, I did say last remnants of humanity after all.
And to krunchrap, yea i have read the zombie survival guide and world war z a couple times when i’m bored. The thing about the zombie survival guide, is that it shows you how to be a survivor in the book, not a leader. Like Max brooke’s said you’re goal is to survive not to be a hero, yet again if you don’t survive you can’t really lead.


What kind of zombies are we talking about here? The basic eat your brains undead falling apart zombies or something along the lines of Resident Evil?


I will lead our forces to victory either way! But i’m more prepared for a non-resident evil chainsaw wielding zombie.


I’m prepared to follow you as long as your not the betrayal type. Are you?


Well, if they’re chain saw wielding zombies, that implies some sort of low-level intelligence, so leading a group of people large or small shouldn’t be too difficult.


My old man use to work on the Nukes when he was younger. Who needs leaders? I am going to set up a nuclear Holocaust. That will kill those zombies.


That will also kill all the survivors. We dont need to worry about nuclear radiation and the zombies. sounds like a recipe for the end of the human race.


No it would not, I and anyone with me will be left because I know where to find Nuclear bunkers.


What about all the others who arent with you. kinda screwing everyone over.


How many people are you taking into the bunkers? You’ll have to wait a while before the outside world is habitable. Will you have food? Water? Distractions to keep everyone from killing each other?

Assuming the entire world is hit by nukes, and no one else had time to get to a bunker, you won’t have anyone left to continue the human race with. You can breed among the small group that’s still alive, but you’re going to suffer inbreeding (and thus, a higher chance of horrible autosomal recessive genetic diseases) at some point along the line.

Think carefully. You won’t just be dooming the human race and the zombies, you’ll be dooming everything else that can’t survive nukes.


Ok. I’m closing this thread down.