Voltron: Legendary Defender


This just came out on Netflix. It’s a reimagining of the original cartoon from the 80s on Netflix. It’s pretty awesome. I feel like they managed to pay homage to the original while avoiding the issues that every 80s cartoon had. Lots of character development and an ongoing story. Great animation and action sequences. Great voice acting too.


I’m currently watching the first episode and while I’m not done with it, I give the team props for the writing. It’s simple enough so that kids will like it but it’s not shallow or superficial.


I was quite amused by the one guy trying to play Captain Kirk only to get a “You’re deformed! What’s wrong with your ears!?!” in response.


1/20/2017 can’t come soon enough!

I just found out that’s when season two is coming out. This link has a trailer from the offcial facebook page with some potential spoilers.