Voltaic [Ch: 3/7] | Last Update: 9/26/19 | CHAPTER 3 IS OUT!

Hey all! A quick update on where Chapter 4 stands currently. Unfortunately, real-life obligations got in the way, and progress was much slower than I anticipated. I’m done with Adrian’s “becoming official” scene - now I just have to move on to Carlton and then Sabrina. After that will be the get them together/break them up scenes for Adrian/Carlton and Sabrina/Jordan, and then we FINALLY get to the super-fun scene where Madison confronts MC about the event.

Unfortunately, I have no idea when this update is going to be out. I’m full-swing in the job hunt as I look for a full-time job, and I don’t know what my availability looks like in the upcoming months. But I’m thinking that I should be able to finish Voltaic entirely by April or May of 2020 (and that’s a long estimate - depending on my availability, I might be able to finish it sooner). I’m not giving up any time soon! Hopefully you all don’t mind the wait. :slight_smile:


My bro Trevers, I didn’t knew you had planning your own game! As soon as I’ll be back home I will give it a try :sparkling_heart:

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I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

So I tried to read the other comments not to ask something that is already asked but I got tired halfway because I’m too late to the party ahahah So forgive me if it’s already been said.
Am I the only one thinking it’s a bit unfair to let me decide if I want to mend the relationship with Madison whithout actually knowing what was the cause of the “major break event”? I feel that as MC I should be given that information

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That choice doesn’t lock you into anything, and you’re free to change your mind throughout. The event is being hidden for dramatic purposes :stuck_out_tongue: but you’ll get to figure it out in Chapter 4. The purpose of keeping it hidden is to test whether your MC is the bigger person in the face adversity.

Damn plot devices, they break my immersion LOL You can’t keep hidden something that the MC should already know, shame on you! :laughing::laughing:
I’ll go on and let it slip for now, bro :wink:

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, as I usually prefer more blank-slate MCs, but the characters and dialogue are great! The group really feels like childhood friends, and I enjoyed how the MC can create a web of relationships as they encourage everyone’s crushes/friendships. I also liked how how all the choices have impact and are often called back to.

A minor complaint is that I was looking forward to the science fiction aspects in the story, so by the time I reached the spin the bottle scene it started to feel like the plot was dragging on a bit. That scene made the MC feel a bit inconsistent, too, as some choices had the option to kiss on the cheek while others didn’t.

Another thing is that Olivia’s character seemed to drastically jump between liking and disliking the MC even when her relationship stat was high. I thought her reaction to the MC kissing Jordan on the cheek was odd as well since she already said it was allowed in the rules. The MC’s relationship with Jordan also didn’t seem to fit his relationship stat – it read like they were getting along really well, but by the end of the demo he was the lowest at 17%. :laughing:

The stats page, and how it reads as MC’s notebook with the bios and pictures, is great. If I had one complaint about it it’s that before the player chooses their gender/name it shows the picture/description of a male MC calling themselves “Unknown”. I feel like having that description suddenly change if the player doesn’t choose a male MC, as well as the “Unknown” part, breaks the immersion of it being a notebook somewhat.

Finally, I agree with @Roby95 about it being strange that the player doesn’t find out sooner about the major event that broke up Madison and the MC, but only because in the beginning it says it pops into the front of the MC’s mind every time they see her. Perhaps if that line wasn’t there then it’d be easier to accept that the MC doesn’t mention it even in their thoughts or the narrative like the other first half of that paragraph suggests.

Looking forward to chapter four! :relaxed:


Thank you for the lovely feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed all the character dynamics. That is a huge focus here, and I’m glad it paid off for you.

Unfortunately, this is something that is unavoidable given how I planned the story. I definitely let Chapter 3 drag on for quite a bit, but given that things in that chapter are now integral to the rest of the story, changing that is hard. I’m coming to terms with the fact that most of the story is operating on an excuse plot (shames self). The sci-fi aspect is going to kick in at the end of Chapter 4 and continue for the remaining three chapters, so it’s coming! :slight_smile:

The spin the bottle thing is probably an oversight. I rushed that section because I wanted to get Chapter 3 out (I was so sick of working on it at that point tbh hahahaha). I can look that over. As for her treatment of the MC, I’m planning to go back through and add moments where the MC’s relationship changes some of the characters’ dialogue with them. I flew through Chapter 3 because it was so long, and now that it’s fully written, I can probably add some more variability based on relationships.

Same as above, I think I’ll add some more variability based on your relationship with him.

It shouldn’t be possible to view the MC’s bio page prior to selecting your gender, so that might be an issue with my coding. I’ll take a look at it.

That’s a good note. I definitely need to revisit the first chapters and fix some things up. I’m going to see if I can drop some hints, but I prefer to keep the event hidden until the most dramatic moment. However, I can probably rewrite a few things to make it have a bigger presence even if MC won’t admit what it is.