Voltaic [Ch: 3/7] | Last Update: 9/26/19 | CHAPTER 3 IS OUT!



So if she trusts us and we talk bad about Jordan she’ll believe us?

If you give her reasonable doubt to suspect that Jordan may not be the person for her, and you’re close with her and not too close/not too antagonistic with Jordan, then yes, she’ll believe you more.


Gosh, this is gonna be so tough on my MC. He really, really likes Adrian but there’s no way MC is gonna hurt him by sabotaging his chances with Carlton. Being Adrian’s wingman is going to really suck :pleading_face:

Great job on the story so far though! I’m super intrigued to see where this is going to go (take your time, of course!) :blush:


Thank you for the kind words! Don’t worry, if you’re reeeeeally careful, you might be able to flirt with Adrian without Carlton ever finding out. :wink:

EDIT: Also, thought you all might like to know this. The average playthrough word count with what I’ve written for Chapter 3 is around 26k words. Kinda lower than I was expecting, but then again, the amount of variability so far is like… insane. Pretty sure randomtest told me there was a whole 16 lines that never even got accessed lol.


I would say the ideal way this goes is less “Carlton doesn’t find out” and more “Adrian realises he has another, better, option and takes it”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’ll be plenty of that too!


I just finished Jordan’s half of the Jordan/Sabrina intervention scene! (Maybe I can make this into an abbreviation - JSIS?) So, for your viewing pleasure, he’s a snippet of what you might encounter if you decide to help Jordan pursue Sabrina after you told him not to do it.

Keep in mind that things you discover in these intervention scenes can help you improve your chances with your desired RO. Sometimes it pays to wait before flirting… :wink:

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Another thing to add to the list of reasons to remove Jordan.

Hey, you might come to like Jordan! He can pretty sweet if you treat him nicely. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, snap, snap


The save function is broken is it possible to fix it?

I can look into it, sure.

EDIT: Fixed! I commented out the sm_init command to make sure Quicktest passed, and I forgot to un-comment it when I uploaded a new startup.txt.

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Yup thanks!

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Found an error

I’m not seeing an error in that photo.

I’m dumb sorry

Ah shit. I know what happened. I changed the first chapter around a bit and I modified that variable to be a bit more simplistic. Guess you guys are getting the updated version early lmfao. One second please…

EDIT: … and done! I changed around the first two chapters because sending Adrian away and making the conversations in Chapter 2 optional allowed you all to miss huge chunks of the storyline by the time we got to the third chapter. These updates should help make those more cohesive because you can’t miss the majority of them.

Does that mean I have to talk to Jordan?

Yesssss, it’s important for the story. But you can still be mean to him. :stuck_out_tongue: