Voltaic [Ch: 2/7] | Last Update: 6/30/19

I didn’t see this in time but yes for me!!

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Hey gems, two more quick updates! First, I uploaded a new monthly preview because I didn’t like the old one I provided and I also forgot to schedule it to release to the public. Whoopsies!

The other update is that my wonderfully talented artist, @alexshu, has granted me permission to give patrons an exclusive look at the preliminary sketches for the artwork of Voltaic! They will be available to the Amethyst and higher tiers next Friday, and more will be released in the days following. You’re all really gonna wanna see them, because Alex is an amazing artist and he really made these characters look fun and lovable!

EDIT: I’d also like to add that these art preview posts will contain behind-the-scenes dev commentary that gives you exclusive insight into how I planned and am writing the game, and some small previews about future chapters and endings. You don’t want to miss it!


Helloooooooooo gems! Time for another poll!

I’ve been tossing around potential approaches to the discussion scene options. Initially, I was going to give players a limited number of goals they can pursue before being forced on to the next section of the game. However, I’m now contemplating a few other approaches. Which one would you prefer?

  • All scenes (minus flirting scenes) are mandatory.
  • All scenes can be played, but players can leave discussion section early after playing a certain number of scenes.
  • Players can only play a certain number of scenes before being forced to the next section.
  • Players can skip the discussion scene after playing any number of scenes, including zero.

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I’m almost done with Carlton’s first flirting scene. Get excited! :smiley:

Hiiiieeeeee gems! This week’s art preview is out! You’ll get to see the preliminary draft of a super-secret photo you can get at the end of the game. You can also read some dev commentary regarding the various endings of Voltaic!


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