Voltaic [Ch: 1/7] | 4/1/2020 REWRITE UPDATE!

1.) There’s no real reason behind it. The portraits were part of an assets pack I purchased for a different engine (yes, the creator said we can use them in other engines), and the female MC’s portrait was for the original preset character. There is a version of that specific portrait where the character is white, but I just figured, “Hey, why not use a character of a different race instead of having all the protagonists be white?” I suppose I could make different portraits and let characters choose their race, but that would take a lot of recoloring and I don’t even know how I’d add a choice like that into the dialogue naturally :dizzy_face:
2.) Please provide screenshots or copy/pastes of any instances where you’re referred to as female regardless of gender choice! Those are leftovers from when I used a preset character.
3.) My only hesitation with making Adrian an RO is that female players can’t pursue him. Rewriting his gender preference would be… pretty uncomfortable for me to write. It would be equivalent to the MC making Olivia white instead of Black. So I don’t think Adrian becoming an RO is a real possibility.
4.) Given that you’re now the second third person to say this, I’ll absolutely add an choice for the MC to tell Adrian that they’re not into girls. That means I’m also adding a choice to Carlton’s section to say that they aren’t into guys haha.

Until Dawn is a huge inspiration for me in this game, so good catch. :wink: Don’t worry, there are no supernatural creatures in this one.

Don’t worry, Adrian will come back towards the end of the next chapter! Madison will too!

Now that you’re the third person to say this, I will absolutely be adding those options.


that would be nice…

for exemple talking about whats his name the flirty guy ? I was looking for the ‘Nope…I only like womenz (as a women)’’ and the choices were limited to ‘‘he is hot but I’m not interested’’ or hit on Sabrina :sweat_smile:

Kinda jumbled choices…

take here for exemple:


I shrug. “I didn’t really think anything of her. We only met briefly.” And that’s true. I really didn’t talk to her that much. (that would be a positive neutral reaction)

I give him a sly smile and nudge him lightly. “Trying to set me up?” (Flirty)

I smile wistfully. “Ah, yeah. She’s really attractive. I’m gonna be happy to see her tonight.” (Smutty ? lol which is weird since we do NOT know who she is , and even what she look like and…we met her ?)

I nod, saying, “She’s pretty cool. A little bit of a scaredy-cat, maybe, but pretty chill.” (again reasonable choice)

I roll my eyes. “She’s… fine. Maybe she’ll be less afraid of everything tonight.” (Sarcastic-Renegade Interrupt)

So in those choices…for exemple…unless I take the ‘oh yeah I cant wait to hook up tonight with her , maybe we can sneak behind a tree and Smooche’’ …

it’s…hum a bit direct and doesn’t fit when we barely know what said person look like . Also as I said…I personally couldn’t tell if I pick the ‘Yeah she is cute!’’ …does that mean it lock you in a romance or not ? if I roll my eyes and be an ass…is that a way that say ‘nah I’m not into girls !’’ ? lol .

Just saw this…


You can read up on me too, if that’s what you’re into. Wait, that… sounded sexual. Just… ignore me.

now we need a ‘I have a crush on…’’ Section! so we can doodles many :kissing_closed_eyes::lips::sparkling_heart::cupid::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:

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The “trying to set me up?” choice wasn’t meant to be flirty, but I can see how it would read that way, so maybe I need to make that clearer. The choice was supposed to be teasing Adrian for pushing the Sabrina friendship/romantic interest so aggressively. As for the “smutty” choice (I would consider that more flirty, but ymmv), the MC actually did meet Sabrina at the pep rally, so them saying she’s attractive wouldn’t be completely unreasonable or impossible. Hence the paragraph right before that specific choice explaining how they met. Their meetup was also explained in Sabrina’s stat screen bio. Whether that choice is “too” direct is up to the player’s interpretation. Some people are that direct in real life. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no locking into a romance. You can flirt with either Carlton or Sabrina, both, or neither. Any flirt choice will still allow you to flirt with the other RO. The rude choice doesn’t prevent you from flirting with her since the option comes before Sabrina is present in the scene.

actually it was more like ‘Sly’ smirking…nudge nudge…you wanna set me up ? lol

not everyone…I live under a rock…wanna see? :sweat_smile:

I want Olivia O Sensei…:bowing_woman:

Any chance of Jordan becoming an RO…? :smirk: A friendship route would be nice otherwise (unless its already in the works)

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A friendship route is in the works, but an RO route is probably not going to happen since he’s set as straight.

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You honestly don’t have to if it’s not relevant to the story! I was only wondering if there’s going to be customization involved bc that sounds like hardwork especially with the portraits and all!

I totally get that and there’s no way I would want him to change his sexuality! I hope you didn’t misunderstood what I said about rewriting who his crush is gonna be to me wanting to rewrite his gender preference :flushed: I only meant to ask if that was something that is possible for a male player to do. I’ve played some WIPs where an ROs sexuality are set to stone and they’re totally fine in my opinion, so I feel like it would be alright if only male players could pursue him, I could not say the same for the others though so I understand your hesitation!


Parts where it’s implied we’re female when playing as male:

In Adrian’s character bio:

These were the only ones I’ve noticed :slight_smile:


Ah, I misunderstood. If there’s a big push for Adrian, I might look into making him an option even if only male and non-binary MCs can pursue him. As you might have seen, pretty much every character except Madison has been requested as an RO, so I’m trying to avoid making a dating simulator out of my psychological thriller. :sweat_smile:


I’m going to agree with everyone asking for Adrian, I’m afraid. :sweat_smile: (He’s much cuter than Carlton… :sweat:) If you want, you could have Jordan as a straight RO to balance him out? :thinking:

I would assume that as my best friend, Adrian would already know that I’m not into girls… :frowning:

All games are dating sims, whether the writer realises it or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But more seriously, if you do include romance, people are going to want to go for characters they prefer, even if those characters aren’t necessarily what the writer intended.

Adrian’s character notes:

Maybe it’s because he’s gay? Wait, can I say that? I mean, he gets along well with pretty much everyone, but especially us girls.

I am not a girl, and I am also gay… :sweat_smile:

I don’t want to be without Adrian tonight, so I’ll keep him here. “Hey, please stay with me. We should stick together.”

Is there any reason why I can’t go with him to help him? :confused: I mean, I realise I have to stay behind to meet the others, but it still feels like there’s no in-game reason for it…

Anyway, I think it’s a good start, and I’d really like to see where it goes. :slight_smile: Good luck with the game! :smile:


@trevers17 Can I have the option to punch that guy who tried to kiss my hand? Or at least let him kiss my foot—with force.


I find it extremely strange the way Sabrina casually asks what gender we identify as. Not something someone would ask and yet everyone acted so cool about it. Also, who are the ROs? I figured everyone was fair play but apparently not?


This has already been addressed above: I’m adding choices for players to indicate that they aren’t into girls/boys when asked about each RO.

I understand, but romance really isn’t the main focus of this game. Including Adrian as an RO would mess with some plot points I’m looking at, so I can’t just add a romance route willy-nilly. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly the reason. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d have to write a completely different branch if that were an option. I may add some dialogue where the MC asks to come along and Adrian tells them to stay.

Nooooo… but there’ll be plenty of Firebrand options to be mean to him. Is that satisfactory? :sweat_smile:

That’s supposed to be a little strange. Sabrina’s not meant to be socially competent, and that choice is meant to stick out a bit to show that she’s a bit weird.

As stated in the OP (and throughout the thread), Sabrina and Carlton are the only ROs at the moment. I thought the fact that you could only flirt with them would make that obvious, but maybe I need to make it more obvious. :sweat:

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Oh, that’s a bummer. I really wanted Madison as a RO.

That’s a shame. :sweat_smile: But, yeah, not everybody’s going to like any single RO, and thus having only one of each gender will mean that quite a few players will be disappointed (especially when there are unromanceable characters around who they prefer).

So, would I be correct in thinking that this:

refers to Adrian trying to get with Carlton? Because that would mean that the only way to romance a male character would be to steal him from our best friend, which seems a little cruel, really. :worried:


So what is with the “trapped in your own mind bit,” care to elaborate on that?

Yes, that is correct. It’s definitely a little cruel, but it’s also interesting :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t worry, MC will have some choices to try and persuade Adrian to let them have Carlton so that they don’t have to undermine Adrian to date Carlton. The stealing option is just a way for people who don’t mind their MC having questionable morals.

Not really “trapped.” What follows is pure pseudoscience and has no actual basis in reality, so don’t think about it too hard. Essentially, the MC survives a pretty severe electrocution accident, and as a result, the electrical currents in their brain are disrupted, causing them to experience and remember things differently than how they were before. Characters’ personalities will change and the MC will need to reconstruct their memories of both relationships and character details to prevent their friends from dying/disappearing.


Yeah, but the text says Calton Is Adrians crush even if you dissuade your friend to let you stay with his crush, this is bad no matter what, but anyway I’m more interested in the reality altering part gives me major Oxenfree vibes


That part isn’t even written yet, and even if you persuade Adrian to let you have him, that doesn’t mean he won’t still have a crush on Carlton. I’m not really sure what you mean by this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oxenfree was my other inspiration for this game!

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I mean that is a shitty thing to do, convince your friend to let you have his crush


Madison does gives me Clarissa from Oxenfree vibes