Voiceless: A Siren's Song (WIP) : Updated 07/7/2024

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romance, Adventure,

Summary: In Voiceless: A Siren’s Song you start as a child, with one warning…Stay away from the ocean. Raging waters and bottomless depths, the ocean is as alluring as it is dangerous. Will you grow to love it, hate it, or fear it?

Will you help a siren reclaim his voice, join the scientific counsel, tame a Beast, Help a dictator rule the world or join the rebellion? The choice is yours.

Follow in your families footsteps and capture it’s creatures for profit, explore the world of Agradia, fall in love with 5 different love interests…one of them not even human, or create your own path.

Request <3This is my first choicescript game, so I’d appreciate any feedback good or bad. The first chapter is entirely done, with the second one not far behind. I still have a lot of fleshing out to do and still don’t fully understand coding but I’m learning day by day. I appreciate any feedback or just opinions on the characters!

I plan on updating every 2 weeks, but it may be more or less frequent depending on time constraints.

To play the demo, go here: Voiceless: A Siren’s Song

What I’m working on currently

  • Coding Chapter 1: COMPLETE
  • Developing 1st market trip: COMPLETE
  • Coding Chapter 2: Incomplete
  • First Sea trip (ch 2): Incomplete
  • Finishing Lux Interaction (ch 3): Incomplete
  • Save Function: ADDED

Lux (f)
Your brothers best friend, could she be yours too? Lux is an eccentric inventor with a strong accent and a heart of gold.

Rhydian (m)
A siren without a voice isn’t much of one at all. This egocentric siren will do anything to keep his voice, even use a human. This redheaded sea creature is out for blood and it doesn’t matter whose.

Jaecar (m)
Fated enemies, this Beast Slayer with snake eyes is your families rival. Will you kick him to the side in his time of need or rewrite history and prove land and sea can meet.

Secret RO (nb)
This RO will be revealed in Chapter 4

Secret RO (f)
This RO will have a secret appearance in Chapter 3- If you make the right choices.

Secret RO (f/m/nb)
This RO will

Feedback Requests

I’m looking for feedback!

  1. Feedback on relationships and family dynamics. Do they feel real and if not what would you like to see?

  2. Feedback on Pacing and timeline. Does the pacing flow naturally or does it feel choppy and rushed? I’m mostly worried about this in Chapter 2 during the trip to the island.

  3. Feedback on Coding and Bugs I am always looking for feedback about things that aren’t working right or if you have any tips for better ways to code things like the stats screen or moments with a lot of choicescript.

  4. Feedback on You. I aways enjoy reading your thoughts on the story and whether you enjoy it or not <3


Link to Voiceless Patreon

What to expect:

  • Frequent updates and communication through patreon
  • Short stories about characters you have met (and some that you haven’t)
  • More Story Polls
  • Art and Commissioned Art
  • And more!

I can’t play through it all right now, but what I did see was good. I’ll definitely come back for the full demo.


Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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Just fixed this! I forgot to add () around a variable.

These should be fixed now!

I really like it so far! I would recommend using Grammarly. It’s a free website that checks for a bunch of small mistakes (spelling, grammar, etc.) Also, I found a few bugs:



startup line 1364: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.


got a few errors (i didn’t post them because people have already posted the same errors i’ve gotten)
but other than that can i just say i love Bahari already ;o;

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This should be fixed now!


Ahh Thank you! He’s one of my favorites to write honestly!

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Sounds like a really good story. It’s still very early days, but it’s u. Good start.

error :smile:

i think someone already noticed this one,

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I would suggest adding save slots. I’m the type of guy that likes to go through every option, and it gets a little tedious starting over all the time- :sweat_smile:


I can’t wait to read the rest of the demo. I keep running into errors or something? It doesn’t load for some reason.


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I love the story and the characters. Our friendship with our brother is so adorable and wholesome :heart:
Sometimes the story jumps slightly around (need to find the parts again) and I can’t ask Lux about her new invention, the game shows me an error (couldn’t copy it but I will when I read it again) and I think after we cought the jelly the game wip ends, right? All in all the story is great :grin: