Vita Aeternum(WiP)(1/13/2021 Update)

There is also some errors during the conversation with the nun if you relent, Scire if you try to give him your sword and a few others during the wargame.

Also is it intentional to not get any relation with linita and Camao when you talk to them?

oof error for sure imma fix that.


Found some bugs

I believe these choices should be repeatable until they’re not applicable.

I don’t think it is supposed to repeat.

Same with the first one here.

Found these after losing to the obissao, pressing no, then entering the stat screen afterward.

thanks so much, im crushing some ice cream for breakfast so i should be able to fix it in a bit.

Ice cream for breakfast!?
I envy you sir.


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Certified Dioegenes moment

Is it actually possible to win the wargame? I have tried almost everything but the lowest I can get them to is 60 cavalry.

dang, what was your strategy stat and what was your preference/cavalry/ garrison/auxelirie support?

I just played trough the garrison path and it works. so I’m just wondering. Plus 60 seems awfully high.

My strategy stat was around 60(cavalry) and 70(auxiliary), on the cavalry I had 70 cavalry split between me and Remi.

I kept trying different combinations but it was still the same, even though it said I had close to 50 cavalry I had to retreat.

dang the withdraw treshold might be too high

Also you have to reach cavalryperity before you sally out from the city. I wrote this in order to make sure players keep a balance force.

Also wondering about the sortie and fighting withdrawal what is needed for them? Even with 40 cavalry the sortie is greyed out.

You need to have eaqual or more cavalry, the fighting withdraw requires 57> defence preff.

Oh ok, thanks.

The wave’s murmur lore is still pretty buggy, i think its supposed to be like the war game but after picking some of the choices it immedietly goes to the play again scene.

Yessir sorry, was not supposed to be on this release. I have been kinda busy remodeling the kitchen with my brother and had to travel some ways for the wake of a great elementary school teacher. I will pick up the pace in the coming week. I have also been fiddling around with some character art that might or might not make it to the game.