Vita Aeternum(WiP)(1/13/2021 Update)

I’ve begun work on my new game Vita Aeternum. In it, you play out the consequences of going for 3 years without Lords of Infinty.

For the honor of the Emperor under the Sun!

Campaign across the eastern continent, raise the prestige of your house, find a lover?

Will the Empire return to its former glory or will you plunge the dagger deep into its back?

House Summary


RIght Hand

A proud warrior tribe that has served the Empire for three centuries, they provide the best marshal education in the land, at a cost.


The Elk

A strong people from the north, Auslander, have endured much under the many centuries of strugle for their survival. Finally begining their rise, The House of Elk will not relent to any enemies inside or outside the Empire.


The Keys of the Capital

The house of blue is the new kid in the block and must secure a position of power before the greed of other calls for their blood.


The Rulers of Vandal

The true succesors to the defunct Eastern Vandal, The House of Molnar must pick up the pieces left behind by the War of Spring or watch their people suffer.

Spring War Orphan

The Blank Slate

There are just about eighty-thousand other orphans known to inhabit the Empire’s lands.
Make the church proud by your just conduct or cause them to renounce you by the crimes you commit.

I plan to develop the game to branch out in moderately different ways depending on the house you choose to represent, the final goal beign to provide a solid and cohesive follow through and special events based on that.

Sugestions on the pacing and spelling would be greatly apreciated. Please direct the critism as a personal atack to my character, the more personal the better.

Chapter Two Update

  • Map of Spring War in State of the Empire tab.

  • Finished stats layout, only need to add Moniker subheading for any
    feats that the player might acomplish.

  • Map of the Empire’s Provinces +15% strategy boost in the shop.

  • 4th Story to the shouts of the past.

  • Aus/Pyo/Van Obissao special event in the bulletin.

  • Blue/Orphan eastern tragedy in the bulletin.
    *Horse customization
    *Scire into.
    *Comao intro.
    *Wargame VA.

  • Added save system and it totatally didn’t take me four tries to do it

For future development I would like to add similar mini-quests in the bulletin that
are clan locked in order to further imersion. The interactive quest is active for the Obissao hunt with high stat checks that might need to be tweaked because I didn’t want players stumbling into a hunt. The Eastern tragedy has high check cause it might be a bit graphic. Input in how hard these events were to you guys would be very apreciated.

Artwork Update


Hello and sorry for the variuos bugs spotted during yesterda’s launch. Today I begun and completed a good number of the artworks that will be used in the game. I will update some of chapter two’s content in the demo
All weapons now visible in the kit section of stats. Collect at you heart’s content.

As always, feed back is always nice as these are literally my very first artwork and my artstyle is pretty undefined.

*Cover page
*Horse artwork

Currently it’s about (2/? Chapters, IDK Words) done, and I plan on updating bi-weekly.

To play the demo, go here:

You can direct errors and sugestions at :


Looks like it could be pretty good. Would be helpful to have an explaination of how the money works (how many moons is a Sun). But other than that I like what you have written so far


that’s all I needed to hear, I’m sold


You means the lords of infinity? The trilogy of sabres of infinity and guns of infinity?

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Yes sir, the withdrawl is so bad I had to make my own copium.


and I applaud you for it, may our wait be short and may your tale be just as successful


I completely forgot that explaining things is part of world building:)


I think 10 moons is a sun

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Totally unrelated but the money of the game made me think about the begining of the opening song of Chowder being a bandit song in this world the “You take the Moon and you take the Sun, You take everything that seems like fun!” And due to being incredibly tired right now it was way funnier to me than that probably is.

Also this is immediately a game I am looking forward to now


it seems like it will be a good read once its fleshed out and more is added, and to be fair you had me at copium for lords of infinity


In it, you play out the consequences of going for 3 years without Lords of Infinty.

Me: Sold

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It seems that if you play as House Blue you can’t say goodbye to your family

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Oh sweet and caring Lord, this story is so good!

I really like your writing style, and the lore seems pretty solid for me. I’ll be waiting for the next update!

But I have to ask: how did you got those heraldics? Because I’m in love with them!!

ah yes, i smell good potential coming out from this wip, like the map too btw, keep up the good work :+1:

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What houses are available for the main character to be exact?

I got the heraldics from armoria, I think it is a github plugin that allows you to design some intesting templates.

House Pyoner, House Molnar (Vandal), House of Blue, House of Elk(Auslung) and lastly a Spring War orphan

@Wealmostmadeit, out of curiosity, is there a reason you named the game Vita Aeternum instead of Vita Aeterna?

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There is a book by that name already, so I have to be not like other books TM ®

The Latinist in me has eyebrows raised, but I approve of your spirit of independence and devil-may-care-ness.