Visualization of books


How do you guys visualize choice and host games?
Do you see them as anime, realistically, etc?
I view most as anime and change the style depending on the mood like during happy or goofing off scenes I it’s in the style of k-on or lucky star. If it’s a action scene where all seems lost or just an overall dark game I imagine it in berserk style
I allmost never visualize anything as realistic because it’s fantasy and realistic would just ruin it. Also suspension of disbelief would be horribly hard


I have this thing where I can’t actually picture anything in my head (aside from like daydream occasionally and daydreams) but I use my imagination to imagine what it could look like.

I could probably draw something based on a scene, but in reality it would be me making it up-- I can’t actually visualise it (I also can’t remember/ have visual memories, but tbh everything I’ve written here could apply to everyone and ‘picture it in your head’ is just a metaphor

I just realised you guys probably get way more fun out of these games than I do.

And when people mean “I hate it when artwork for a character is different to what I pictured in my head” they literally saw something in their head to portray the character. That’s pretty freaky,


I visualize just about everything that I read. How? Depends, but usually realistically.


The way I visualise the inanimate aspects of a story (e.g. a tree) are usually more or less realistic.

When it comes to characters, I have realised that I actually do not have a clear picture in my mind of what they look like, but at the same time also know what they look like in a way I find hard to describe. It’s somewhat akin to how you might be able to recognise someone on sight but be unable to create an accurate picture of their face in your mind. Assuming that that’s not just something I experience.

I do get that sensation that @fairlyfairfighter mentioned of art of a character not looking like how I imagined them to be, but I wouldn’t be able to say how it was not like my imagination, except in perhaps the broadest of terms.


Oh hey we may have the same thing!

I can see in detail in dreams tho (and i’m good at dreamin!) But when looking back at a memory or picturing an object there’'s no detail, just “Yes a circle has a circle shape, but I just see blackness”.

In addition, aside from them looking humanoid and I know what that looks like, I can’t really picture characters, so I have no problem with making official art.

On the other hand, I do prefer the character I imagine. I mean its probably ironic/ weird but just because I can’t see em doesn’t mean I have a rough idea of what they look like.


Anime 100% (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Depends, but usually in a semi-realistic comic style.
Also I love picking reference picks for faces.


I find it harder to visualize characters in typical CoG/HG’s compared to books. If I get the choice of name/hair color/family/strengths and weaknesses, I create an image of a character in my head. However, when I start to get into the games, the prose is written from the perspective of a different character. Then, I need to readjust who I thought I was playing, so that the character fits in the story.