Villain: The Catalyst [Minor Update and Poll - 09/08/18 - ]



My main problem with the puzzle was that i thought AABB was 4 words not 4 letters


If those kids coming from hero parents expect to become heroes themselves one day they sure are starting off terribly. I assume they’re going to be expected to follow an ethical code, insulting the people who are most likely going to form your rogues gallery and are probably going to have no qualms about hanging you over a death trap or just killing you is definitely not a good idea. There’s a reason villains usually run the billions dollar corporations and have easier lives than the heroes, they’re not restrained. It would be fun for the team the MC is on to break out and form a crime syndicate.


You need villians to save you from heroes. :smile:


On this occasion it seems to be the case. It would be amusing if the MC was the most petty person in the world.

“Alright, all of you get to go free. Except you, I remember when you insulted me at the academy.”

“That was ten years ago, and we were kids!”

“Well you should have thought of that and not be so mean that day. Prepare to die.”


I’d like the option to reject the hero villain dynamic as reductionist binary thinking in the game.

My character returned the lady’s purse, not because he wants to be a hero, but because he could, he chose to do it.

Just like the “hero” in the interrogation scene used mind control to force someone to rat out their parents, a disgusting move on multiple levels.

“Hero? Villain? I’m me. I do that which I believe is right under the circumstances just like everyone else in this world. Hero and villain are just labels used to control us, but it’s our decision who we are.”


Lol, that’s deep… I agree.


Ah bother. Brb need to rewrite a bit in my thing, before someone things I’m giving this game the finger…


You lose me a bit right at the edits, can you explain which scene you’re referring to please? Also the true/false names are purely for relationships since I don’t have another scene like the lunch one where you sit with a specific group and meet them.

But I was worried that the problem you pointed out would present itself, so I’ll probably add a ‘counseling’ session scene so you actually meet everyone formally. Does that sound good?

@stsword Lol it sounds like you’d fit in with the Outcasts . . . another label, but hey what can you do in this world?


I would rather just be a loner and do my own thing am not helping anybody its every men for them self’.


I give up. I’ve been trying to guess the password for half an hour. What is it?



I’m going to end up changing it probably next update, I just don’t know how yet.

@Andrew_Stapleton Will definitely keep that in mind while writing so that can become a thing. Could probably even make it an allegiance “Me, Myself, and I”


Huh… I thought I tried that one.


It’s case and space sensitive so if you get even one of those things wrong then it’ll probably come up wrong.


I apologize, I appear to have neglected my duties as an alpha tester.

What I observed while playing:

  1. I can kill a human. Cool. (Not that it counts as murder or anything).
  2. "But you saw how confident they appeared, and confidence like that could only come from a full proof plan. So, there was a plan, they just refuse to tell you all of it."
    Should be fool proof.
  3. Can’t use teleportation when infiltrating despite having energy.
  4. "The squirrel chatters away, nudging the woman impatiently. Albert doesn’t appreciate me talking to you right now. Was there something you needed?”"
    Should be a " before Albert
  5. Kept looking for the reason “Because humans are a blight that must be exterminated” on the screen that asked why we want to be villains, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find it.
  6. Heh, actually managed to crack the password in three tries. And the only hints I had were what I accidentally read while gliding over the forums (Part of it is RJ, and the last word is Lawrence) Ain’t that neat.
    Probably not. Lot’s of people probably did it without any hints at all.’
  7. Is it just me or are these stat bars barely moving at all?

Right, so, overall impression of the school is that it’s been an alright experience. Really helping to nurture young Kalissa’s (yes, I changed the name) hatred of humanity and those who defend it. Felt like a prison, which is probably the intention, so good. Sort of gave me an idea of what society is like at large.
Wondering if you’ll go into the bigger societal issues that run throughout this world, kind of like Paradigm City did. Would be neat to see what kind of society I’m tearing down, and whether or not you managed to differentiate enough to make this world it’s own.
Tip: When creating a world with something that’s drastically different from real life, don’t be afraid to radically deviate from status quo. Think about how different America society is now from how it was 50 year ago.
That’s about how different this world should be from ours.

Anyway, story time.


Of course the stupid woman had to start making a fuss, as if she was entitled to help. With an annoyed glance, Kalissa killed her with the same amount of thought that is required for crushing ants, and with as much remorse.
Toni seemed unnerved, and Kalissa genuinely couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t as if she murdered anyone. Humans didn’t count as murder. She wasn’t sure if she could handle actually murdering a real person. But humans weren’t real people, they were left-overs from the past that refused to go out of style. She couldn’t understand why Toni would see it any differently.
Of course, she did know the reason. Toni lacked focus.

Back to present:
When given her first job as a villain by her parents, Kalissa was ready. Determined. Especially with the stakes. When they told her about the material that could remove powers she was infuriated. Even if it was only temporarily, she was smart enough to know that there was no problem humans couldn’t make worse. It was only a matter of time when they would develop a version that was permanent, allowing them to redouble their efforts to oppress her kind and preserve their corrupt and decadent species.

It was obvious to her that as long as a single human remained, their kind would never be safe. She just wished Toni could see that.

The job didn’t go perfectly. When the ‘heroes’ arrived, she knew right away that they weren’t escaping with the material. They’d be lucky to escape at all. Despite how well she did against Boulder, thanks to her father’s training and using her superior capacity for tactics, they were taken down. Though not before Kalissa destroyed the material as a final blow to their efforts of oppressing her kind.
She was as silent as she was able to be during her interrogation, though the charmer did make that difficult. She knew how it worked. Remain silent and give them nothing to work off of. She refused to give anything that they didn’t force out of her through that power.

Despite seeing on the news and in stories, Kalissa didn’t predict how infuriating the sight of these traitors would be. Turning on their kind, their species, for what?
Were they unable to function without the adulation of these creatures? Did they need fame to satisfy their ego? Was it the money and creature comforts? Or were they just too weak to fight against a system that controlled them just as much as it controlled the rest of them down in the real world.

In prison, she was fully immersed in that control that the humans forced upon mutants. The installation was a monument to their fear. Everywhere she looked, she saw guards abusing the illusion of power they held over others, and she saw those who fooled themselves into believing in that illusion. These ‘heroes’ who consumed the human words like sheep. She felt anger at them, but also anger for them. After all, they were just as controlled as the rest of them were.
Moreso, because at least they could resist the control that was placed on them. They still had their own minds as their sanctuaries. These ‘heroes’ didn’t even have that. Their prisons were entirely mental, and that was the cruelest kind of all.

While in prison, Kalissa did everything she could to protect her fellow mutants from the human’s fear. She lost count of the number of times she instinctively tried to summon shadows around her foes. To force them onto the ground, suffocate and choke them until the light faded from their eyes and their bodies became as empty and lifeless as their spirits.
But she couldn’t do that. Not as long as they had their shackles on her. Until then, she could rebel against them the only way she knew how, by helping those around her and making sure it was known that just because they were down did not mean they were weak.
That meant that when one of them was missing, she went searching without a moment’s hesitation. If these humans had killed one of them, an innocent mutant, then they would suffer before they died.
She would start with those involved. Then their families. Friends. Their friends’ families and their families’ friends. Everyone who was even remotely involved. They would not just die, but they would suffer for every wrong they inflicted upon the missing children in the installation. Only when they begged for it would she allow them to go to Hell.
They wouldn’t be there alone for long. The rest of humanity would follow soon after.


“Hold up, I’m coming to,” Toni informs


I don’t think the ‘puzzle’ was that difficult I got it in 3 tries! :grin:


Whoops! Sorry for being confusing. (I blame the late hours :stuck_out_tongue:) Anyways, I’ll try to explain them now.

Possible Spoilers. Or not. I don't know.

In the scene chapterthree_two, the first part of the scene file shows this

which in turn, completely negates this

this is because the text in the 2nd picture actually comes after the first picture, so it will always be set to True. And the text that is supposed to appear when the MC has never met the character, never actually appears.

for the scene-cut thing:

This scene, where Toni and Jordan talk to the MC?
Yeah, right after that, this happens:

Where did this girl come from? Why is she acting like she’s there the whole time? And if she was, it should have been at least mentioned before. If not, her entrance to the scene should be written, like “(whateverhernamewas) walks over to your table” something like that.

in the same scene, if I choose to stay in the room and study, this happens:

Didn’t half of the people in mentioned here already leave the room? And what’s with the gum thing? It makes it sound like there was a short time skip, but wasn’t mentioned.

and right after that:

Th first thing you might want to mention is that the MC is in their room. As the player’s first thought could very well be "why is my MC changing into their pyjamas in the middle of studying? Small thing like that, really.

There were probably more, maybe not, but these were what I could find.

I hope they make sense! :smile:


@UmbraLamia Ohhh okay, totally see what you mean now lol. I would’ve never noticed that, thank you!

I’m trying to stop laughing at this one, oh gosh that made my day. But regarding the stats bar I’m adding in as I go. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do the individual relationships and the group relationships (i.e Toni’s individual bar and the Villain bar)

And always good to hear more about Kalissa!


The puzzle was a tad difficult. Changing 2209 to 0922 threw me off.


Same! (Also might wanna blur them out, I think)


Tbh…I’m feeling real petty that the “heroic” group of friends didn’t help when I asked lol. I’m about to take out my figurative earrings.