Villain: The Catalyst [Minor Update and Poll - 09/08/18 - ]



Two things I noticed:

  • Most of the power abilities don’t actually deduct any energy, or in one case the wrong amount (5 instead of 8 iirc)

  • When the officer shoots you with the dart the condition for overcoming it is *if Focus =5 but one is only able to either obtain 3 or 8 focus, so that condition can’t be met.
    (also I think there needs to be a space between the equals sign and the value. Not sure though, I’m not familiar with ChoiceScript)


In the story can the MC pretend to be a hero just to get the heroes trust and then betray them all ps it would be nice to have the option to type our own villain speech when we reveal our master plan. extra ps im trying to to use this quote in the game “You can’t count on anyone, especially your heroes”-Syndrome from Incredibles :grin:


I really like this game. So gonna be a full out murderous villain lol all shall kneel before me!


Okay just realized while reading that what happened, thanks for pointing that out. When I update the story with Chapter 3, all of that shall be fixed. For now, enjoy an unlimited villain or a villain that just can’t seem to get their energy levels right. :sweat_smile:

@Dloading ahhh that’s a great quote to use lmao. But you can indeed go down the whole ‘betraying’ path if you choose. You’ll just have to blend in well.


Loved the Update! :smile:


“You know, you’re always welcomed here Toni,” your mother reassures her. “So, how was it?” you question as you begin eating, “the job I mean.”


Toni raises an eyebrow at you father and then looks over at you, requesting backup.



Okay continuity error if you use dark wave.

That scene establishes that it sends some guards into the van and the rest of the guards are just gone, they aren’t even within eyesight.

Yet then a guard grabs our ankle and shoots us. Yet the only guards in the scene are in the van,now if my character isn’t in the van , how are they grabbing our ankle?


Into the van as in hitting the van, not inside the van. I’ll make that clearer.


i like now what got you start


Please!!! Tell us how to destroy the serum; no matter what I do I can’t destroy/get the serum before getting arrested


there is an error in the coding. she said she will fix it next update. when? I don’t know.


I’ll be updating it today and it’ll fix the problem that @Logan3000x pointed out.


Love the update! So much fun!


So i played through again after the update and still got caught and beaten by the “heroes”. Will it be possible to not go to the “academy” or is it going to be a set part of the story?

I like the academy stuff so far anyway if that’s how it’s going to be.


is set in stone…


Lol yea you’ll always get beat by the heroes, so no hard feelings about losing. :sweat_smile:


it ok but i beat rock that 1 out of 1000 heroes and going get out of this hell out this nightmare have my freedom


No worries lol. I’m a fan and look forward to where you take this.


Will our power class change?


Ther is any way to beat azrael? (indestructible guy)