Vigilantism Ideas


Just need some ideas and info. Why is vigilantism illegal in the US? What are the risks, small and big? Thank you for your input.


I was a vigilante in my school in middle and beginning of high school. I would beat petty thieves who would steal from lockers and small, unorginized gangs. After I beat them, I would Zip tie them to a pole or guardrail and put a post it on them that has a barbed wire smile on it. For a costume I would wear a ski mask and a buttoned up trench coat to hide my clothes and identity. I stopped because idiots were trying to take down organized gangs and ended up knocked out face first in a toilet. This is absolutly true and I can proudly say my school had a fear of being beat up by a trench coated man…


I’m pretty sure vigilantism is illegal because otherwise it might encourage people to take the law in their own hands which is really dangerous for not only yourself when they should leave it to trained profesionals such as the police.


Are you from the US RRR?

Anyways, the thing with vigilantism, is that implies committing a crime in the its course. The concept of trying to stop/catch a criminal is, in and of itself, not illegal, but virtually every possible action that someone can take in doing so is (even anti-vigilante laws require some kind of crime to be committed in the first place to be enforced). For example, let me take what you said, “I would beat petty thieves…” now let me substitute a few words: “I would beat [up] [people]…” Now we see the part that makes that action illegal, it’s assault. Doesn’t matter that they were thieves, it’s still assault. That is what is illegal about vigilantism.

It boils down to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”. Even if you see the crime, doing something illegal is still doing something illegal, no matter the circumstances. The laws are (theoretically) there for a reason, which is to keep people safe, and that includes criminals (and suspected criminals).

Now, there are things that a person can do (such as a citizens arrest) which are not illegal. However, these things are not to be taken lightly, and are virtually always incorrectly understood and preformed.

As for risk/rewards of vigilantism? Risks are large. Major jail time is, of course, the obvious concern, but retaliation by criminals would be another thing to think of. As for rewards? Honestly, they are tiny, if even existent at all. A vigilante is more likely to screw up an ongoing police investigation, allowing a criminal go free, than they are to help in catching one. In fact, vigilantes are, time and again, proven to do exponentially more harm than good. They promote retaliation, inciting more violence, and damage/corrupt evidence that could otherwise have been used to convict those same criminals.


Yes, but there are some places where the police are just not up to the task.


Thank you for your detailed responce. Yes, I am from the US. I understand this whole, “assault” thing, but if you see someone robbing a place, are you not entitled to stop them?


I think there is a law that is I do not know what it is called but if you are threating you can take actions into your hands(At least if it is still a law)


I believe Reaperoa stated that this was the legal part of ‘Vilgilantism’.
It depends on your way of thought, whether it is good or bad.
For instance, if you capture a theif and take back the stuff he stole, good for you!
If you take him to your basement, beat the crap out of him, and electocute him, well…good luck surviving 100 years in prison.
See what I mean?


Also, there is a law that was made not long ago stating this:

“If you are to interfere in a crime without permission, you can serve many years in jail, always call the police before attempting the stop the criminal.”


So what would happen if he/she is trying to kill me?I cant defend myself?


You can defend yourself, but if (s)he did not directly attack you, you can’t just pounce on him/her.

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“A texas citizen cannot sell a rare cheese on Monday” -Laws Of The United States Of America

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“You cannot sit on the sidewalk for more than ten seconds in El Paso and Canada” -Book Of Idiotic Laws

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The U.S. Law makers are dumm ass somedays I swear


You can defend yourself, apperently. This is just political fuckery, I tell you. Isnt murdering a crime? So if a serial killer tries to jam a knife down our throats, we call the cops. I know about self defense and resonable force. But if a guy threatened me, I would beat him until he cant move. I need this insperation for my game that I will make on vigilantism.


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