Vietnam War Roleplay


Part 2 in my war roleplay series. For info on your bio:
Name: Christian Garcia
Age: 53
Rank: Colenal


Are we using the same Chars, just way fucking older?


(Mine had a son)


LOL @Zed


Name:Albert Gutierrez
Age: 46
Rank:Lieutenant colonel
Weapon: Dual Colt
Title:Colonel Garcia Follower(Bodyguard)
Married to a French girl have 3 son and 2 daughter .The Skill with the Dualpistol havent got rusty by pass of time.


Name:Abelard Bahlsen II


Name: Azar Shrestha
Age: 50


Older than me


My Char.


We wait for more player


So what the storyline would be like @RRR
Just asking


(Im just using a new guy)
Name: Alfonso Luciano
Nationality: Italian
Age: 21
Rank: Private


Hey @Death you forgot the rank


Sorry, forgot about that, updated it


When did the US Join Vietnam war?


They did


61, i think


I know but what year?


Oh thank @Death


Then here is the intro “The year is 1961 the tension between Communist and Democracy are at it height the US have sent us The Apache to eliminate the communist from Asia,and the USA have send the Army to restore the Democracy back to Asia”