Victorian Sci-Fi Setting help needed

sounds great I’m not a big science man so you could tell me it works because Childs wishes and I’d take your word for it but it sounds ok to me.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but if with a simple explanation and a few details on the Crystal’s casing (anti-EMI chamber), it should all work. Anyone want to talk weapons?

maybe the antigrav engine has smaller (secondary?) crystal engines that produce electricity to charge the main crystal?

Perhaps, though I was thinking that the crystals simply provide flotation and power, while propellers act as the propulsion. The crystals are connected to energy siphons that use the excess energy to power the ship.(?)

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oh electricity cannons
maybe for a big gun a primitive giant laser I believe that we’ve already established that the crystals have some form of radiation so a big radioactive cannon that really messes up the area it blasts for some time sounds fun
plain old regular weapons (cannons rifles pistols swords ect)
maybe a weapon on the lines of napalm called hellfire an excellent if rare weapon due to manufacturing controlled by the church and due to the MC being on a ship this weapon is said to burn the body and the soul( probably just a rumor spread by the church probably:smiling_imp:)
talk personal weapons later

“When energized with electricity at varying voltages” I was thinking of the small crystal engines could provide the power for the to shock the big crystal keeping the ship afloat and help provide power to the ship but as said I’m not a big science man.

Hmmm, you have a point, like a Crystal Tesla coil?

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I guess, as pointed out before not a big science man

ideas for personal weapons:
regular weapons(pistols swords rifles shotgun ect)
lightning gun/pistol man portable version of the lightning cannon shoots lightning obviously.powered from a backpack generator
electro sword/rapier( probably needs better name)primitive power sword powered from a backpack generator.
screech weapons by vibrating crystal at a high frequency this weapon emits a controlled sonic blast that is devastating to man and machine powered from a backpack generator.
scraper claw a large metal claw that fits over the wearers arm this weapon was derived from a tool of mining mechs it is slow but is guaranteed to crush and destroy anything it hits powered from a backpack generator
the idea of backpack generators is a way to get a player to have a signature weapon if you don’t like it you should probably disregard the backpack requirement for most weapons

Update: I’ve decided on the names of the two major powers whose’s war is the main subject of the story.

The Unified Nations of Alterria, the empire to whom the MC belongs to, is a constitutional monarchy comprised of lands from Alterr (Great Britan), A’it-Ard Glas Creag (Known by civilized folk as Albainia; Gaelic nations), the former kingdom of Galliea (France), and many others, as well as colonies in the new world (Basically Africa). The glorious and bountiful lands under the Anterrian banner are ruled by the King, who answers only to the vote of the royal parliament, who control the empire’s budget and can veto the king’s laws. The working class live fairly decent lives, as pay is reasonable and food costs are low. Merchants and shop owners can rest easy knowing their services are always needed, and their stocks are never low. Peace and equality are top priorities of the state and the Holy Church of the Sacred Stone, who spread the word of God and the Savior-King, and provide humanitarian aid to the oppressed and afflicted. All is well in Alterria… or so it would seem. Behind the Propaganda lies a corrupt aristocracy, suffering citizens, powerful gangs, and racial segregation.

To the Northeast of Gilliea’s forests lies the cold and mountainous Iron Wastes of Ostenvolk, controlled by the industrial superpower known as the Weltschmerz Reich. The Kaiser controls all, and his actions are guided by his lust for power and territory. Already lands to the far east have been contested by the Reich, and it’s power only grows as it discovers new technologies. Order is above all else, and strict laws prevent disorder. Food is scare, and while the people must be fed to keep production flowing, most of the provisions are directed toward the military. With colossal War Titans and a large fleet at their disposal, any action taken by the Reich threats to plunge the world into war…

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I’ve been brainstorming ideas for the name of a type of crystal in my story I’m working on, and I’ve have a few that I believe to be keepers. They are: Lecriytrium, Aerthril, Dillthirium, Dithirium, Magnithril, Craonyx, and Mithinite.

If I could get the community’s thoughts on which name would fit best in a Steampunk-without steam type of setting. I will also add that the crystals have magnetic properties when energized. You can check out the Main Thread if your interested or have any questions about my project.

Very interesting names! I had read your other thread and it’s good to see you are making some progress in your world-building.

One thing that jumps out at me is the spelling versus pronunciation (or at least how they look like they should be pronounced just on the page). Like Craonyx seems confusingly close to crayon at first glance, though I assume you were going more for the “onyx” part? I don’t know if that’s how you would say it, but if not, perhaps altering the spelling a bit might help. Dillthirium looks like a cross between the herb dill and Star Trek dilithium crystals to me, but maybe I’m just weird. That’s always a safe bet, lol.

I think I like magnithril the best. Seems most unique. Again, my brain wants to read it almost like “magnet-thrill,” but it sounds like it more closely represents what the crystals are composed of and how they function within your universe. Coming in second place: mithinite, it just sounds cool. Sorry if that was too long a read, but I hope it helped. :sweat_smile:


EDIT; haha, MizArtist33 kind of beat me to it. I kind of have the same or similar thoughts on the names.

One of the most important things about creating new objects in a story is how easy it is to pronounce. I think it’s important for the audience/readers to easily be able to read over the word. If they get stuck on it and trying to pronounce it then it kind of takes away from the story.

Magnithril, Dithirium, Craonyx, and Mithinite are all pretty easy to pronounce.

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that when I hear Dithirium in my head I immediately think of diptheria. And when I hear Craonyx I think of Crayola. Mithinite is a little too close to Mithril.

Long story short, in my opinion, Magnithril would fit best out of those options.

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Magnithril has a nice ring to it, indeed. Another user, Sithwist, suggested I change “Defrumanite” to “Defumanite”, as “Frum” sounds similar to “fumus”, Latin for smoke, and “De-fumanite” could be meant to mean “de-smoked” in English. I shall consider both.


@Mafiaman Please don’t keep making new topics every time you want something new created for your game idea. You can ask for help on this thread you have here. Just make new posts here about the various new questions, and people can offer suggestions to name their crystals, and your countries.

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Roger that, Fairy God Feather. I’ll be more conserved about it. Thanks

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I’d also suggest changing the title. “Victorian Sci-Fi Setting Help Needed” is a lot more exciting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks again. Guess I was cluttering up the threads!:no_mouth:

Aha! And it’s no problem. :slight_smile: Also if you click on the cog you can make polls. I think it’s a cool thing if you want to ask people’s opinion about which of certain choices they like best.

wew almost had me going their hurrah for oppression of the lower class (unless your the lower class then death to the aristocratic pigs)