Veterans: what has changed about Choice of Games and the forum over the years?

You don’t want Disney’s grubby hands on CoG, trust me


I would rather avoid any established characters and interaction with them.

I have severe aversion to what my brain perceives as fanfiction.


Why? Fanfiction can be awesome. It can also be terrible, but I’ve read some super bad published novels too.


True. Fanfiction just feels like non cannon “What if” scenarios. And i really hate those.


The modding has definitely improved. I was banned way too easily in my opinion but there has finally been talk enough about it that the issue was brought to the limelight and hopefully resolved. It just shows that mature and civil discussion is always better, no matter the case.

In lighter news, the games continued to come out and the company has fortunately grown and it’s all very well deserved. The community here has always been tight knit and extremely active.

Everything only looks up from here.


I am a pleb :joy:. Can someone explain?

Ah! I see.


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she’s transphobic.

Yeah, I suggest Googling it on your own, otherwise this’ll derail the thread, lol.


That’s fair! I think of them like different realities in the multiverse.

I prefer to heard the truth. Please rub it on my face, thank you.

I know your post is old, but I never really understood the anger against prices of CoGs and HGs, specifically the current ones. Most of these games coming out are as long, if not longer, than full length novels. With extended features, as well. I know times are tough, everyone does, but I’ve always felt the prices are justified for like, 90% of these games. Regular novels, even by upcoming authors, can be upwards of $30-50 USD. Even paperbacks.

Here you have a 350,000 word, sprawling interactive fiction piece with romance, customization down to pronouns, spells, weapons, inventory, relationships, tactics, personality sliders, fully coded health, and all this stuff.

And you don’t think it’s worth less than $10?


That’s my rationale too. I’d rather fork out 8 bucks for a story that’s 800,000 words long and offers more variety than a regular book.


A CoG partnership with the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise & setting (through Avatar Studios) would be absolutely amazing.


Especially when you consider the professional rate for, say, a short story which begins at $.05/wd.

At that rate, an 800k word story would pay out at $40k to the author regardless of sales without coding required. And I think the most I ever got was $.25/wd without any coding. But, I think a book might be the wrong comparison. I think the value should be based on hours of play. Like you pay $12 to see a 2hr movie. So, 2hrs is $6/hr for fun. Likewise, a 800k wd game (if you can read 250wds/min) can make for 53hrs of fun (if you read them all) which is like $.18/hr for fun. That’s how I’d market it, anyway. Although the quality of the writing should have its say–for .05c/wd, you can get some super good writing.


One thing that has changed and I absolutely hate although I understand is the gating. Like a few years back, you could have three Hosted Games released the same month and a Choice of games too. Nowadays is only one per month. If theyre short, then maybe a couple Hosted Games per month.

I understand that it gives more exposure to those writers and reduces the “friendly fire” between two games just released.

But it also means that some readers like me are starved for stories. And when it finally is that day and a story is released, if the story happens to be one you dont like or doesnt suit your tastes then you have to wait another full month for the next one. That makes my whole month a torture.

I would rather have random releases than the scheduled one a month xD


I really hope for a Star Trek starship captain one. :persevere:
Used to be they would contract all sorts of writers for both script and novels of…um widely varying quality back in the day. So if that more open stance ever returns I hope they give CoG interactive fiction a chance too.

Not really that gay friendly as well. Dumbledore is mostly just informed knowledge it’s not even really between the lines, imho. :unamused: