Very random question: Can you dance?


It just came to me, so I asked. So…can you dance?


No, and since this comment has to be longer than 20 characters, I’ll give a slightly longer answer like;

No, I cannot dance.


I can but if you watch me do it you’ll die from blood loss…through your eyes.


@555sarin, That depends on whether or not you have eye protection.

So I’m either really really good or really really bad. Not sure which


I can dance only dances that have stirct rules like waltz. And I learned it in school (part of my education). But I still like many other men perfer not to dance.


I’m well aware that I have zero dancing skills. Generally, I prefer not to dance in public, but if it’s just me or I’m with friends, I’ll definitely flail around like a loser and have a ton of fun doing so. :smile:



Yup, I dance just like this:

(But it really looks more like this…)


“Beware this man that can dance better than anyone in the country!”




I won’t win “dancing with the stars” or anything but I can dance. Particularly Latin music. Merengue is the easiest for me.


No, no I cannot… but considering I’m gunna have a lot of highschool dances and etc. coming up, I would like to atleast not embarrass myself and learn something simple.(I probably won’t even dance)


Define “dancing” because the way I think of it yes, yes I can.


@SheaMcD, isn’t it “Spontaneous body movement to a noise which everyone else may or may not hear”?


I can dance if I want to (but I can’t leave my friends behind, because my friends can’t dance, and if they don’t dance then I look like an idiot without someone to make me look good by comparison).


Ugh it starts falling apart at the end there…Safety! Dance!



That was me being intentionally obtuse. I can dance but I can’t sarcasm apparently… Sssss…Aaaa…


Well let’s see, my dancing is good enough to…make a trained nurse think I was having a seizure, so I guess that’s a firm no I can’t dance and probably shouldn’t.


With aid from Silent Hill…
Dancing in a group:

Dancing alone:


Sure, when drunk, I am convinced I’m the best dancer out there and I really can dance the wildest of dances in 15 cm heels.

When sober…well, I’m stuck at the bar drinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ballroom dancing, like waltzing, I can do sober. xD