Versus: The Lost Ones -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED

Versus, the new series by Zachary Sergi, where you are a dweller on a distant world who is mysteriously abducted and taken to a prison planet – beta testers needed.

Email me, jason AT choiceofgames for access. Please include your forumname. I would also prefer if you included your real name, but you don’t have to.

I will send you a link, a username, and a password.

Return feedback TO ME. Preferably part of the same thread, rather than a new email.

I’m looking for “high level” and “low level” feedback. Not mid-level feedback.

Low-level = typos and continuity errors. A continuity error is when a character’s gender flips, or someone comes back from the dead, or you run into a plotline that just doesn’t make sense (because it’s probably a coding error).

For these low-level issues, SCREENSHOTS are VERY HELPFUL. If you see a problem, take a screenshot, or copy and paste the text that is in error, and email that. Also, the “BUG” button is great; but if you use BUG, make sure to say in your email who you are, so I can give you credit for the report.

“High level” feedback has to do with things like plot, pacing, and characters. “Scene A didn’t work for me because x, y, and z,” is useful feedback. “B character was entirely unsympathetic, because u, w, and v,” is also useful feedback.

“I had a great time and saw only a few spelling errors,” is not useful feedback. In fact, it’s the sort of thing that results in you not being given access to future betas.

Mid-level feedback, which I don’t want, is about grammar. The sort of thing that, if the author made the error in the first place, is unlikely to be able to fix themselves.


Email sent. (+20 insanity)

What’s your email because I would like to be a beta tester

The email is in the first post, written so the spambots can’t grab it.

I would love to read this story and be a beta. i will send an email.

Email sent. Thanks for this chance to help!

I sent the email !!!

I tired to send an email not sure if it was sent oh well we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

New draft up w/ many typos fixed.

There’s a new draft of the prologue and chapter 1 up.

Okay I have been really enjoying the beta so far but I encountered a scene in Chapter 2 that I would like to give an opinion on. Should I post my thoughts here and if so how can I cover up spoilers?

Are people finding this confusing/ambiguous?

@thejedigal Beta feedback for the official games should never be posted publicly unless you have express permission to do so. It needs to be emailed to Jason.

As for how to post spoilers on threads that are not this one. Forum Tricks: Code Formatting and Spoiler Tags - #2 by FairyGodfeather

New draft up!

Alright. Thank you. I apologize for causing you trouble.

New draft up.