Versus: the Elite Trials sequel?

It’s been so long since the last installment was released that I had forgotten the mere existence of the series but it resurfaced in my mind out of the blue which made me to try to find wether there’s any information on the future of the series and I came empty handed. Does anyone have any knowledge of what befell the author? Did they abandon it?

Its been literally years without any news , so most likely yeah

The sequel is in progress. I don’t know if it will be out this winter, or early next spring, but it’s in the works. And as a reminder it’s generally not kosher to ask about in progress games on the forum (especially never directly to a WIP author on their WIP topic thread, though that isn’t the case here). The Upcoming Games posts are kept pretty scrupulously accurate, so you can always visit those for the most up to date info on when things are coming out. If a game isn’t listed, it may be in progress but we aren’t certain it’s coming out this year.