VERSUS: The Elite Trials — Infiltrate the Elite gods, or turn double agent?

None, in the second game you will decide who you want to romance.

Oh, alright then. Thank you for clearing that up

So who can I romance in the elite trials?

Breeze, Lady Venuma, Breeze & Lady Venuma, Baron Airon, Oli, Otherboard, Prince Everly, Lockdown, & Cadet Gadget


Is the the third book ever gonna be made? Or has be made? Because this is this one of my top 3 series absolutely love it <3

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It’s not on the overview yet, but sergi’s been hinting news about it ‘first thing in 2019’ for a while now on twitter.

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You might want to check out Hero Project Open Season. I’m pretty sure with how that ended there’s going to be a crossover. And I’m really excited for it and how it’s going to work honestly.

How do you get Venumas plan to succeed

Is Oli a romance option in The Elite Trials? I haven’t finished the first game yet but I want to know for the future

Iirc it is but you mustnt romance anyone in vs1

How do you romance Cadet Gadget?

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Okay thanks, I may have angered venuma but we’ll see where that goes in another playthrough

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I’m going for secret abolitionist and I don’t know which choice goes that path. I’m talking with venuma about why I think she wants me to absorb her. What’s stats does the “indebted” choice and the “haven’t accepted yet” choice give you? I can tell the others aren’t abolitionist

I have a quick question, Can you romance the demon racing girl ( can’t spell her name at the moment )?
In book 1 there is a choice to wave at her because she is pretty.

Nope. The romance options are Lady Venuma, Breeze, Otherboard, Oli, Prince Everly, Lockdown, and Cadet Gadget