Vengeance-Your Revenge (WIP) ( Updated 18th April 2023 Word count-25k) ---Chapter 2 releasing

While the pole didn’t serve the purpose. I know now who you are rooting for the most. Don’t worry soon u will get a new update with improved game mechanics .


Good luck man, I like that you are actively communicating ur progress, i want to see this story progress :slight_smile:

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thanks , I was in a bad situation for sometime. I am currently working on the second chapter and also improving the world creation.
Will try to give a big update by 25th April.
Also I have created a patreon page for the world creation. To help readers understand where the characters are coming from and also get early updates.


New update.
Added a few scenes and bugs fixed.


Found this:

chapter2 line 18: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block

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Unfortunately I am not getting this error while playing the demo.

Im still getting the same error message. Please check again.

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OK I will see to it. I think there is some problem.

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error chapter 2 line 18 invalid

Do we join the mob as the boss or do we need to work up the ladder?

@Tempted_MCC you create ur own syndicate. Ur journey will start from being a new man in crime to becoming the Godfather or maybe u a place will be booked for u in the graveyard.