Vengeance-Your Revenge (WIP) ( Updated 18th April 2023 Word count-25k) ---Chapter 2 releasing

Yah I know about it.

Guys rewriting of first chapter is complete now I just need to test the code before updating the demo. A lot of changes(more choices a lot more if ) have been made and I hope you will enjoy this newer version. Will try to update by tomorrow.


Will be expecting it. Already looking forward to it.

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Now you will have a lot more characters than before 2 best friend character and 4 ROs also you will have the choice to either befriend them or make enemies.

Any description about them or still thinking?

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What do you mean by description? You mean character description.
Your besties will be of the same gender as your MC.
Michael/Michele - Your childhood best friend
Ark-Your highschool companion / right hand man.
Their loyalties depends upon how you treat them.
And a new villain will come up. Though he is a secret.

Chapter 1 update will be up in 2 hours.
Made quite a few changes.
Many choices and a new mysterious angle to the story.


Guys the updated chapter 1 is released .I hope you enjoy it. Also I have decide to fix the genders of the ROs.
Now there are 2 female ROs and 1 male RO. I was facing a problem with the startup text so I made this decision.
Monica( 1st female RO)
Robbie(1st feamle RO)
Alexandra(2nd female RO)
and a sidekick character has been introduced Ad.
Ad’s gender is based on the players choice .
But remember Ad might turn out to be your bestie and spend a lot of your time so decide carefulloy.
Also I will advice you to use the positive choices because otherwise your MC might face a lot of problems in your upcoming chapters…
I hope everybody likes this chapter. And as usual you can give me feeedbacks and ask any questions you want.


@Crazerk I hope you will like this version of the Chapter 1 better than the last one. I have added a lot of choices and made it an if book as much as possible.

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I think there is a bug. In the character customization if you choose brown skin it ends the game there. The other skin tones work.

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Thank you @Hexager I will surely see to it. I might have missed it while checking for bugs.

There are a lot of typos. You should probably run in through a spell checker.

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OK thanks for the feedback. Will do. I hope the story was to your liking.

So I wanted to ask did you people like the mystery angle I gave to the story. I would love some story feedbacks.

I am releasing the chapter 2 as I write and edit daily. And I think people will like if there is a back story or what tney call game world creation. I am currently working on it.

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yeah I would like to see the world develop here. As for feedback storywise, I want to hold off any feedback till the story gets a bit longer. Tho I did see a few typos and a bug so i think that part needs work on

Yep there is one bug still and I am creating the world soon you will find a tumblr link and maybe more

Because i dunno how to embbed media so i gonna copy-paste it :sweat_smile:

Here’s the error i get

choicesscript_stats line 349: Non-existent variable ‘motherrelationship’

There are a few errors in today’s update
Don’t worry I will see to them.

@Shreyash_Chanda found this:

chapter2 line 18: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block

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