Vendetta (WIP) (Major Update: Chapter 3 Part 2 Released - 30 October 2022)

Yeah, I think I can understand why you felt that way.

Ash priority is MC first and consequences later :sweat_smile:. I think he doesn’t feel remorse over someone that he treated as enemies and may felt guilty if it’s a close friend/loved ones or innocent people.


Seems like they’ve got their priorities in line. Why feel bad if the other guy actively picked the fight with a known pyromancer?


The dumb kid had it coming honestly. He was messing with not just one but two superpowered children. And most of the time when a bully’s ass gets kicked or gets humiliated so badly in public, they’ll just leave you alone because they’re weak willed.

Edited: I’m also pretty sure the kid was gonna get away with it because he made himself the victim in the situation and the principal tried to defend them only to get shut down viciously by Viktor that basically threatened their job and I’m pretty sure Luka also made a threat to the family to leave Ash and MC alone seeing how they were all pale faced and wanted to leave immediately after the meeting.


Yes I forgot about him trying to act like a victim and the principal defending him until Uncle Luka stepped in. That was annoying. And yes he does insult ash, anyone would have snapped. I understand the point you made.
By the way hope luka’s partner isn’t shady, the fact that we can have the choice to not trust him makes me think it will either end in heartbreak or killing.


Luka was defending Ash while Viktor was defending us because they tried to pull the same shit on us as they tried with Ash but fortunately, they’re not dumb to fall for it. That’s why Viktor kind of threatened their job and called them out as he already heard from other parents about that kid.


I loved that scene! Just the way the parents walk in all haughty and ready to throw their weight around and exit utterly terrified. Just imagine being a rich asshole all ready to get your son off Scot free like normal and finding yourself face to face with high ranking mafiosos, who also happen to be the parents (and uncle) of his victims.


@LadyUmbreon89 @Cat-Toes @Derpyyz Ah okay, I’m glad :smile: I certainly don’t want it to be too -in-your-face but also not too subtle that most readers won’t realize or at least suspect. Seems like I’ve managed to hit the spot :grin:

@Raven_Jewel MC will be able to have a stronger reaction to Ash’s violent tendency in the future :wink:

@OddCatGuy I certainly hope Rin doesn’t come across as that :sweat_smile: I’m worried their short description in the RO list may give off this vibe.

This is how Ash is; they are a violent person but not to those they care about and love (MC, their mom, Luka, Viktor). But it is also exactly their violent nature (and destructive power) and loyalty that makes them such a good Enforcer for Luka (and MC if MC chooses to become the Heir once everything is done).

Also, I’m glad you two can have civil discussions that didn’t devolve into arguments :smile: I appreciate it :heart:

@bored92 Yes, I think it highlights an important character for Viktor. He readily used the same intimidation tactic that he previously disapproved of when Luka did it. He was not a perfect father and he was certainly biased to believe the best of MC so he went papa bear mode to defend MC, even if it means threatening the Principal as well :smile:

I think I’ve talked a bit more about Viktor’s personality in one of the asks on Tumblr, and basically, if he were to have the same personality bars as MC in the story, his selfishness would actually be pretty high because he would certainly prioritize his loved ones. He’s the type of person who will readily choose to sacrifice the 5 strangers to save 1 of his loved ones (MC, Luka, Cara, Grandpa, Grandma, and yes, even Yvette) in the infamous Trolley Problem :sweat_smile:

Lol he called Ash MC’s dog basically because Ash always tags along with MC whenever they could. :sweat_smile: :laughing: Also, challenged them when they magnanimously gave the bully a chance to back down and return the notebook to MC.

@comradelenin Certainly one of my fav parts to write too :laughing: I really love Luka the more I spend time writing him in the story!

What could possibly made you think that :eyes: :laughing: Anyway, I really can’t wait for you guys to finally meet Jackal :grin:


Discord Server is Up :tada: :confetti_ball:

Hey everyone :wave: I have finally managed to finish setting up the Discord server last night :partying_face::confetti_ball:

There are channels where you’ll be able to discuss and ask Vendetta questions and related stuffs, channels for the fanarts, fanworks, and memes. I’ve also set up a lot of channels not only for discussing Vendetta, but also other off topic stuff such as other IFs, video games, TV shows & animes, books, music, and other more! I’ll see you guys there! :heart:

For anyone interested to join, here’s the invite link:


@jsc don’t worry, Rin may seem aloof but they are not a ice king/queen. They can be nice and they doesn’t reek with mean sarcastic attitude and allergic to genuine/nice action like some of the RO’s other IF littered with :roll_eyes:. In other words, Rin is an improvement and refreshing RO. :+1: :smile:


Rin never came off as the ice king/queen. Cool (but not cold) aristocratic RO, yes. Ice queen, no.


Excellent WIP. Ash’s romance is really cute and i want to see more about Mirage and see how the relationship with her can be. I intend to forgive her but not before i recognize that she fully understands the complete repercussion of her actions. She lost the MC first steps, first words, first time riding an bike and all the other things parents should watch with glee. Now she comes when the MC is all grown up and all the hardships and graces of raising an child are gone and only after some guy exposed it on TV? You can’t turn back time nor revive the dead, the time for parenting is long gone.

Hope we see this story to it’s end.


Im imagining something akin to the stern talking Rocky gave Mickey in the first Rocky movie when Mickey asked Rocky to take him as manager. Some catharsis followed by forgiveness.

Finally got some free time to play this. I absolutely loved it!
You played with my heartstrings and emotions like a conductor at the orchestra… so well done :clap:. Absolutely love Ash. But! I’m most certainly going to give Rin a go. Plus I’m looking forward to the other Romances. And I 110% love Gramps and Luka. Anyways looking forward to that next sexy demo update you have in store for us.
Here my stats hope they are helpful…




@OddCatGuy @Snowflower That’s such a relief :sweat_smile: And you both are right, Rin is aloof and cool (and aristocratic :face_holding_back_tears: :flushed:), not cold and a jerk :laughing:

@kinsmarts You’re the first one I’ve seen who voiced the intention to even forgive her :laughing: But I’m glad! Because I do intend to include options to try and forgive Yvette and maybe make amends with her :smile:

@Lyle_Schiefer Aww thanks for the compliments :face_holding_back_tears: I’m glad the emotional scenes get across to the readers nicely :heart: I’m also happy that you’re loving our good ol’ Gramps and Uncle :laughing: I’m actually a bit surprised at how beloved our Grandpa is to most readers! I’ve gotten an ask on Tumblr about wanting to tuck him into bed and giving him warm soup and it made me giggle :grin:

And thank you for sharing your MC’s stats! They’ll be helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Granted, I have a higher tolerance for Ice Kings/Queens than most: Sera (Keeper series), J (Lost Heir trilogy) and A (Wayhaven) are in my list of top ROs of all time. So even if Rin was more icy than aristocratic, I probably still would have adored them.


First of all, I really loved the game :heart:
How the story unfolds and the relationships between MC and their family are truly amazing and realistic.

What can I say about the bond between MC and their father… I got a bit emotional reading through the story (I would say it was the first time), you could feel the love Viktor had for their kid. And the funeral… Oh, man. I almost cried :cry::sob:

About the heir issue: The idea of becoming the leader of a large organisation is very tempting (power, money, keep the legacy of the family) BUT I have to be a “criminal”… It’s a tough decision :sweat_smile:

About the ROs:
Ash Flynn - The interactions between MC and them are so sweet. I can’t stop smiling each time Ash blushes and how they’re so protective to the MC😁

Rin Aikawa - I really love them, they will be my first option. Their physical appearance and background are very attractive to me. But I have to say I got confused with their behavior to us. I don’t know if they are interested in us or are not okay with the marriage issue.

I would like to have a chapter were we could see the interactions between MC and Rin when they were kids (first meeting, thoughts about each other, etc). That way we could learn more about this RO and understand better their personality and character.

Now. My doubts on the game:

  1. I’ve been focusing on my shadow manipulation (no investing in gravity manipulation). What’s the minimum percentage of superpower you should have to use it properly (most of the situations)?

  2. In the case MC can use both of their superpowers to high levels, does the fatigue/risk of using one of them affects the other one or each “superpower limit” is independent of the other?

  3. Can we expect :hot_pepper: spicy scenes :hot_pepper: with our ROs?

These are my stats!



Sorry Dad, I won’t be doing the goody-two-shoes path I want vengeance!!


Look, you can’t let your parents’ wishes rule you forever. You’re your own person with your own desires.


@CreedH00d I also shed a tear while writing that part :cry: and it didn’t help that I deliberately listened to a sad song while writing that. The song is Agape by Nicholas Britell and I think it would also fit a part of the ending as well :smiling_face_with_tear:

They are a bit flirtatious, and if your MC shows interest then they will respond in kind as well :laughing: And they are interested if you picked the romance choices, they just don’t like their father trying to actively and ‘subtly’ nudge them and MC together. They can do it themselves, alright? :roll_eyes: :joy:

Right now, I’m not planning for more flashbacks since after the end of chapter 2, I feel like the pacing won’t allow for those anymore. But I will definitely be writing short stories and drabbles on little MC and little Rin in the future and many more little MC and little Ash and Viktor as well.

I’m not sure about this one yet, which is why I’m asking for screenshots to help me get a feel of where most readers are standing right now in terms of the stats and make a limit based on that.

It should be counted as the same (not independent of the other). That’s why using both at the same time is just unwise since you’ll get double the strain immediately, especially when you can achieve the same effect with only one of your power.

Right now, I’m not really planning to. But maybe in the future I’ll be open to do a fade-to-black or something non-explicit like the ones in Breach? But don’t get your hopes up :sweat_smile:

Also, thanks for sharing your stats! :smile:

Vengeful MC after the end of Chapter 2:

Wise words :cry: :pensive:


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And I’ll also be releasing my first Writing/Progress Update there soon, as well as another short story totally unrelated to Vendetta as a little bonus!

If you guys are interested in supporting me while getting some extra and fun side content, then this is a great way to go and I would be really grateful :sparkling_heart:! With your support, I would be able to dedicate more time and resources into focusing on writing Vendetta to the fullest and realizing the best version of Vendetta that I have in mind! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, the 1K Followers Characters’ Q&A Session Answers are finally here as well!
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