Vendetta (WIP) (Major Update: Chapter 2 Released - 17 August 2022)

First off I want to say I really enjoy the game and it’s characters and congratulations on starting your Paterson :+1: I wanted to share my stats for the game.

@Ant_Merf Thank you for sharing your MC’s stats! :pray: :grin:

I just have few questions that I hope you can answer. First, did you fully focus on Gravikinesis and not actively increasing your Umbrakinesis?

Also, I assume you also focused all the skill increases choices on Intelligence?


Great story can’t wait for more :blush:, Ash is a total babe! Also I’m hoping if we would meet Santana in the next update​:black_heart::eyes: ma’am I’m already fallen for you hahaha


Yes I focused on my MC’s Gravikinesis power than their Umbrakinesis power. I also pretty much solely focused on increasing the intelligence stat, and towards the end of the demo I chose charisma as my secondary skill.

Writing Update (17 September 2022)

Hey guys :wave:, back again with some progress update here. First of all, I just want to say that I’m really grateful for all the support over on Patreon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:; we’ve broken through the first $100 goal and is really close to reaching the halfway point towards the second goal ($400), which still floored me to this day! :sob::two_hearts: Once the $400 goal is achieved, I’ll be making a short interactive side story for Vendetta that will be available for all Patrons across all tiers! :heart:

Moving on to Chapter 3 progress, right now, it stands at around 16.6k words :tada:. I must say that I’ve been quite satisfied with the rate I’ve been writing currently. For the past week ever since I started working on Chapter 3, I’ve consistently been able to write 1k words per day and sometimes even more and in around a week and three days, I had managed to write 16.7k words. Chapter 3 is now entering its halfway point and there are additional MC customizations as well. This chapter will have a lot of variations that will be a pain to write but hopefully worth it.

Also, before starting on Chapter 3, I’ve added two suit options for Female and NB MCs to wear for the party and I’ve also added two extra pre-set names for the dual pistols and there will be now flavour texts when choosing the names of the pistols from the pre-set options. Grandpa will now react accordingly to the names you choose.

Some of you guys might probably also already aware that I’m planning to shift all the characters’ ages a bit. When I first planned out the book, I actually envisioned MC to be 20 years old, and I think I’ll be going back to this again and revert the time-skip back to 10 years instead of 15 years. I’m actually not really sure myself why I decided to add 5 years to MC’s age and the time-skip in the first place :sweat_smile:

The reason for me going back to tweaking the characters’ ages is because I’m currently planning for a sequel spin-off for Vendetta! It’s going to be set around two decades in the future, in the same Elysium City, but with a different MC. And since it’s set post the events in Vendetta, I’m also planning to bring back some characters from Vendetta and include references about MC and the endings they choose at the end of the first standalone book, hence why I decided to shift back all the characters ages so they can still appear in the spin-off :laughing:

Right now, I’m not ready to share more details about it yet since the whole concept is still brewing in my mind and nothing is set in stone yet. But, I’ll definitely share more as I get more solid grip on it in the future.


Thank you for that awesome story. I browse wips, without reading any intros and was really surprised by this captivating story. I so hope that you will finish this.

We need more stories with questionable morale mcs. And stories where choices are referred to in the way you do it (sites later in a casual way) - it makes the mc feel truly alive!


Dear Author, i love what you are doing here! Keep up the good work!


@jsc Love all your hard work. I cant wait for chapter 3. :blush:


@Rahdbaan @Scorporal @greenfly Thank you for the kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

@greenfly I try my best to make the choices as meaningful whenever possible and to make the other characters respond to them as well :smile: And yes, MCs with questionable morale are one of my fav types of MCs to play as well.


Chapter 3 Part 1 - Patreon Early Access is Live! :tada:

Hey guys :wave: Last night, I just uploaded Chapter 3 Part 1 (which is the first half of Chapter 3) over on Patreon for all patrons to enjoy early :sparkling_heart: :partying_face:There is around 25.5K words in the chapter currently.

As for those who will be waiting for the public release, mark your calendar because it’ll be coming on October 6th, right on the 12 AM mark (GMT +8) :clock12::confetti_ball::grin:


I already have that date marked because that day will be (I hope!) release in HG of one of my favourite games. And now the next chapter one of my favourite WIPs.
Good day :relieved:


@Cingulum_diaboli Could I ask which one you mean? I am curious. :grinning:

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Midnight Saga: The Monster


Rin isn’t the Ice Queen/King… That’s more my title than their’s.
Planning on Heir/Vigilante with balanced power set or a focus on gravity and hopefully Ash+Rin poly.



Good Wip.

• Glad that it was not the father who was the bad parent this time ( Not that I’m against mothers. Just tired of always seeing “Irresponsible Father” trope.)

• Contented that you’re not so conservative about “bad” scenes. Call me sadistic but I’m very satisfied with what happened in the bully scene.

•I’m also happy to be finally capable of playing a villain. Glad the story gives us the reason to become justifiably villainous.


@Bahamuht I forgot that MC can technically be an Ice Queen/King as well :laughing:. Your power and skill stats look solid as well.

Also, if you’re going for Ash and Rin poly, maybe you’ll enjoy the sneak peek I’m gonna link in a reply below this :wink:

@Crimson_Blood I do love to shake some things up a bit :laughing: But truthfully, ever since I first conjured up the concept and planned the story, it has always been MC’s father who raises them.

Well, I’m glad you’re satisfied with the “bad” scenes, there will be more coming, especially if you play a Ruthless MC :wink:

Oooh do you consider your MC to be a villain? :face_with_monocle: I suppose a vengeful and ruthless MC can be considered one by other characters outside of their family and close friends.


Chapter 3 Part 1 - Sneak Peek

Hey guys :wave: In case you haven’t been following my Tumblr, I’ve just released the sneak peek for Chapter 3 Part 1 here! If you are one of my patrons and still haven’t checked it out, I have just posted a sneak peek for Chapter 3 Part 2 over on my Patreon page.

Also, I forgot to post this here, but a while ago, I said that I planned to revert the timeskip back to ten years that I first planned when I started instead of the current fifteen. While I do revert 5 years for MC, but not necessarily for the other ROs, I tweaked their ages a bit, so most of the age differences between them and MC are not the same as before (except for Ash). MC is now the second youngest out of all the cast, after Rin.

Right now the ages stand:

MC - 20 years old

Ash - 22 years old

Rin - 19 years old

Santana - 25 years old

Skylar - 21 years old

Luka - late 30s (around 38 years old)

Yvette - 45 years old

Grandpa - mid entering late 60s

I’ll be updating these on the characters list on the post as well :smile:


So what type of poly is this? V-poly or complete triangle?

@Crimson_Blood V-poly, so Ash and Rin will both be in a relationship with MC and are sharing MC, while they both become really close and trusted friends and companions with each other. The only thing that prevents Rin and Ash from becoming friends currently in the story is because of the whole debacle with MC :laughing:

Ash has feelings for MC while Rin keeps being pushed to be with MC and seen as the best choice there is for MC and both of their families. Other than that, they both actually respect each other’s strengths. They also have pretty much the same moral compass since both of them are ruthless. And both of them plus MC have also known each other ever since they were all kids.