Vendetta (WIP) (Chapter 7 + Ash Hangout Updated on 7th March 2024) [356,701K Words Total])

2K Followers Celebration :tada:

Hey guys! I’m sorry for the slight delay in releasing the 2K celebration stuff :sweat_smile: And since my first announcement that we have broken through 2K Followers milestone, we already have 135 more new members to our community on Tumblr! :partying_face:

Last month, for 1K Followers milestone, I do a Characters QnA sessions, which, if you missed them are here: Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3.

Unfortunately, this month has been a really busy and pretty stressful month for me as I focused most of my time and energy on finishing Part 2 of Chapter 3. So, what I decide to do instead is I’m going to release one of the side stories on Patreon to the public early.

It’s a sweet and fluffy side story featuring little MC, little Ash, Viktor, Luka, and guest appearances by little Rin and Takashi. Please go check it out here!

I’ve also curated two playlists of songs for MC and Luka. For MC, it’s more of songs whose lyrics kinda fit them and their vibe (well, at least some MCs that I have in mind, I hope you guys also find some songs that fit your MCs!). Meanwhile for Luka, it’s a combination of songs that fit their vibe and songs that he’d listen while driving in his car.

MC Playlist

  1. Venger // Perturbator (feat. Greta Link)
  2. Dead Man Walking // WAR*HALL
  3. I Chose Violence // iamjakehill
  4. vendetta! // MUPP, Sadfriendd
  5. BOW // MFS
  6. B.O.T.A (Baddest of Them All) // Eliza Rose
  7. Snake Eyes // Feint, CoMa
  8. Shadow Lady // Portwave
  9. The Rebel Path // P.T. Adamczyk
  10. My Only Chance // The Toxic Avenger
  11. Nightcall // Kavinsky
  12. Vengeance // Zack Hemsey
  13. Vendetta // UNSECRET, Krigarè
  14. Vendetta // MALO
  15. Flashbacks (Slowed) // CRASPORE

Luka’s Playlist

  1. Everything Black // Unlike Pluto, Mike Taylor
  2. Sahara // Hensonn
  3. Are You Ready // BAD NINJA
  4. Dope // Demeter
  5. Polozhenie // Zedline
  6. Headlines // Whiney, Subten
  7. Rave // Dxrk
  8. Судно (Борис Рижий) [Sudno] // Molchat Doma
  9. Волы [Volny] // Molchat Doma
  10. Клетка [Kletka] // Molchat Doma
  11. K. // Cigarettes After Sex
  12. The Perfect Girl // Mareux
  13. Ocean Drive // Duke Dumont
  14. Let The Senses Clear Your Mind // Logistics
  15. Capricorn // Xan Griffin, WOLFE