Vendetta (WIP) (Chapter 6 Part 1 Updated - April 22nd [272.8K Words Total])

Well, it got confusing — after learning of Cara’s death and having no time to mourn her by consoling Ash like he/she did with the MC’s father — that it wasn’t explained what was Cara’s relationship with Luka.
So, in the chapter where I am forced to read about Jackal the Fujohn* Wick teasing him I got all like “You mongrel! You should mourn your spouse forever!”

*And excuse the joke, I know you girls love that content, and have been fighting for years to finally be able to see it in your entertainment, but I’ve been raised in a very “strict” country (it’s not the religion, it’s the culture) so the recent years of more Yaoi/Yuri being projected is deeply uncomfortable to me. But, Luka’s happy. Who am I to protest.

Ps: The MC can threaten Jackal not to break Luka’s heart, right?

In way yes … You can ask about his intentions regarding Lucka … Or don’t and old grandpa will do it anyway


I got an idea. How about naming our MC into Pavel would make grandpa Morozov melt in delight?

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Aunt is ash’s mom, Aunt has known uncle and dad since they were children, they’ve most likely lived extremely close by eachother since, so MC has seen aunt about as much as they’ve seen dad and unc, so it makes sense for MC to see aunt as a family member

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@TheBread Thank you so much for the kind words and compliment! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you’re enjoying my ROs!

Also, Ash and “chill out” in one sentence? Impossible :laughing: jk jk. I think Ash is a bit more chill towards Skylar if MC doesn’t flirt with Skylar. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Ahmad_raby Trust me, all four of them won’t really get along in the long term :joy: It would be a massive headache to your MC before everything comes crashing down :scream:

@Coldnight Nope :sweat_smile: It won’t really change anything because Luka and Grandpa are already accepting of MC’s choices anyway. So, hiding them from them wouldn’t really matter since they’ll still support MC. Plus, as comradelenin says, in coding standpoint, it’s too much to do for a choice that ends up the same anyway.

@ZaWorst Thanks for reporting it! It has been fixed for next update! :heart: Yeah, I’ve been trying to hunt down all of these pronoun bugs, but a few still manages to slip through every time :sob:

@Elvis058 The closest thing to vampires in Vendetta’s world is haemokinetics (blood manipulation users) like Jackal :wink: A strong enough haemokinetic can do some amazing stuff with their blood, but they’ll also need to consume blood to “replenish”. But they can walk under the sun just fine :laughing:

@Zarkrai Maybe vampires like the one in Vampire the Masquerade, because some of the clans do have some interesting powers :thinking: But then, they’ll be pretty easy to kill by pyrokinetics like Ash.

Maybe… :smirk: In a certain RO route…

@EsetiaErnlaud Right now, I’m still not sure about including nsfw stuff in the story :flushed: So, I can’t say for sure yet :zipper_mouth_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@LixehLyle :laughing: Luka loves MC so much :face_holding_back_tears: But thanks for letting me know! I didn’t expect Luka’s relationship to get to 100 so soon :melting_face: I’ll get it fixed by next update :heart:


@Miltiadis_Victorius There are indeed plans to add some reaction flavour texts for the goons and enemies you’ll be fighting in the future based on the Anonymous-Famous/Infamous and Admired/Feared stats :smile:

You mean Love Triangle route? There won’t be any LT route in this book because the book just doesn’t have the space to fully accommodate a good and angsty LT.

You’ll be able to get into a V-Poly with Ash and Rin though :wink:

Well, Ash is not MC’s cousin and Cara is not Luka’s wife. I know some people also had misunderstood the whole Aunt thing and assumed Luka and Cara are married. I’m pretty sure I wrote somewhere that they are not and that the reason MC called Cara Aunt is also because Viktor and Luka have always considered her to be a sister figure, especially because they grew up together :sweat_smile: Also, maybe it’s me, but MC calling Cara Mrs. Flynn just sounds too distant and formal, and calling her by her name just sounds disrespectful, so Aunt just feels right to me.

But yeah, the answers to these questions have been answered by the others nicely :smile:

This is one of the parts that I will go back to again in the future when I’m in editing phase :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t really wanna lose the momentum by keep coming to the previous chapters and make too many changes when I could have focused on the next chapter/update instead.

Yes, you can threaten him :laughing: And like @Raquel said, Grandpa will do it as well. So, yeah, Jackal can get two shovel-talks in one night :skull:

The only problem is that Viktor didn’t really have the best relationship with Grandpa when he had MC. Remember that he actually ran away from home to Elysium City and it’s not until MC is around 7 or 8 that Viktor finally caved in and let MC meet Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas the first time. So, unfortunately, Viktor probably didn’t think of naming his child after his father at that time :pensive:


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Oh my God, I forgot to cross-post this post here on the Forum. A few weeks ago, I finally realized that Vendetta Tumblr blog had around 3.7K Followers. I did not notice that we’ve broken through not only 3K Followers, but also 3.5K Followers on Tumblr! :sob::sparkling_heart: For those who also follow me on Tumblr, thank you so much for helping the blog breaks through these milestones and for the lovely comments and likes here on the thread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m really grateful to have such an awesome community :blush:

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided to release Part 1 and Part 2 of the “Dead Man Walking” side story series. For those who don’t know, “Dead Man Walking” is a series of side story set in an alternate universe (AU) where MC was the one who died that night in the alley instead of Viktor :pensive: Because of this, the stories are written from Viktor’s POV :smile:

It’s an angsty story and I know a lot of you would love it, I hope :wink: If you’re interested, please consider supporting me on my Patreon or Ko-Fi! :blush: It would mean a lot.

So, without further ado, here are the links:

[ Dead Man Walking; Part 1]

[ Dead Man Walking; Part 2]

Both parts combined are around 5.8K words long. I’ll also add the link to the Public Side Story List post. And feel free to leave comments on the post or send asks about it on Tumblr! :heartpulse: I’d love to hear what you guys think of the story!

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I hope I can see the part 3 but yeah since I cannot support you yet, welp one can hope :upside_down_face:

P.S: of course I love the side story because I live for angst and it’s too good to be skip to read :relieved:

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“Maybe vampires like the one in Vampire the Masquerade, because some of the clans do have some interesting powers :thinking: But then, they’ll be pretty easy to kill by pyrokinetics like Ash.” Especially when if she’s good enough at using her abilities (which she is) her fire can keep burning her targets for as long as she want and will never go out, even if they fall into water.

Since JSC said she would make them like Kindred from Vampire: The Masquerade, it really depends on what vampire they’re going up against. For instance, the situation where someone is dropping a building on them. A vampire with Blink or, even better, Split Second would be able to easily subvert that and be on the person before they finished making the motion to pick up said building. For the person with steel skin, a vampire with Terminal Decree can just tell them to jump in a vat of acid, or a vampire with Touch of Oblivion can make something whither and age exponentially simply by touching it. Long story short, there’s a lot of different things kindred can do that could rival that of a lot of superheroes.

Fire is a huge weakness for majority of Vampires, this is true. But there are kindred in Vampire: The Masquerade that can greatly mitigate it through the Fortitude skill tree, including just outright ignore the damage from it with Flesh of Marble if it’s the first source of damage “per round”. So if they’re set on fire but then nothing else is done to them, they technically wouldn’t be hurt by it :wink:


As much I love Ash, her only chance is luring a vampire in closed space and set it in fire immediately or finding vampire hideout during daytime. Half of vampires clans can put MC grandpa to shame and just straight up brainwash her. And am not even counting the fact that a combat focused vampire can pull out a gun and shoot her down even before she reacted.

Don’t forget about Rötschreck (Red Fear), vampire can ignore damage, but they still can (and almost always will) panic.

Anyway, Mages are real op in WoD, Threat Null is coming

That is very true. At that point it would be up to a roll of the dice (pun intended) on whether or not they can resist the frenzy. Although if someone really wanted to even the playing field, there are plenty of loresheets out that minimize frenzy checks as well. I guess it just matters on how many resources JSC would want to give the vampires in her world in the first place.

True. Literally shift reality with a snap of the finger. Granted they might not still have that finger afterwards, but it’s a small price to pay for literally leveling an entire city.


Yeah I can’t see how any of them can fight an elder Ventrue or Malkavian .

You’re half right about this? If the base of the vamp would be like VtM and VtR. Ash would be able to Dust most she meets probably.

The main problem, being any form of an Elder, or anything in the earlier generations. Even the MC would would get deleted by these. Malks would just fry their brains, one of the bloodlines would just force their blood out of their body like magic. One of them can manipulate Darkness too.

Mental inference abilities are pretty scary.

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There’s also the Tzimisce - aka the fiends - who have the ability to flesh craft themselves and their enemies they also have the strongest ghouls in the series … And the Hecata necromancers … they can summon things that’s far more worse than vampires … Still like you said all those powers are only for those who have lived for centuries and are of low generations … I think Ash and the rest of the characters could put a good fight against a fledgling or a neonate … But none of them stand a chance against the elders .

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In the meantime, I made a new Tumblr blog to keep you guys updated as usual and answer asks like in the old blog. I’ll also be reblogging a lot of posts from the old blog in hopes of preserving them in case the worst case scenario happened.

It really saddens me that this happened because last time I checked, which was earlier today, the Vendetta blog is actually approaching 4K Followers and I was just thinking about what to do to celebrate it. Not to mention all of the asks, fanarts, and other posts.

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Just played the game and it was pretty good, a very unique story on its own. I do have some input though.

The Bad:

Slow pacing is the biggest issue of the game, for a action drama story rooted in tragedy and revenge you do spend too much time going to family events, cafes, flirting with the girls, meetups with the homies, and as a result the thrill feels dull. There’s barely any action so far and plot progression is uber slow which makes the story feels boring ish.

When you spend more time eating breakfast, hanging with the homies, flirting with your best friend and 3 other girls or talking to your uncle’s boyfriend then it becomes a huge issue for an action drama revenge tragedy as it causes sluggish pacing and turns it more into a slice of life story of “I got mommy and daddy issues as a rich kid”

Too many friends, too many allies and not enough enemies. There’s too many characters in the game and while some do get killed off which is a good thing the cast is still far and wide which slows the story even more as you talk a lot with them. This is made worse when you realize huh the MC is well liked and respected by everyone and barely has any enemies, this means not a lot of tension or drama is going to be in the story as everyone likes the MC and everything goes fine and dandy.

Also who are the bad guys idk we barely meet them. Hell some characters are not even needed in the story like your uncle’s boyfriend like why is there a side character’s love interest anyway?

OP MC, this is a common issue these days in comic books, anime, manhwa and even video games or movies. The MC is OP AF in every single way possible:

1: Not one but TWO overpowered powers which don’t even require any training or some form of sacrifice which causes the MC to SLAP everyone easily? check

2: Extremely loyal and OP best friend who can kill people easily and childhood friend who is similar to you in money and influence? check

3: The government and law enforcement don’t mess with you? check. 4: rich and powerful af? check

It feels like the author envisioned this story as the heir of the Samsung Corporation in Korea meets Batman in the story, talk about being born with a diamond spoon bruh

Lack of drama, tension or conflict is another issue, everything feels too easy. The MC didn’t earn or struggle in the 6 chapters that I’ve read with the exception of mommy and daddy issues, but aside from that all of the many allies love the MC and are all powerful and/or rich meaning character development is zero.

I didn’t feel “oh crap whats gonna happen next” as its all too easy. This is made even funnier by the fact that the Detective RO, the Superheroine RO meets you once and likes you already like bruh we are literally on opposing sides which makes no sense. I get that childhood best friend RO and childhood friend RO likes you but there is zero conflict.

Instead of the feeling of the world being against you and you started from the bottom with endless struggles to overcome them (Batman, Punisher, Daredevil) you just feel like a rich kid who gets what he wants, I didn’t feel like a man reading this but like a boy playing GTA on god mode with cheats.

Vanilla Personality, the MC isn’t that interesting if you ask me with the options either being shy or confident and with other characters its very similar, they’re all nice af and lacks the cool or mystery factor or the conflict tension other stories have. It feels weird that the characters can do terrible things but they are all super nice. Ash is an example of this of being a bumbling shy girl who then snaps and kills others easily.

The Good:

Attention to detail, although there were some mistakes (Bugatti labelled as “Hyper Sports Car” or Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta as “Supercar” as they are both “Hypercar”) The detail on the guns, outfits, tattoos and cars/motorcycles were highly immaculate and extremely appreciated, most stories just say fancy car or guns but in this game its actually detailed and based in the real world which makes it even better in terms of visualizing the world. I am familiar with these brands but even those who are not can google them.

I personally would add clothing brands and jewelry brands as well. If its possible try adding a picture of the car or guns you choose in the story perhaps?

Unique story, despite being a more common story in comics, manhwa and manga the story of revenge isn’t really that common in IF games as most authors just want vampire romance or supernatural/superhero college or werewolf humping.

Brutal and detailed fight scenes, sure in 6 chapters there was only 2 fight scenes but the ones that we got was pretty good, it definitely had “The Boys” level of brutality and the details were both gory but interesting as it wasn’t that hard to follow or visualize. Shoutout to Homelander and Soldier Boy my childhood icons who MC and Ash would probably like.

Linear story but your choices do matter, I appreciate the fact that this story is like a novel in that its pretty linear but your few choices actually matter in shaping your future goals and even your viewpoint on being a violent killer or not. You can even influence the ROs in their viewpoint and shape their future. This is something that is rarely ever done in IF stories as most characters just listen to the MC. Only other game to do this is FH so massive props on the this point.

Bonus points to the Diverse ROIs and their fantastic AI art.

Overall the story is pretty interesting and the idea is pretty good, a classic revenge story that most IF stories haven’t done for some reason with a good idea but a less than great execution due to slow pacing issues, lack of conflict, lack of trauma, OP MC, lack of drama, lack of thrill and too many characters who are allies instead of enemies.

While I do appreciate playing a game where I am a real life Andrew Tate at the age of 20 driving a Bugatti with anime powers and seducing hot girls while wearing a Gucci suit I asked my self? Hmm is this a story or a fanfiction? why is everything super easy and everyone likes me even though I’m just a rich kid who hasn’t done anything? Then it popped into my head, my MC is a real life Mary Sue…

Overall I want to see how the story ends because even though I wouldn’t call it great its still pretty good, keep up the great work.


Nemesis project, you’d know if you read it.


Do you know anyone from the “Nemesis Project” except that one time in the hotel where we kill the police commissioner?

Slow pacing. Also blur spoilers bro

Those were just the henchmen. We also actually meet the main leader in the beginning where Viktor and MC is being hunted. It’s also the same person who taunts the MC on their birthday on the TV and we get a scene through their POV immediately afterwards.