Vendetta (WIP) (Chapter 6 Part 1 Updated - April 22nd [272.8K Words Total])

Too bad Ash, uncle and grandpa has been spoiling my mc to death so I’m totally playing to spoiled rich kid route


I think it would be fun if we’re given the snobby arrogant rich kid interaction with them, spending ludicrous amount of money as if it was nothing burning it like a baller just to mess with them. Where they act annoyed then slowly developed into something else? As they gradually get to know each other.


:laughing: I hope its a choice to be bratty rich kid or not, other people who judge MC as a rich spoiled kid will be surprised with my MC because he is not what they expected from someone who is born from wealthy families.

He rather have friends than making someone annoyed at him from the get go, unless it was an enemy or someone he really hates, then he’ll gladly annoy them to no end. :rofl:

Not ready to share it yet :grin: Might get into spoiler-y territory for Santana’s route.

@Jonard_Conejar @Sakura_Higanbana28 I’m not sure yet whether I’ll include options for MC to be intentionally spoiled or snobby rich kid :thinking: Maybe they can come across as spoiled a bit unintentionally, especially to people who are not rich or the elites, like Santana.

I’ve never really seen MC as that type of person while writing them out :laughing: Also, because I’m already planning to add some little options of MC just spoiling Santana by buying them some things (or like some members on my Discord call it: Becoming Santana’s sugar-parent :joy:).

@OddCatGuy Aww :smiling_face: Your MC sounds sweet but also funny :laughing: Yeah! Annoy the hell out of your enemies! :clap:


:rofl: now you make me want to make another MC that is romancing Santana that likes to shower his boyfriend with expensive gifts because he wants to and unintentionally became his sugar daddy. :rofl:

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2K Followers Celebration :tada:

Hey guys! I’m sorry for the slight delay in releasing the 2K celebration stuff :sweat_smile: And since my first announcement that we have broken through 2K Followers milestone, we already have 135 more new members to our community on Tumblr! :partying_face:

Last month, for 1K Followers milestone, I do a Characters QnA sessions, which, if you missed them are here: Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3.

Unfortunately, this month has been a really busy and pretty stressful month for me as I focused most of my time and energy on finishing Part 2 of Chapter 3. So, what I decide to do instead is I’m going to release one of the side stories on Patreon to the public early.

It’s a sweet and fluffy side story featuring little MC, little Ash, Viktor, Luka, and guest appearances by little Rin and Takashi. Please go check it out here!

I’ve also curated two playlists of songs for MC and Luka. For MC, it’s more of songs whose lyrics kinda fit them and their vibe (well, at least some MCs that I have in mind, I hope you guys also find some songs that fit your MCs!). Meanwhile for Luka, it’s a combination of songs that fit their vibe and songs that he’d listen while driving in his car.

MC Playlist

  1. Venger // Perturbator (feat. Greta Link)
  2. Dead Man Walking // WAR*HALL
  3. I Chose Violence // iamjakehill
  4. vendetta! // MUPP, Sadfriendd
  5. BOW // MFS
  6. B.O.T.A (Baddest of Them All) // Eliza Rose
  7. Snake Eyes // Feint, CoMa
  8. Shadow Lady // Portwave
  9. The Rebel Path // P.T. Adamczyk
  10. My Only Chance // The Toxic Avenger
  11. Nightcall // Kavinsky
  12. Vengeance // Zack Hemsey
  13. Vendetta // UNSECRET, Krigarè
  14. Vendetta // MALO
  15. Flashbacks (Slowed) // CRASPORE

Luka’s Playlist

  1. Everything Black // Unlike Pluto, Mike Taylor
  2. Sahara // Hensonn
  3. Are You Ready // BAD NINJA
  4. Dope // Demeter
  5. Polozhenie // Zedline
  6. Headlines // Whiney, Subten
  7. Rave // Dxrk
  8. Судно (Борис Рижий) [Sudno] // Molchat Doma
  9. Волы [Volny] // Molchat Doma
  10. Клетка [Kletka] // Molchat Doma
  11. K. // Cigarettes After Sex
  12. The Perfect Girl // Mareux
  13. Ocean Drive // Duke Dumont
  14. Let The Senses Clear Your Mind // Logistics
  15. Capricorn // Xan Griffin, WOLFE

Imagine this scene happening again 10yrs later.

Ash and a pregnant Sasha in front of Viktor’s grave

Ash: Looks at his mom’s grave and then at Viktor’s grave, and smiles Hey, Mom, Viktor. We have a surprise for both of you…squeezes Sasha’s hand

Sasha: blushes hard and smiles You’re both going to become grandparents! Dad, I’m pregnant! For real this time! Hahaha!

Ash: blushes too and smiles proudly Hey Viktor, looks like that bastard Rin really lied to us back then. Hahaha! He then looks at his father-in-law’s grave seriously Don’t worry, what I said back then. What I promised back then. I will keep it, so you and Mom may rest in peace. I will protect Sasha and our baby.



@Crimson_Blood :face_holding_back_tears: :sob: My heart! And yes… There had never been any doubt in Viktor’s heart that Ash would not keep their promise to take care and protect MC and his grandchildren :smiling_face_with_tear: One of the reasons that Ash would totally be one of the ROs that would be exempt from Viktor’s shovel talk if he were still alive :laughing:

I love how you and some readers immediately concluded that little Rin must’ve totally lied about the holding-hands thing to prank MC and Ash instead of really believing what Takashi told them :laughing:

But, indeed, it is one of Rin’s greatest pranks :joy: A magnum opus of theirs that hasn’t been able to be dethroned yet so far.


It’s Chapter 3 Part 2 release time! :tada:

This update adds around 33.5K of new words to Chapter 3, which brings the total word count of Chapter 3 (both parts) to 58.7K words!

DISCLAIMER: Please, play from the beginning and do not use old saves, it will break your game halfway through Chapter 3 Part 2!

There are tons of variations in this part to choose from (which almost drove me a bit insane while writing them all out :joy:). In this update, you will:

  • Learn a bit more about the mysterious Nemesis Project.
  • Choose 1 of 5 possible execution methods for the police commissioner (or let him live?).
  • Choose 1 of 8 possible fight and action scenes.
  • Meet a mysterious (or maybe not-so mysterious) someone :wink:

Some minor adjustments and additions also going live in this update:

  • Added Glossary Page on the stat screen. They contain all the Russian words, phrases, and terms that have been used so far along with their meanings.
  • Added MC’s choice of drinks in the first part of Chapter 2 (if you haven’t chosen any, it’ll default to coffee).
  • Added some additional behind the scenes coding during Chapter 2 party, which should hopefully prevent any further bugs from slipping through.
  • Added two electric car options for the car choices in Chapter 3 Part 1.

Support me over on Patreon! :sparkling_heart:
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@jsc wanted to check the stats, found this:

line 37: Not a number:

also found this:

line 1727: Not a number:


Really loved the 2nd part, the worst thing about enjoying this story is that when it ends its never enough! Its just so good :black_heart:

The combat and all the different ways the powers work was really cool and oh boi so f*cking brutal & thrilling. You are making me kill people because I can’t stop using them!

I laughed so hard at Uncle Luka swearing, it was so brilliant its actually so accurate how adults behave around kids with the бля…блин:pancakes: thing​:joy: & the banter between Uncle Luka и Зайчиком :black_heart: OMG like YES - my face hurt from smiling!

I really wanted to shake hand/half hug Jackal in the and tell him quietly “if you ever hurt him…You will see me become devil incarnate”


It is so good and it make me craving for more :sob:

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Is everything okay with these stats? I mean intelligence and greyed out hacking option


Holy shit! I’ve been waiting for killing options in this game, but that poor guy, helpless and begging for his life :disappointed:… I feel guilty about fictional character :woman_facepalming:
I guess I just prefer to kill characters who are assholes and try to hurt us and / or our RO.

But it’s necessary since my MC has ambitions to be respected mob boss in the future :weary:

At least reaction of the masked guys to the cop’s “decorated” body was quite satisfying, heh. Grandpa should be pleased with the results.


u need 50 INT


We can we get a choice to look away if we kill the commissioner? In my head my MC was really conflicted but decided to do it reluctantly but when the scene has him and Ash staring at him and then celebrating afterward it kind of took me out of it.


There is a pronoun mistake here, i played as a male mc. That was so sudden, i had to to see the status page to check my mc’s gender lol.

It’s on the scene where Jackal check the mc’s wound.

I can’t open the stat page, it keeps showing “line 37: not a number”
Another bug, line 1727 not a number

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line 37: Not a number
When I try to open stat screen.

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@Bulk_Biceps @Damnjackson @AAChmielewski Did you guys play with an old save? This is most likely caused because the old save still remembers the state of the variables from before the update.

Before the Part 2 update, I mistakenly set the wound variable as non-numerical variable. I just realized this mistake as I was writing Part 2 and changed it correctly to a numerical variable.

If you play with old saves, the system still remembers the variable as non-numerical one, which is why you’ll get this “not a number” bug if you check the stats and for certain parts of the action and post action scenes.

That is why I put up a disclaimer to play from the beginning and with clean saves :sweat_smile: Playing from the beginning with new and clean save should fix the problem, since I’ve playtested it just last night and I’ve ran it through Quicktest and Randomtest and they both passed too. So, it’s most likely the old saves.


Yep, that’s the problem! I will replay later, then, but congrats with an update!