Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster


I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


There will be a second game? Capital! You seem to have too much ambition to fit everything in just one. Just make sure you can pull it all off, I’ve seen many an ambition project be abandoned due to the person not being able to pull off their ideas.


Enjoying the game so far, played through it as gang leader, ww1 veteran, black hand member and political bagman.

So far my favourite background has surprised me normally I would go for either the ww1 veteran or Black Hand member. However, I really like the political bagman background.

Hopefully I’ll be able to use my contacts to drum up serious business for the poolroom when its finished :slight_smile:


@LawrenceJWatson That makes two of us! (Being excited, that is–I do at least have a vague idea of what’s coming next :smiley: ).

@13ventrm Yep, I would very much like to continue the whole thing over the coming months / years and turn it into a series, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll at least aim to finish the first one, spend a little time & effort promoting it on the net, then see where we stand.

@Nocturnal_Stillness Interesting choices. The hardest job I’ll have is keeping them balanced, as certain types of scenes are naturally just easier for certain characters to breeze through, while others struggle. That will definitely vary from one Chapter to the next though.

As for the Poolroom, I wouldn’t count on too many of your high class friends wanting to drop by for a game of pool . . . but I’m pretty sure they would be very interested in certain other, future opportunities!


As promised yesterday, the revised Chapter One has now been uploaded and includes the new scene near the end. It’s actually three smaller scenes all wrapped up in one, but individually they’re not especially large, and they serve a joint overall purpose (as well as several minor ones, but you can discover those for yourself), being in preparation for the funeral at the end of Chapter One.

As always, comment, opinion & suggestions for possible improvements would be very welcome.


Great stuff… I like the new changes to chapter one and chapter two can’t come soon enough for me.


I liked the additional scenes, let my character spend his hard earned money and increased customization. Plus it felt so heartwarming getting little Carina a better job.


So has along as you live throught this game, will be leader of Hell Kichten, So comes to not dying, and taking advange of character abilitys. P.S. can you take poltical offices, in this game or the next?


English is not my first language, but you seem to have a grammar error on the page after you decide to renovate the poolroom, “Having made your decision, you call Louis in to see you and tell him that you’ve decided to renovate the poolroom and try to attract more custom.” Shouldn’t it be customers?


@LawrenceJWatson Thanks for the feedback. All being well, I’m hoping to have the first draft of Chapter Two available sometime during the first week of February. I have some quite complicated scripting ahead of me for this and future chapters (assuming I can get Reaperoa’s complex script example in another thread to work for me!) so it’s hard to offer a more definite date than that. I’ll do my best.

@13ventrm Awww, shucks. You’re just a big softy at heart. :smiley: I’m pleased you agree those scenes fit there–it was an ‘in-hindsight’ thing on my part while working on Chapter Two opening stuff, and it just seemed to make more sense that way.

@Rogar Yep, that pretty much sums it up: the ultimate aim would be to accrue as much power and wealth as you can, while surviving (or dodging) the pitfalls and hazards along the way. You won’t be able to actually take political office yourself, but you will be able to influence and control some of the people in those positions. That side of things is very much intended to be part of the game, as it was historically.

@Bikkje No worries, it’s not my best subject either! The word ‘custom’ does however have several meanings in English, one of which is (quick web search . . .) “Habitual buying of goods; practice of frequenting, as a shop, manufactory, etc., for making purchases or giving orders; business support.” Hmm. Perhaps I should instead say “improve custom” rather than “attract more custom”, just to avoid confusion . . . Or “attract more customers” works, too. :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to mention anything like this. A story always reads better if the precise wording doesn’t seem too “odd”, for whatever reason, and changes are easy enough to make. Thanks.


@vendetta Sorry for my mistake, the word “custom” is not a word I have learnt in English class. :slight_smile:


I see you added a bit more story into well…the story. I love it when u go and get a bath and the one guy in overalls tells you smelling nice isn’t manly so u can beat the crap out of him. >:-)


May I ask if you have a time estimate for the next update?


This story its great!
Love it and eagerly look forward to more


@Bikkje Already changed to “attract more customers” for the next update. It says the same thing and avoids any confusion. :slight_smile:

@Toasters I must admit, I had great fun writing that scene. I think I must have a deep loathing of that type of ‘always-looking-for-trouble’ personality. It’s sweet poetic justice when they pick on the wrong guy . . . :wink:

@13ventrm I’m aiming for the first week in February, but that’s about as accurate as it gets for now. I’m up to a complicated scripting requirement to do what it is I’m hoping to achieve for Chapter Two and beyond (concerning the regular weekly income / update and other often-repeatable things, like buying stuff and investing your future earnings) but I’ve learned a lot over the past month so I’m feeling fairly confident about managing it. And, if push comes to shove, there are some very talented people around here who would be able to help. Truth is, I wouldn’t have gotten even this far without people like JimD and Reaperoa on the forum!

I should be able to offer a better estimate by the end of the month.

@nyxkora Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:


It would indeed be rather silly to have a weekly income yet have the first chapter be the only one you’re able to buy stuff in.

Also I just had a facepalm moment for realizing this late who paid for Gina’s funeral if you took the truck job.


Question can we be knighted in second game if have good enought public image? P.S. will be third of part like taking over/runing vegas?


Well a programmer I am not, so I can only wish you much luck with those matters. Also there will be protesting if a tommy gun is unavailable for purchase.


Thank you for providing a link (even if its the same old one) with an update. We don’t have to search through the first page for it, and it lets people who aren’t interested in the discussion easily see there’s been an update.

I wish more authors would repost the link each time they updated.


Oh! Almost forgot, in regards to the added scene, it’s good, it gives the player more motivation to just go home. But it also makes me feel like a two bit small time punk hanging around with mooks like Dino. If that was the intent, good job, probably just an issue of taste.


Yep, this game does call for quite a sophisticated weekly / regular events system, able to be jumped to from any chapter, and then back again to the exact spot from whence you came in order to continue the story. Although Chapter One focuses on just the first few days (Chapter Two starts at the beginning of your second week), most future chapters will actually each cover several weeks of game time, so each is intended to access the “weekly events” scene several times at different points.

In addition to your clothing, for instance (only about half of which range is available in Chapter One from Ruggerio’s tailorshop), you will also later have a choice of personal jewelry, automobiles, weapons and private accommodation–together providing up to a third or so of your underworld Respect, and without which you cannot actually reach 100% Respect. Ergo: ‘Appearance’ is vital if you want the top spot in Hell’s Kitchen, so the system has to provide for regular income calculation / gain, and regular purchase options.

Well, that’s the plan, anyway!

As for your facepalm moment, I finally get to say: “No comment”! :wink:


Chapter One has been updated again with yet another additional scene. This has been added purely for overall balancing purposes (another one of those ‘in-hindsight’ moments . . .) and to access it you specifically need to befriend Dino Zaganis–the guy who lives across the hallway from your apartment. To do that, you have to head back there after your chat with Nick Morello, rather than to the Diner or Chuck’s bar.