Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Oh, they’ll get their dough. I haven’t forgotten about those good ol’ boys. They’ll learn that I get what I want, though. No matter what.

Will we be able to create a mob that rivals Ginelli in power and be able to move on their turf? It’s time El Mano Nera reached out, more. Pun intended.

Now I want a Black Hand tattoo in-game. Or maybe a ring resembling us.


A sick tatt? We gotta go all out! With a sizzling flesh brand! Seared into our skin! Hard-core! :heart:

I wonder how long it’ll take to for us to climb into the big leagues? Or is that dependant on our background?


I was going to ask if Big Jim’s Bathhouse was named after @JimD And then I remembered this was made before he was famous. XD. Although even then I’m pretty sure he was hanging around and being a general credit to the community.


the black hand? tattos? bustin’ some heads?

count with me too!


You make way through the chaos, past rubble and several forms either crying or unmoving, giving chase to the culprit.
After this stunt, such actions cannot go unpunished without sending a clear message that other members of La Mano Nera must respect the boundaries.

At full haste you manage to catch up to (I forgot the guys name who exploded the train let’s call him Lucca) Lucca, so close that you can almost grab the flaps of his coat, untill he takes a sharp turn right into a red bricked alley.

Lady Fortuna must be with you today as it turns out this alley has an dead end. Lucca seeing no way out turns to face you, his gaunt face seemly emotionless if not for his grey eyes betraying the panic there.

Catching your breath, you cooly walk toward him as if all the time was in the world, as always calm before the storm.

Lucca makes no effort to reach for his own piece as your hands caresses the waistband of your pants. Once he is within arms distance, you pretend as if to converse with him before catching Lucca off guard with a blow to the nose

He wheels back against the wall, his dusty coat now covered with blood, before he has the chance to recover, in flash your left hand snakes around his throat while the right places the barrel of your M1911 against his temple.

Fuori come un balcone?


@FauxCoeur Is that purely from you?


:joy::joy:Yes, I tried to make it using Vendetta’s writing style

It picks off from the end scene of the old demo


Its very good! Viva El Mano Nera!


Grazie, Viva El Mano Nera! Assassinos


I don’t think you can rival the Ginelli yet from what I remember the game would end with you in control of the district and then the next game would be to try to take over other districts or something like that but that was ages ago I read that


Name: Anthony Caponi

Background: Black Hand Member
Money Clip: $606
Weekly Take: $71
Net Worth: $3551
Primary Weapon: Twin 7-shot Colt M1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols
Your Appearance: Highly fashionable – and dressed to kill! It’s just a pity that, while your personal appearance is certainly that of a man of some stature, you actually have little else to commend you should anyone look past the facade.

Henchmen: 1
Businesses: 1
Rackets: 0

– Leadership
Initial: 20 – Current: 30 – Gain: + 10
– Intimidation
Initial: 40 – Current: 51 – Gain: + 11
– Persuasion
Initial: 35 – Current: 48 – Gain: + 13
– Awareness
Initial: 30 – Current: 43 – Gain: + 13
– Coglioni
Initial: 50 – Current: 65 – Gain: + 15
– Business
Initial: 10 – Current: 13 – Gain: + 3
– Streetwise
Initial: 25 – Current: 37 – Gain: + 12
– Contacts
Initial: 15 – Current: 15 – Gain: + 0
– Firearms
Initial: 45 – Current: 45 – Gain: + 0

Overall Attributes Improvement: +77 (+29%)

Viva La Mano Nera! Morte a Ginelli!


how do you gain a henchmen?


Basically you get a henchman from having a bar passed down from Gina. The barkeep becomes your first henchman after you decide to fix up the place I think.


In the old demo, I believe the same can happen with the pool hall. The one armed vet running the place can become a henchman too.


I’m so glad you’re back. I played through the old demo countless times because it was just so damn good, hope you’ll keep up the good work.


Well, you’d be expected to send a big and expensive wreath, but that would certainly give a whole new meaning to the phrase "Say it with flowers:bomb: " :wink:

If your aim is to become the underworld boss of Hell’s Kitchen, the Ginelli Mob would be your main (but not only) obstacle. Simply going toe-to-toe would put you at a distinct disadvantage so you will have to be much smarter than that, bide your time, and find their weaknesses – and in the meanwhile build something worthy of respect in the wider underworld so others are more willing to fall into line. To truly succeed, at some point you will have to stop thinking like a gangster and start thinking like a Mob Boss.

I guess it depends on your definition of ‘big leagues’! By my definition, it would take the whole game, and be an End Game goal.

Your background should determine how exactly you aim to achieve that goal, not so much how long it would take or the difficulty involved.

That said, one of the main aims of the final beta test will be to balance this better and make sure that this is in fact the end result. It’s not intended, for example, that a Black Hand Member should find it any easier than would, say, a Business Entrepreneur. It’s intended that their ultimate success should be equally achievable, but by a different overall approach… generally speaking.

Zombie Exodus was, IIRC, well underway when I first dipped a tentative toe in the ChoiceScript waters back around November 2011, and @JimD was a huge help to noob me, helping me get to grips with coding logic. It’s fair to say I probably wouldn’t have survived those first three or four months without the likes of Jim offering the noobs in the community a helping hand.

But if I were to base a Vendetta character on JImD, it most certainly would not be ‘Big Jim’ Caruso! This very repugnant individual is actually based on ‘Big Jim’ Colosimo, the vice overlord of Chicago in pre-prohibition times. He was the uncle of Johnny Torrio, the gangster (and business genius) who came from New York to help Big Jim expand his operations – and the man responsible for bringing a young Al Capone from Brooklyn to Chicago…

[measures FauxCoeur for a Chicago Overcoat… three bags of cement should be enough… ]

It was very good! :smiley:

With the recent, much-expanded version of the game, it’s possible to build a much larger organization than was originally envisaged / possible, so the End Game possibilities have similarly… grown in potential achievement.

That’s very good – only a few percent short of the max possible!

@MichaelCrank & @Eiwynn

One and the same. Louis Campanini tends bar / manages the pool hall that is (for most backgrounds) your initial outwardly-legitimate business – if you choose not to immediately sell it.

Thanks, it’s great to be back. :slight_smile:


Ah, so, in order to uccidi il gigante, I must think like one.

Well…more words from the wise. I gotcha.

Slaps drum mag into Thompson M1A1.

Ey, what can I say? I’m here to carve the streets into my image. One where honest work earns you an honest dollar…but also one where oppurtunities can be taken. I’ll have the streets chanting “Morte a Ginelli!” by the time I’m done here.


I’m really wondering how the female MC will be implemented considering the lack of gender swapping- will MC be treated like Rosie was as a teen, or will she be one of the gang? :frowning: I’m also petty and wishing for dramatic sad backstory of MC x Billy because angst.

Will the gender change at all impact MCs ability to intimidate those she must, and would seduction be another tactic to distract/manipulate/etc now?

:smiley: Either way, it’ll be amazing. Thank you so much, again, I’m so excited. :cry:


Very apt. :wink:

So long as it’s not to the tune of “Pop goes the weasel”, sure, why not? :smiley:

Oh she’s definitely one of the gang in her younger years (7-16), and with one background ultimately becomes their actual leader… (no prizes for guessing which!). In most other cases she left the gang or just drifted away some time after Billy was killed (which happened when you were both sixteen).

Billy’s impact in her backstory does vary from one background to the next, but in most cases it was certainly a life-changing event (see my earlier post regarding The Black Widow, for instance). For angst that doesn’t quite lead into total self-destruct mode, however, I’d say the WWI Veteran Nurse is probably the prime contender.

No, is the simple answer. The only real difference is that certain types (let’s call them TMBs – typical misogynistic bastards – and be done with it), a type fairly common in the game’s era and setting, will initially attempt to treat our female protagonist in the same manner in which they are accustomed to treating all women. Big mistake, as in most cases they will soon realize the error of their ways – and that’s where the actual Intimidation attribute (identical to the male protagonist of that background pair) comes in. If intimidation isn’t enough, well, there are always other Attributes to fall back on… should you choose.

To some extent, yes – if you choose to do so – in much the same way as our (generally) quite suave male protagonist is able to turn on the charm when it suits him! That said, only one of the backgrounds (Burlesque Dancer) is specifically intended to be… more adept at such tactics to get what she wants, in exactly the same way as her male counterpart (the Political bagman) is able to use his ‘Persuasion’ attribute more effectively than any other background, in certain situations.

In essence, charm / manipulation / seduction – call it what you will – is intended to be a background-related bonus, not gender-related.


I’ll admit, while I wasn’t all that interested in the game back in its older version, this revivial of it has definitely caught my eye. I’ve had positive experiences with a past two criminal based CoG’s, and this one looks like it’s going to reinforce that enjoyment.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to the new and updated release of this.