Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Having only recently (August, 1920) won the right to vote just before the game’s start date (February, 1921), it seemed entirely appropriate to include a strong-willed representative of the movement! It will of course be down to the player themselves to determine if their character is also aligned with the Anti-Saloon / Temperance League (bearing in mind she can simply sell the Poolroom to Salvatore Panzarelli rather than be party to supplying alcohol herself, and also thereafter on principle entirely avoid / be opposed to the wider bootlegging racket in its various forms). Or…

I like that. :wink:

It applies to a lot of them, yes, and quite deliberately so – I’ve definitely got one eye on the whole ‘Primary’ concept here, so if or when we get to pursue that whole idea more fully, we can have very different stories for each.

In which case you’ll be delighted to know this is now the case! Boardwalk Empire and Jimmy Darmody being the obvious influence there… :wink:

Hah! I’m squeaky-clean… well, almost! :fearful:

My thanks to @Eiwynn for the suggestion & facilitation in adding the female roles / backgrounds to the Game FAQ section in the opening post above. I’ve also now added the current Option description for each, should you be curious to see what these are.


@Vendetta if we create our own mob we could convert/take the hellion as part of our gang or at least make them some sort of sub-gang/family?


I usually play as a vain dandy that’s always impeccably groomed, bejeweled and attired and that’s always going to be my “main” play-through but one of the Facebook posts mentioned the possibility of playing as a penniless bum from start to finish.

And I’m now weirdly excited to flip that around entirely just once and roleplay as some scruffy, mentally unstable war veteran that relentlessly and obsessively pursues Gina’s murderer, rarely, if ever bathes, never aspires to move out of his squalid, cockroach infested tenement, never buys anything except weapons and has a rotgut stained rat’s nest growing from his face. While shooting up and brawling with pretty much half of Hell’s Kitchen.

I’m a romantic at heart.


My college kid is a bit more restrained, like say Gus Fring of Breaking Bad and likes to masquerade as a “legitimate businessman” and will dress up in general (Gina’s funeral and dates with Adamo may be exceptions) to the level his legal income would comfortably allow for. So,yes, hopefully that will have an increasingly upwards trend.
My Union organizer would be the most modest dresser while my political bagman would be a true dandy from the start.


…My main tends to be um, far more like a sharply dressed and campy version of Tuco Salamanca if we’re comparing them to Breaking Bad characters. And more than just a bit like my avatar.

Though, a far more fitting comparison would be this guy


Well, unlike Gus my main mc is potentially a dandy too, but only if and when his legitimate income alone would comfortably allow for it. He isn’t going to suffer the fate of mr. Capone and be brought low by the damned IRS.


I seem to recall in one of my playthroughs during the old days of the beta that the way I happened to take my character in that run seemed to end up ignoring Gina’s murder. So, I’m wondering, if we progress far enough through the game without bothering to investigate, will we eventually find out what has happened through the sheer volume of our connections, or will it always remain a mystery to us if we don’t actively pursue it?


I mean, your MC will probably last alot longer than mine, who would probably angrily beat someone to death with his cane for scuffing his favourite crocodiles (then mail the bill for the cane and the shoes to their next of kin), but he won’t be as fabulously dressed.

And isn’t that all that matters?! To Lucifer’s jaws with practicality!


So glad this is back. :smiley:


Bear in mind that for the most part they’re just kids (with admittedly quite a few in their mid-late teens), and with many of the possible Backgrounds – both male and female – you have drifted away from them over the past 3-5 years and have made your own way in the world… such as it is. One or two backgrounds still have very close contact with the gang (Street Gang Leader – obviously! – and Business Entrepreneur in particular) but mostly, being an ex-Hellion yourself, there is in all cases still that bond of brotherhood with all the other Ex-Hellions from the old days. This can certainly be used to your advantage (including in gaining new members for your organization) and maintaining contact with the street gang itself can be useful and lucrative in some ways.

tl;dr - Yes. Maybe. Sometimes. Well, it kinda depends… :smiley:

Your close associates have my sympathies!

Now that sounds eminently sensible. If nothing else, it must be excruciatingly embarrassing to be convicted of tax evasion on the grounds that your large, expensive collection of monogrammed silk boxer shorts were too costly for your stated income to easily afford…

(Okay, it was a little more involved than that, but that’s basically what it came down to! Poor Al. :smiley: ).

I’ve uhmmed and ahhed over this, and at one point had in fact decided to include that knowledge in the Epilogue at Game End. I’ve since decided not to, leaving it all a big mystery if you do not purposely pursue the Gina vendetta storyline yourself – on the assumption that just because you chose not to do so on your first play-through does not mean you wouldn’t want to make this the main focus of a second or third replay. It might detract quite considerably from that particular story branch if you already know more or less where it’s headed as a result of your first successful play-through.


I forget if I’ve asked this before. Will we get a godfather moment where we can eliminate our enemies all in one series of sweeping attacks.


Yep, the IRS won’t catch my college kid, he’ll always try to pair his rackets with a legal front and keep his conspicuous consumption at levels that can be afforded by his stated legal income. Of course he does aggressively try to maximize that and his rackets and criminal connections can potentially by a great tool to convince others to sell to him at reasonable prices. In other words a different kind of “leveraged” buy out.
If it is ever upgraded to a primary background I imagine that having rubbed shoulders with the elites at college could potentially make it rather easy for the college kid to present a legitimate front.
All this to say that in the end of course my mc would want that collection of monogrammed silk boxer shorts, but only when he can afford it on his “legal” income.

But then you do have other law enforcement agencies too and if you recall from the original beta while he could fool the IRS easily enough my college kid was already starting to get slightly worried about those other “feds”.


Ah, I can see it now: bootlegging, loansharking, and extortion rackets galore for me. My three favorite types of business to conduct. :wink:

Hopefully, I can physically take over Big Jim’s Bathouse once I’ve built up my boys and give those girls over there a real job where any type of abuse against anybody means you’re friggin’ gone. Not to mention, you actually make money and won’t be selling your body. Like Gina’s. Then I could just turn the building into a proper business, maybe even share the ownership with the former employees of Jim’s.

Have you thought of this as a Business Oppurtunity, Boss?


Oh jeez, that moment. I’d like to see that in the story as well.


I’d kill everyone BUT Ginas killer let them think I don’t know, let them think they got away with it then I’d kill them a week later personally.


Oooh, I discovered this after it was put on ice for much longer than a New York minute, and was then tightly bound to my college boy who could outwit the witless and outcharm all harm. But lo and behold–What is this perfection?

Burlesque Dancer

How very dear to me. And so the vendetta dream continues…well, unless these claws are to be entrapped deep within the The Kitten Club’s snare…

Admittedly still, the sandbox style has long been a deterrent in my neverending search for finely-woven, richly-storied games, (and how am I to choose between date night or a hunt for my sister’s slayer?!) yet as it is, your prose has been golden enough to keep me breathless–Mahoney–and
waiting for more.


Yep, that’s the concept I’m sticking to, but I’m glad you and everybody else who prefers it now get the female option too.


I am so excited for this, holy sherbet!!!

:open_mouth: IT’S ALIVE!



I am really interested in the changing dynamic of MC relationship with the cast, and potentially with Gina. This is going to be so good. :cry:


tl;dr - Yes. Maybe. Sometimes. Well, it kinda depends… :smiley:

Not wanting to spoil things too much, it’s fair to say that The Godfather (among others) has had more than just a passing influence on Vendetta in various ways. I do so like to give the nod to classic “mob moments” from various books, TV series and movies, as a sort of personal homage to the greats… Indeed, I can see us one day having a discussion about precisely which bits came from where! :wink:

Heh, yep – arguably the best way is to not step on any one set of toes too heavily, but this is certainly easier said than done. The IRS is one of those it’s very difficult to avoid entirely, but it’s also the one that takes the longest to reach the stage where it seems a successful prosecution may be likely. Other crimes can deprive you of your liberty far more swiftly.

We definitely haven’t seen the last of either Big Jim or his ‘bathhouse’. The problem you might have with your particular plans, however, is that it’s one of those Ginelli-protected operations, earning them a hefty weekly tribute. They don’t, as a rule, share your high morals. Sure, you could turn it into a lacy tea room if you like, but they would still expect no less in weekly tribute than they were receiving before the change of ownership.

We had to have one following in big sister’s footsteps (much to Gina’s dismay, it must be said) and it’s definitely a ‘Primary’ story I would dearly love to write – working from the “inside” so to speak, in the hunt for Gina’s killer. I can’t, however, see much chance of this particular kitty being ‘entrapped’ anywhere she didn’t want to be…

It’s always a tough one to really nail down and explain, this particular concept. The limitations (if that’s even the right word) of the ‘Choice Game’ system means that to achieve a true ‘sandbox’ the story has to take a backseat - it’s simply impossible to cover every eventually with meaningful narrative. With Vendetta I’ve aimed for more of a middle-ground (hence ‘sandboxy’, not a true sandbox as such) with the aim being to have more varied and detailed stories interwoven to form the whole, but entirely according to what the player chooses to actually pursue–albeit in many cases determined also by the type of character they’re playing.

It’s essentially more about freedom of choice than anything, but I accept that it’s not the standard approach. :slight_smile:

There, there. :wink:


The black hand should be able to kill one then arrange for the person’s coffin to be rigged to blow to take the rest out lol