Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



is it possible to find out what the female characters backgrounds will be? I’m wondering if I missed something…


It’s going to be similar to the original primary backgrounds for the Male MCs, just the titles will change to better suit them. You can check the old demo to know what the backgrounds are.


It will probably be tight… On the positive side, the female counterpart to the College Graduate (just for variety; a different approach to the ‘very smart cookie’ theme) is ‘The Grifter’. With The Sting being one of my favorite older moves set in the game’s era, this role just had to be included as the potential for fun & engaging plot lines is enormous… Who knows, it may yet swing the balance. :wink:

The female roles at present (i.e. not entirely fixed in stone, if feedback over time suggests something should be changed) are as follows. The male counterpart and their shared main Character Attributes in descending order are also shown, for comparison. Where a particular Attribute may at first seem odd (e.g. high Firearms skill for the Nurse), it will of course be explained in that character’s backstory.

WWI Veteran Nurse (Veteran Soldier. Firearms, Awareness, Intimidation, Toughness).
Street Gang Leader (Street Gang Leader. Streetwise, Intimidation, Leadership, Toughness)
The Prizefighter (Paroled Convict. Intimidation, Awareness, Toughness, Firearms).
The Grifter (College Graduate. Leadership, Business, Persuasion, Contacts).
The Black Widow (Black Hand Member. Toughness, Firearms, Intimidation, Persuasion).
Ex-Pinkerton (Ex-Police Officer. Awareness, Streetwise, Firearms, Toughness).
Business Entrepreneur (Business Entrepreneur. Business, Contacts, Persuasion, Leadership).
The Suffragette (Union Organizer. Persuasion, Toughness, Leadership, Intimidation).
Burlesque Dancer (Political Bagman. Contacts, Persuasion, Toughness, Streetwise).


Both sound really cool with black widow a close third.:grin:


Union organizer is my shared second place with political bagman background-wise and it does seem to have the coolest female counterpart and I have no doubt that the journey from suffragette to mob boss will be interesting to see. The Unions of the time were already more connected with organized crime, but the suffragettes, if I recall correctly, tended to be some of the most vocal opponents of “saloon culture” and therefore strong supporters of prohibition.

That really is a very different take on the concept compared to the college kid and would no doubt require much additional effort on your part since between the two almost nothing would overlap. As the exact male opposite of the female grifter would not be the male college kid but a very smart male con-artist, like Neal Caffrey of White Collar fame (who is of course played by the supremely cute Matt Bomer. :heart_eyes: )
It is also interesting that in opposition to most of the other options it is the female background that is far less, respectable, decent and law-abiding in this instance, where in most others the reverse seems to be true.

All in all @Vendetta really didn’t choose the easy way out here as there seems to be very little overlap, except for stats between the narrative and flavour of many of the backgrounds with their female counterparts.


Oooh yeah! Didn’t women’s suffrage actually have a lot to do with prohibition of alcohol actually getting passed? That really could be to see the transition from ally of the temperance movement to gangster.
Ooh or it could be completely cynical. Helping to outlaw alcohol just to make more money selling it illegally.

Is it too late to change my list of favorite backstories?


Well, since the new public demo isn’t even available yet…probably not.
That said I think my fave will still be the college kid, since I don’t really play female characters, except perhaps for testing purposes.

This is no doubt true, however I do recall that many if not most suffragettes used to be opposed to what was then called “saloon culture” and therefore proponents of stricter regulation of alcohol. This again doesn’t mean that they were all teetotalers themselves and it is often overlooked just how badly drafted or draconian the Volstead Act was as enabling legislation of the 18th amendment as the enabling regulation seems to have went far above and beyond what the amendment called for.
Indeed one of my old comparative law professors used to argue that what many big proponents of the 18th amendment envisioned was probably more akin to the modern, Scandinavian regulation of alcohol (sales) for wine and beer and a true prohibition only for “hard liquors”. what they got with the Volstead Act, under the influence of Wayne Wheeler of the anti-saloon league and his more radical stance was completely different.
As an aside I don’t think even a more modest enabling legislation would ultimately have made the US 18th Amendment successful in the long run.

Also while women played a large role in getting prohibition off the ground in the first place they also played a similarly large role in its repeal through organizations such as The Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform and various other pressure groups made up of and, in contrast to the anti-saloon league, led by women too.


I am glad to see Suffragette get love.

Teetotalers are those that were key in getting Prohibition passed. While some were both Suffragettes and Teetotalers others were not, especially in the cities and urban centers.

This is where a name used in one era has meaning that changes over time. The “Saloon Culture” is the era-correct term for the Old-Boy’s Club and the fact that these saloons were seen as gathering places for men and men only. You are conflating the idea that to be a Suffragette and against male-privilege, you must be anti-alcohol in this period.


even I prefer one of thoses two become the first one to get a upgraded especially the political bagman since that one is my favorite background (while the black hand member is my second one ) and if you make the rights decisions you can make him a little more smart ( not like the collegue student but still a fairly one )…and honestly being with the black hand is the only way I could defeat big Jim ( and that give him one or two good points with me :blush:)


Yes, and working class women used to be opposed to it because they were hoping that they too would be better off with their men sober and hopefully spending less time and money they mostly didn’t have in the first place in bars. Of course those hopes too proved in vain with prohibition. And neither working class women nor their menfolk were anywhere near the wasp-y “old boys” clubs. Some however were suffragettes.

Hey! A rare one for whom political bagman is top choice, Vendetta will be pleased no doubt. Mine will forever remain the college kid. While the others may not be dumb I especially like the added erudition of the college kid and none of the other backgrounds have the book-smarts, as opposed to streets smarts and auto-didactic teaching to really pull of the kind of suave, sophisticated criminal I would most love to play.
So, yeah, I’m still hoping college kid upgrade will be the first DLC, whereas I probably wouldn’t plonk down additional dough for a Black Hand upgrade.:persevere:
Very much in keeping with the role it seems like the political bagman may be the compromise choice acceptable to just about everybody. :wink:


I am sorry but you need to stop conflating Suffrage and Temperance. At least here in America.

Wayne Wheeler and his anti-saloon league - which eventually overshadowed the older Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and the Prohibition Party were mainly concerned with alcohol.

While the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union had suffrage as a cause, it was more of a result of their focus on the personal and moral supremacy of women. They argued that women, being the morally superior sex, needed the vote in order to act as “citizen-mothers” and protect their homes and cure society’s ills.

The suffrage movement in the United States dates back to the mid-1800’s and predates the Woman’s Christain Temperance Union. Various efforts were formed separately and independently and prior to the WCTU being formed including competing organizations by Susan B Anthony and Lucy Stone.

What the WCTU provided was a more traditional organization that seen as less militant and less controversial, so many suffragettes did join it. Nevertheless, suffrage was not its main focus.

So again, you need to stop conflating the two.


if you put it in that way sound indeed interesting the collegue student background ( I always imagined the political bagman like the sort of sophisticated criminal that on outside is kind and smart but in the end it could destroy you with a few call and a goods words :face_with_monocle: ( and is one of the few background who is more “Jack in all trades” with the potencial to exceed in something :sunglasses:)

pd: that is good to hear! then @Vendetta could give it the first or second upgraded


Although I haven’t been on this form for awhile, one of the first demos I tried from Dashingdon was you game, I’m glad to see you’re back @Vendetta.
I actually had a suggestion regarding the Veteran WW1 MC, which was if they could carry a Trench Knife as a souvenir or memento of their service, like the mark I that had brass knuckles, I would love to “introduce” them to certain individuals


As a political bagman I need to dig up some dirt on @Vendetta to blackmail him into making political bagman top of the list :wink:


By your own statement many prominent suffragettes of the era made that one complicated, particularly for someone drawing solely on his high school knowledge of US history. But your point is taken, nevertheless going from potentially prohibition supporting suffragette to mob boss will be an interesting journey.

I tend to see the political bagman as clever, cunning and charismatic, but not very erudite. Very high on street-smarts coupled with a good set of brains and much auto didactic learning (mostly centered around psychology and the political process) but not having enjoyed much formal education.


A misterious guy give him a letter


I will be quick.
It appears that you and I have some…similars objectives regarding the future of this great background so…if you ever need help with that dirty work of yours,don’t doubt in call me
-A bagman companion as well


Good to see you again can’t wait for the new public release


Having only recently (August, 1920) won the right to vote just before the game’s start date (February, 1921), it seemed entirely appropriate to include a strong-willed representative of the movement! It will of course be down to the player themselves to determine if their character is also aligned with the Anti-Saloon / Temperance League (bearing in mind she can simply sell the Poolroom to Salvatore Panzarelli rather than be party to supplying alcohol herself, and also thereafter on principle entirely avoid / be opposed to the wider bootlegging racket in its various forms). Or…

I like that. :wink:

It applies to a lot of them, yes, and quite deliberately so – I’ve definitely got one eye on the whole ‘Primary’ concept here, so if or when we get to pursue that whole idea more fully, we can have very different stories for each.

In which case you’ll be delighted to know this is now the case! Boardwalk Empire and Jimmy Darmody being the obvious influence there… :wink:

Hah! I’m squeaky-clean… well, almost! :fearful:

My thanks to @Eiwynn for the suggestion & facilitation in adding the female roles / backgrounds to the Game FAQ section in the opening post above. I’ve also now added the current Option description for each, should you be curious to see what these are.


@Vendetta if we create our own mob we could convert/take the hellion as part of our gang or at least make them some sort of sub-gang/family?


I usually play as a vain dandy that’s always impeccably groomed, bejeweled and attired and that’s always going to be my “main” play-through but one of the Facebook posts mentioned the possibility of playing as a penniless bum from start to finish.

And I’m now weirdly excited to flip that around entirely just once and roleplay as some scruffy, mentally unstable war veteran that relentlessly and obsessively pursues Gina’s murderer, rarely, if ever bathes, never aspires to move out of his squalid, cockroach infested tenement, never buys anything except weapons and has a rotgut stained rat’s nest growing from his face. While shooting up and brawling with pretty much half of Hell’s Kitchen.

I’m a romantic at heart.