Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



No, they just want something good to happen in the end for our bad guy MC. There’s a reason why Godfather did not end on happy notes. Also disclaimer, aside from reading the prequel book and playing one of the video games, I have never read or watched any of the movies, so feel free to enlighten me.


Well, I for one plan to have my MCs continue their lives of crime, so you’re not alone there.

I’ve only watched the middle of the second movie :sweat_smile:, but I’ll probably get around to reading the novel since I liked the one Puzo wrote about the Borgias. The fact that this game will contain references to it is further motivation to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:


actually I would prefer to call them “neutral” endings in goodfather serie. In the movies almost all the endings are bad, but if you only use the one in the book then it’s a more “happy” ending



Well the problem with that for my college boy would be that his rackets go hand-in-hand with his more legitimate businesses as a seamless whole and neither part functions optimally without the other. His legitimate businesses would be subject to too much (dis)honest competition. Particularly the dishonest competition as giving up on black or grey business and trying to occupy the moral high-ground simply means less scrupulous competitors will take everything. Meanwhile relying on just his rackets would make him susceptible to the same kind of IRS “unexplained income” kind of takedown that broke mr. Capone.


Me here happily loving being morally grey…doing bad things for the right reasons. Blowing up buildings, but saving the kittens in those buildings, and starting a kitten sanctuary where all the gang members with ptsd can come and pet cats on Sundays. XD


Would definetly join this Mafia tbh


I want something good to happen to my MC too, but not in the sense that he goes clean and such. If a sequel happens (I so hope it does), I would want there to be an ending where after consolidating my enormous mafia empire, I get to retire and live out the rest of my life in peace, completely untouchable by the law and simply too honored and powerful to be assassinated and die of natural causes.

But then again, that sounds boring. I would also take the option to go out in a blast of glory during an all out military ambush in a gunfight that would go down in the history books as the greatest middle-finger to law and order.


Sound like the kind of perfect ending my mc would want at the end of the possible Vendetta: Rise of a godfather, sequel. :wink:


I dunno about the peaceful ending.

I’d rather have the Al Pacino’s Scarface ending. That and the “meet my little friend” moment would be a bonus for me.


where I do have to sign/beat to be in that organization?

and the part when you are killed for the back like a douche count like a bonus too?


Could it be possible that the protagonist is a “special agent” sent by the law enforcement agency to infiltrate the underworld , and when he/she succeed in eliminating all other competitions… the protagonist will then turn everyone in the crime organisation to the authority in one co-ordinate “trap”, for example requesting every followers or tribe leaders to attend a meeting unarmed , where the police will seize everyone in one raid … :slight_smile:

Well this ending is more unconventional as compare with the standard good guys/bad guys outcome … betraying those brothers/sisters who loyal to you all these years is a Sin, but you are also a “Hero” among common folks or the authority , so the inner conflict of the protagonist may be intriguing :slight_smile:


Sad to say, I haven’t – I probably should add it to my collection, although these days it seems the only time I get to read anything is when I’m soaking in the tub! (Sorry, probably not a mental image I should be inflicting on you guys :smiley: ).

Mostly, yes, but significant chunks of the novel never made it into movie. Besides, many great books are turned into lousy movies – thankfully not the case with The Godfather, of course.

I do seem to spend a lot of time in “wishful thinking” territory, don’t I? :slight_smile:

A trilogy was the original (if quite vague) idea, yes – with Rise of a Gangster followed by Rise of a Mob Boss and ending with Rise of a Godfather – and it’s still something I can see myself actually heading towards so long as I have the means and ability to do so, if only because it would be some sort of crowning achievement on an otherwise fairly ordinary and mundane life…Much will of course depend on the success (or not) of the Gangster release, which will also determine whether or not we can pursue the whole ‘Primary’ background expansions idea…Suffice it to say, it’s all up in the air at the moment!

Hah – I actually had to go read through a bunch of stuff to see if I’ve been making the same mistake as I did with the male protagonist at the very start… [ breathes a huge sigh of relief ]. It seems the closest I’ve gotten to indicating a physical description is to occasionally refer to our girl as “lithe”, which I suppose could be taken to mean tall, but I leave it to your imagination whether it also means athletic, graceful or simply a lack of proper nourishment. :wink:

Aww, shucks, you’ve just ruined my fantasy! :couplekiss_man_woman:

Seriously though, I am trying very hard not to impose some sort of stereotypical image on our female protagonist, precisely because I do agree with everything you said there, and especially because I failed so miserably in binding our “tall and handsome” male protagonist to his role – not that I expect there to be too many complaints on that particular score, of course…

She’s very much a “modern girl” of the Roaring Twenties, though. No escaping that. :smiley:

Pretty much why we’ve ended up where we are with the male protagonist, I must admit. Perhaps not the best approach, in hindsight, but maybe not such a bad thing in this case.

LOL. Thoughtless wording. Straight as in no longer criminally-inclined, of course. :slight_smile:

Absolutely not, if the Black Widow’s popularity is anything to go by!

Oddly enough, I really enjoyed Laurence Fishburne’s depiction / role in Deep Cover, and while it’s a little too late now to do something like this in the main story itself, the idea definitely appeals. There’s a possibility of maybe including something along these lines as a major story branch in one of the Primary role expansions, if I do get to write at least one or two more of those after the main game is released. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


That will be awesome if there is such story plot… former crime Lord is actually a government agent… wow!!! I am sure protagonist will be the most famous person in the world :wink:


I wouldn’t recommend that…the exact same thing happened in Life of a Mobster. The “betray your friends” ending, that is. You’re already going to get comparisons to Rise of a Mobster as it is.


Hmm…what if we never consider them as friends? The title is Vendetta right? It could be a self righteous vendetta against the underworld where protagonist is aiming to destroy the underworld from the inside … as an act of vengeance for a childhood friend who die at the hand of a gangster…
So we can change the motto into " I never betray you all, It is my personal Vendetta" :slight_smile:


I am down for turning government agent! I wonder what role would be best… Maybe soldier or politician is the best storyline? Maybe for politician you decide to do it on your own initiative to further your political career as the person who brought down the mob?


For solider the Goverment could be all “Your country needs you son…”


I think there was a government special ops team called the Untouchables during that era right?


@Vendetta don’t worry If I notice that somehow you have slipped into stereotypes I will remember you this conversation :wink: Don’t worry you will have tons of testers from many backgrounds and perspectives so You’ll be fine. If not you simply could options to selection of clothing in certain important moments or something like that lol.


Ya although they did not really do undercover work if I remember correctly. They were just more of a detective/investigative unit.