Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Possibly dumb question here, but would it be possible for the MC to go straight? Like, say, avoid crime, get a regular job, things like that?


I do not remember where I had read the answer but I do believe you will eventually get the chance to pursue such a goal.


We need a short pride movement! :grin:

I was mostly just teasing @Vendetta, as well as raising a brow at the game assuming the MC was “tall”. I wasn’t asking for any acknowledgement for shortness.



Meanwhile I am trying to code a system with 6 physical builts that not only affect combat ,it affects romance too With a scene like Sorry Kiddo I am not in romance meat balls…

@Vendetta Is clearly more intelligent than me. Lol Vendetta Not trying to code physical built . Is not worth it. :slight_smile: :wink:


Inventory: Rise of a Store Manager

I’d buy it.


In terms of possible ROs, there’s a straight male and a lesbian unique to the Nurse’s story, a straight female unique to the Soldier’s story, and a bi male who features in both (although far less in the Nurse story, and the RO option there really just helps to balance things out overall).

That is the intention, yes – if we do manage to go down the route of expanded Primary stories for more of the backgrounds (remains to be seen, but we can hope!). These stories are intended to be very character-driven, so new & expanded romance possibilities would be a huge part of that.

Adamo may have set the bar too high, but time will tell… :wink:

It’s definitely an intriguing concept, I must admit. I find my thoughts wandering in that direction during my (rare!) idle moments as it would be a great way to “round things off” with a final, all-pervading update impacting every branch / background / NPC character / Primary story. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but never say never. :smiley:

As @Writing_Fever mentions, the new Public Demo is still in the ‘Alpha’ stage and not yet available. The original plan was to have it out by the end of this month but with all the unanticipated (and mostly unwelcome) demands on my spare time over the past few weeks, I’ve fallen embarrassingly behind on my planned schedule. Sorry guys, just not enough hours in a day. :frowning:

No gangster game is complete without a Luca… Mario Puzo would spin in his grave!

He featured a little more prominently in novel, though. As good as the first movie was, I actually prefer the book! (Yeah, I’m strange like that. :smiley: )

[ checks out the mirror, wearing his rose-tinted spectacles ]

Nothing whatsoever!

The very reason why I’ve decided not to head down this route, after all. Doing it properly (and also entirely optional, as an overall setting) is a different matter, of course, but the sheer amount of effort it would require at this stage – as opposed to something included from the initial conception – makes it extremely prohibitive.

There is some ethnic diversity possible in your gang’s lineup as a result of particular story branches (and also one particular Free Time task), but given the game’s era and setting, it’s fair to say this can cause some… problems along the way – at least initially. For example, Louis Campanini despises the Polish for personal reasons, so if or when you recruit a particular Pole into the organization, he finds himself the target of Louis’ sharp wit – e.g. his favorite joke being the one about the “dumb polack” robber who tied up the safe and blew the bank guard…

The way things work now (as opposed to the much more restrictive older version) is that potential gang members come in all shapes and sizes, and while they have an initial role in the gang based on the precise circumstances of their initial hiring, you decide the future part each plays based on your own preferences and what role you feel each is most suitable for… Finding the best fit for each can be a distinct advantage in certain ways.

It is indeed now a possible main Game Ending. It wasn’t originally, to be fair, but so many people seemed to enjoy playing a basically “good guy in bad situation” that I felt it should at least be possible to eventually take that to its inevitable conclusion. But a regular job? No. A straight businessman / woman, yes. :wink:

Where’s my banner? Sign me up!

While I suspect that somewhere at the back of my mind this was 5’8" me writing the original MC from very much my own preferences / in-character imagination (knowing no better in 2011 /2012 - and now we’re stuck with it!), on reflection it’s not something I would necessarily change even if I easily could. Glancing back over much of the stuff I’ve since written, that height difference / impression comes across in much of the actual narrative, and more so the deeper we head into the story – especially in terms of describing ‘intimate’ scenes, romantic or otherwise…

I guess it will just have to stand… tall. :slight_smile:

I feel for you! I think I’ll take your advice and avoid the pain… :smiley:

Hmm… now there’s an idea… Franchise, anyone? :innocent:


Glad to hear that in the end it is possible to go legit! I tend to like to play good characters, or at least characters trying to do the right thing, so I am glad that is an option!


Three things to say; First, have you read The Family Corleone? Gives a good view of what happens to Luca where once, he could speak proper and then sadly became like a drone. Adding to that, wasn’t the movie based from the book? Second, Take as much time as you want, we will be waiting patiently. Thirdly, all this talk about about playing straight suddenly made me recall something, weren’t you planning this to be a trilogy of sorts and if so, is it still on the cards?

Right, that’s enough chatter from me (can’t compete with others like Elywinn, Poison Mara and idontlikeusernames when it comes to frequently posting here :cry:)


There’s a difference between a businessman and a criminal? :slight_smile:


This is a fictional place - remember :wink:


Course there is, one freely admits to being a crook, the other pretends that they are not…I’m gonna get in so much trouble for this :sweat:.


Does the female MC have a specific height, or is it left to the reader’s imagination in this case?


I think is left to imagination. @Vendetta please don’t make the machist assumption that all women is small busty and super feminine (or whatever that means. I never get it what That means.) We all don’t use lipsticks and we all don’t use stilletos …
I hate when all those games supposed I am in home dressed like a victoria secret model


Nah…he’ll have the ladies smoking and doing what ever they were dancing in the roaring twenties…now I’m really dead :skull:.


You mean Flappers?


In Spanish were called Modernas With the hair a lo garçon short dresses and smoking. And working like secretary or in phone calls company. They were considered positive in our republic and see them as a good thing… Sadly we suffered an asshole dictator that returned us back to medieval times.


Indeed, maybe whatever you create after Vendetta may benefit from such a system from the get-go.

In real life sign me up too, though you just know any short pride isn’t going to be filmed fairly by tall camera operators who will put the camera at a level that misses most participants.

Fortunately most of my mc’s are tall since vicarious is the only way I’m ever going to escape my own short stature.

Make that warehouse manager, brick and mortar is going the way of the Dodo, or so futurists like to predict at least once a month on national tv.

You mean this isn’t an ending reserved exclusively for “straight” mc’s? :astonished:
the other implication would be Pence’s gay cure, but that one is just too disturbing for a game ending. :fearful:

It is now possible in the US since money=speech and that “speech” that speech is then used to persuade your politicians to write the right laws and have the right enforcement priorities and it is by far the most persuasive speech that drowns out all of that old-fashioned speech that isn’t green or comes with patriotic pictures of founding father Benjamin Franklin :unamused: . Your businessmen and women have finally realized the perfect crime, they are now totally “legitimate”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m glad to hear that; I imagine my College Graduate MC would want to avoid crime and go straight.


Am I the only one who actually who wants to remain sort of the bad guy? Disclaimer; this coming from the guy who always wants to be good and even played as such in a similar mobster game which now I’ll stopping about before I really sign my death warrant. (My god, what is wrong with me today?)

Seriously though, come on guys, you know the saying “Crime does pay :moneybag:.”


I think most people want to be a bad guy in Vendetta. If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t play a game called Rise of a Gangster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: