Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



I’m just curious - does your “mind’s eye” do this for all the interesting well written characters or only the guys?

My mind’s eye does it for most all characters and if subsequent art (ie from later editions or paperback cover-art) shows the characters different, I sometimes get disappointed and lose some of my initial connection.

I was just wondering if it was the same or different for you.


All characters but it has a decidedly more limited variance for the women, which makes sense because my mind probably has way more images of cute or even normal guys stored in it then it retains of women.
It casts an embarrassing number of women roles with the girls and women I know in real life, whereas for the men this is much less true.


An MC that’s very obviously Sicilian might not stand out too much with the Irish. My Irish grandfather for example was dark skinned (by mid 20th century rural Irish/English standards, anyway) with black curly hair (before it was lost to baldness) as was most of his family and a few of his descendants. It’s not an uncommon complexion for Irish people, we’re not all freckled redheads and ivory skinned blondes :wink:


I love you too @Eiwynn lol. Always is clear than the ro is nor a real fox or a real deer all we great in description :wink:


Thanks guys, good points, and all very useful stuff to bear in mind.

Heh, true enough. Problem is, I suspect that if the RPGers waded in and swamped the poll just because, knowing me I’d then feel obligated to act on that regardless of the extra time it would take, just because:smiley:

Fair point – and under the circumstances, probably the most important one right now. I’m not sure I could justify the inclusion, given the time it would take to do it properly (as opposed to just paying lip service to the whole idea, which is definitely not something I want to do).

All considered, as intrigued as I am by the idea of Mara having my babies (checking out the mirror, I seem to vaguely fit her “ideal man” criteria–albeit one a little long in the tooth these days!) I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on that delightful prospect until a much later update in the dim & distant future. :cry:

I want that T-shirt.

Mariella is the young lady rescued after the bombing, along with her grandfather (who owns the place). Both her and her twin brother, Gavino, are possible ROs for a male protagonist but neither are for a female MC (she has other options instead).

Hmm. The only ones which wouldn’t spoil the plot in some way have already been mentioned somewhere up above – namely Rosie and Monique for a lesbian / bi, and Nick and Furio for a straight / bi. It goes without saying that things do balance out at the end of the day though… and it also wouldn’t hurt to add that each of the Primary backgrounds (Nurse and Soldier respectively to start with) also have at least one extra RO possibility.

We’re up around fifteen in total (i.e. various orientations) at the moment, although it would be fair to say some of these relationships may be especially short-lived… (hence later options!).


Run @Vendetta @Eiwynn has powers and could make appear like half animals half gangsters in Vendetta. However i agree with her too much effort due mostly of public will be teens that oh gangsters Boom Thomson pun pun :gun: Oh where are the images? Why is all so full of letters? This is a book?

No offense to any of us i forum, we are all here because we love reading and role-playing. But most people on app stores aren’t readers and giving them to much info could confused them so a easy description with less customization has more sense and is practical.

Still I as role player would create mental canon in full detail


While I applaud your ambition, I’m slightly concerned with, I think, having a bit too much ROs, namely because of having a lot more work for you. I mean, it’s up to you and I’m not trying to dissuade you or anything, just throwing my two cents is all.


Any Godfather refrences or possible influences?


There is a pretty obvious Godfather reference. When you choose your last name, one of the options is Corleone.

Edited: Bonus reference if you pick Vito, Sonny or Michael as the first name lol


Which is why I always name my character Michael Corleone. Also partly because of my first name :grin:.


I’m glad you think so too. :slight_smile:

The extra NPCs in the expanded ‘Primary’ stories are integral to those particular plots, helping to actually drive things along, with the romantic possibility seeming a completely natural side of that (i.e. those characters figure to the extent where, if no romance were actually possible, it would certainly have done more than raised a few eyebrows… It would, in short, have appeared to be a glaring omission).

As for the total number, exceptionally high though it is, it’s determined by the number of ROs that were already available to the male protagonist… Naturally, I had to add the same number for our female MC. I did however cheat a little, by making one or two more potentially bisexual than was originally intended – but only where I was able to convince myself that it was at least viable for that particular character!

Just one or two… [ cough ] :wink:


Does that mean one for each background as in one for the nurse and one for the soldier or are they shared between them?
Is it also something that is going to be featured with every background that may get an upgrade to primary, cause it is hard to see someone more perfect for my college boy then our super cute young Adamo. :couplekiss_man_man:

Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t love it provided it was done well but Vendetta the base game really doesn’t need it. If it becomes wildly successful enough that you might want to make it into a DLC well it is one that I would definitely buy.


can you link the update. demo because. i can’t play it on dashboard


I don’t think the new demo is ready, or at least isn’t public, yet. If you mean the original demo, then it might be an issue with your computer or phone, because it is working fine for me.


cross my fingers

my own Luca Brasi please let me have my own Luca brasi


I’m actually sure the dude who played Luca was a real life mobster from what I’ve heard. But yes, our own Luca would be amazing!

Edited: Just googled him and he was an enforcer… Yikes.


Dude had 2 minutes of screen time before he slept with the fishes…


Bah. What’s wrong with short and handsome? :rage:


While NPC’s are less compelling and just don’t feel as real to me if they’re missing descriptive detail (coughBredencough), I’m perfectly fine with the physical attributes of the MC staying vague. In fact, having to click a dozen different choice boxes selecting various traits that have zero influence on the game is pure drudgery as far as I’m concerned, and kills the replay value for me if it’s unavoidable every single time I play.


That’s still short I like to vicariously escape that real-life condition in my role-playing games. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well that’s the price you pay if you want to game to acknowledge your mc as being short. Or if I want the game to differentiate between my more hunky and pretty boy mc’s for that matter.
I do agree that if we are going to set a dozen appearance traits for our mc’s the system needs to be done well and have some relevance. Since Vendetta is already big and feature-packed as it is and not primarily a romance game I don’t think such a system is worth the additional work writing and coding for it to do it properly would involve.


Hey @Vendetta I was just replaying the demo again and reading the thread and I had a question about the possible make up of your gangs membership and whether or not it will comprise Italians only or whether or not we will be able to recruit Irish or African Americans into our gang. I am aware that gangs of this time period were almost entirely composed of same racial and ethnic backgrounds but I could see a MC of the Labor organizer and College Student backgrounds being more inclined to be open to diversity. The follow up question is in response to one asked by @Jesus in that what type of enforcer would we be able to have for our organization as the most common type of enforcer in the twenties was of the musclebound bruiser variety of muscle as opposed to the quite but deadly variety common in cinema today. I’ve got to say personally I’m a bit of a nostalgic in my tastes of mobster fiction and I’d be like @Jesus and go for a Luca like bruiser personally. I might have already asked this question before and if so I apologize and simply wish that you keep up the great work as this is a brilliant game so far with only further room for improvement