Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



The reason i go to Chuck is that in role-playing my character is hungry and it sounds like the more possible


I head home because:

  1. My main MC (College Graduate) doesn’t do well, to put it nicely, on the diner or bar path.
  2. The MC earns more that way. 1200 for spying for the Irish guy, plus the money from the robbery with Dino is more than you can get from the diner path (you get better guns, but those aren’t very useful to my MC). I’m not sure about the bar path, but the jobs it offers would probably go the same way as the diner job.


Funny, I chose the dinner, the first time I ever played this, for that same reason. With that said, @Vendetta, I know it’s a long shot, but I remember back in the old game, you could do a mission for an Irish-American, but that depended on whether or not you did the mission for Vinnie. Just for confirmation, you won’t be able to do it if you do Vinnie’s job? (Strangely, I feel like I should have MC try and play both sides. Also, I’ve been AWOL for the last 2 weeks, so been missing out on some stuff which I wish I hadn’t).


Chuck’s is a bar though, not a diner.


Precisely the sort of thing I’m hoping to balance a little better, so it’s not always such a cut-and-dried choice for particular backgrounds… :wink:

To be fair, each route option mentions food of one sort or another, so it’s great to see that simple ‘roleplaying’ can influence decisions in this way.

That remains the case – if you do the job driving for Vinnie Mangano, and thereby violently encounter the Irish docklands gang, you don’t hang around in McMullen’s gambling den once you realize that it’s one of their places…

In effect, you can play both sides against each other to your own ends, but only if you first work for the Irish gang before doing anything for the Ginelli mob.


I never got to the end of that maze, even when using the Paroled Convict… PTSD flashbacks commence.


One thing with Mangano’s gang is that it’s generally superior if you can pull it off. $1200 and paired pistols.

That said, my college grad is goin’ home.


There is food in the option. And is a cultural thing. In Spanish and Italian tradition Bars have food In fact here there’s not dinners as concept. You go to a bar or a restaurant to eat. Many times the bar a d restaurant are same here. (even if normally restaurants are more expensive and fancy) So for me chuck has more sense


I tend to prefer the Dino and gang route but that is simply because it is the path most suited to all of my preferred mc backgrounds, college boy, political bagman and union organizer.
For my main mc the role-playing reason is that he desperately wants to be alone in order to think things over as that’s how he operates and it is difficult to reflect and concentrate with either uncle Chuck hovering over him or in a crowded and rowdy bar.

I hated, loathed and despised that friggin’ maze…guess that’s the drawback of playing a non-combat oriented mc, eh? :sweat:


That’s not an imp. That’s an angel.

I hated the maze, but someone able to handle said maze should be rewarded for it!


Ok, we may need to do a poll about, on a scale of one to ten, how many people like the maze. Honestly, I’m 50:50 with it, besides, if I am correct in remembering the ‘good ending’ still had you encountering another pair of guys. So it still wasn’t a win-win situation.


I chose to head to the diner to get tons of money, guns and an in with the Ginellis who I plan to join.


"Even today, three years later, your whole time in the army is pretty much still a blur. You can remember rain, mud and blood, and being dog-tired, cold and hungry almost all the time, but not much more than that. They pinned a medal on you for something heroic, and you have a jagged scar along your left temple from a wound suffered on your last day there, but the details of what you did or how you were injured are both very fuzzy.

Some nights, you wake up screaming. Perhaps it’s for the best, not being able to remember."

I assume that in the new demo with the upgrade to primary background this blurb will be gone for something more fleshed out? I admit I am curious how our young vet got his medal and that scar.

Also surprised that on the vet background if you choose to turn Shaunessy’s tavern into a killing field it doesn’t even make the news we read at the barbershop as it has way more action for the news reporters to well…report on compared to the Pelican club story that makes the current headlines.


I wasn’t around to see that, but since I have spatial stupidity rather than spatial intelligence, it’s safe to say I’ll be skipping it. (Also, the name, combined with some people’s reactions, unnerves me.) :sweat_smile:


I always go to see the uncle. For the money.


Of the four characters I usually play:

Union organizer and college student go to Chuck’s

Street gang leader and Business Entrepreneur go to Ma Gioverdi’s

I prefer to go to Chuck’s I like to help out Captain Jack “O’ the good ship Marleybone”. Though meeting with Vinnie Mangano is a close second favorite. I like Dino but just being a burglar feels like setting my sights a bit too low. Chuck, Jack, and Vinnie are fairly important contacts to have.

Plus a college student who teams up with Captain Jack is basically Mafia Tintin and that’s too fun to pass up.


You have single-handedly made my day with that mental image.


for my political bagman I choose Dino crew and for my black hand member I choose Mangano meeting.

now in a more pragmatic view I prefer Dino path, you have more money booth in the heist with them and spying for the irish that with the others paths ( although in mangano path they give you a fair reward and a badass pistols). I prefer the money and the possibility to start a new gang instead of start in other one


Is this all in the old demo or am missing something


@Damean_WightFlame Yep, it’s from the old demo. You can play it by googling Dashingdon Vendetta.