Venatici House (WIP) (Demo Released 11/8/20)

Asian teen girls with long hair you mean? 'Cause I had no problem cutting my own hair when I had long hair (shoulder length ~ bob cut). I was talking about guys and the rare girls with short hair.

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I was also talking about the girls with short hair. They really have no problems cutting it. :sweat_smile: My friends do it a lot, I am honestly impressed. :joy: In general, of course.

What is this magic that they perform and how can I learn it


Confidence, my friend. :joy: Let’s stop talking about hair and get back to the demo. :sweat_smile:

Played the demo and I’m loving it. I already love Gil and Eddie! (As someone that watched pandora hearts in Japanese I always pronounced it as gill lol).

I checked out your Tumblr and the picrews are really cute, good for references too.

Also, that potential RO called Lemon Sorbet. I laughed but I like the name so I’m looking forward to meet him😂 (also hoping he really becomes an RO).

I definitely like the power of MC, well done and the consequences feel real. Gil is shady as fuck (first thought was he’s with those guild raiders lol) but I like him a lot so I give him the benefit of the doubt xD

Otto is an interesting name for a woman. But as someone that kinda grew up with Lady Oscar (tho I was waaaay too young to really remember anything but the opening song) I totally understand the appeal of a traditional male’s name for a woman🤣

Enough rambling, I’m looking forward to more!


I usually don’t fall for boys that easily, especially the extroverted ones…

But Gil...


I’m so worried about the gun tho, omg, I hope it’s nothing too bad.

I really like it so far! Lots of options with different dialogues/responses for each of them. I tried all the options of meals when Gil asks us what we’d like to have for dinner :stuck_out_tongue: as well lots of answers when Gil asks us if we like music.

I just wanted to ask tho… Umm, like, we can pick Eddie’s gender already, so… Would I be asking too much for you to add an option for them being non-binary? Or maybe the RO we’re not meeting in this book? t’s just, I don’t know, I feel so alone when my MC is the only nb person in a game… :worried:

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@rkgk Glad you’re liking it! It’s highly likely he will be one, seeing that people are liking him so far. Gil definitely seems shady at first lmao, and I don’t blame you for thinking that (i’d say more on the guild raiders but that’d be spoilers haha)
Thank you! I just really like it lol (but there is a bit more to it too though I suppose, thinking about her backstory :slight_smile: )

@Nael I’m happy to hear you tried out the different options! That conversation was hellish to code lol. Also, I totally hear you. I don’t think I’ll add an option for Eddie to be non-binary, but I’ll add an option for the RO in the next book to be non-binary!


This is really interesting and I’m super interested in the incident of Eddie and of Gil. I’m looking forward to an update and I really like the way you write.


I have so many questions! Lol. I like how several characters/situations have an air of mystery around them.

For example, initially I suspected the “incident” was about MC accidentally killing someone, but given how MC can choose to react when they learn their roommate killed someone, I’m assuming that’s not the case (if it is, that would seem very hypocritical lol). So now I’m left trying to guess what the power of … seduction? Idk lol could have led to. Enough to drive someone crazy, maybe?

Meanwhile, Gil is barely around unless he’s making MC food or storing guns, apparently which makes me wonder not only what happened before, but what he’s up to now!

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sees guitar case
Me: hey I’ve seen this one before.
Also me: hmm powers? There can’t be that powerful right? Sees time traveler and actual inmortal. O.o

Oh and this book is quite cool and kinda funny so I liked it.


Very fascinating! Can’t wait for more ^-^

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I’m guessing the powers ended up turning someone so nuts Eddie got attacked and ended up in coma? Regardless if they were dating MC or not

I’m eager to see more :joy: Man I feel naked without personality stats haha


It was so good it really has potential can’t wait for the other chapter :heart:


ahahah imagine not knowing if any relationship that you’ve ever built has been genuine ahhahaha
this makes me sad
i want to read more


I already loved it from your introduction on top but damn I loved in more by actually playing the demo, can not wait to see what is in store for the future


Very interesting concept - I’m really curious as to where it’ll go from now on.

I really like MC’s power, it’s so unique, especially with the fact they don’t have control over it as it is. Such an OP thing that’s an actual curse as it is. Especially since I selected the lovers option for Eddie, which makes it sting A LOT. It was very clever to make players choose that before revealing MC’s power. That way, when reading, players also take that “blow” when they think about the relationship.

I didn’t spot any typos or coding errors or anything like that, but I’ll admit at some point, I felt like more options could be added to choices, or variables to the narration depending on previous choices. I’ll just list them in case you’d be interested in one or more of them! Keep in mind only the last one truly bothered me though!

During hair lenght selection for the MC:

Well, this isn’t an actual issue with the options offered or anything, but… while the way the choice is presented is interesting, shouldn’t it be the opposite?
As it is, the shorter the MC’s hair is, the easier the task of cutting their own hair is. But it doesn’t make much sense to me? The longer the hair, the better you can actually see what you’re doing and cut it right. When it’s short, it’s almost impossible to do it correctly. Except when it’s shaved very very short of course, but that’s not the same as having it merely short or medium.

During orientation:

When the person speaking starts about Travellers and expeditions, it goes to that - “Boring. You’re not even here to become a Traveller, you just need to learn how to handle your stupid ability.”
But if the MC is very adventurous (if the player selected the option that they wanted to be a Traveler in the past), it would make sense for that text to be a bit different? Something like the fact despite not wanting that anymore, they still couldn’t help but listen to parts of the speech or something like that.

When talking about music with Gil:

If selecting that MC listens to songs from OSTs, Gil says “I take it you like movies then? Or are you more of a TV shows or cartoons person?”
Then you can pick one. But how come there’s no option to say “actually, it’s game OSTs?” - even if the question serves do determine another hobby, it doesn’t change the fact Gil asks as a follow up for the MC saying they like OSTs.

The last choice of the current demo:

If I’m to be honest, none of the reactions make sense to me, except for the one that is greyed out - being to ask calmly about what’s that about. The reaction that would make the most sense to me would be to ask nervoulsy about what’s happening. No weird panic while gripping the gun (like, that would be SERIOUSLY dangerous), no overboard drama, no exagerate denial. Just genuine nervousness and stress, and that’s it.
Heck, even anger would make more sense - as in, angrily asking “what’s that?!” - not my nº1 choice - I’d still go with subdued nervousness or going stiff from stress or something - but better than any of the ones offered AND avaible to my MC.

I think that’s it? Really, the three first points are me nitpicking though!

That aside, would it be possible to add physical descriptions of the ROs in the original post?
Oh and also, will we have male (or gender selectable) ROs from other worlds? I’m only interested in male characters and it’s a bit sad that the only RO (revealed to be) from another world is a gender-locked girl.


woah, I really love this. extremely interesting!

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So am I the only one that sees the resemblance to versatile mage and other manhuas

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Thank you for your comments! A few other people have mentioned the hair choice and I have planned to fix that haha. You raise a great point about the orientation, that actually makes a lot of sense and I’ll definitely implement that. With the game OSTs, I just completely forgot that could be an option too.

As for the last choice, I’m going to change the greyed out option to be available regardless of traits. This story is meant to be partly comedy, hence why the other options are so exaggerated, but I might add another less overboard reaction haha.

Also yes, I’ll add the RO physical descriptions! And there is a male RO from another world : )