Velos (WIP) - Demo Update on 8/29/21

Hello, everyone. I have not been active recently :persevere: due to university. But I’m back now and I have a new update.

Demo Update on 8/29/21

  • Current word count is now 91,959 (incl command lines) and 83,896 (excl command lines).

  • Optional classes are now available.

  • Explosions! …a pinch of chaos and a sprinkle of blood.

  • A call from the headmaster…?

  • New scenes with the love interests, or perhaps a simple friendly conversation.

  • Edited and removed some terms to ease reader’s playthrough.

I have received a decent amount of complaints (here and in tumblr) regarding the terms so I decided to remove those related with time and dates, however, the rest remains. Thank you for sharing your concerns, it’ll help me make Velos more comfortable for the players.

Please feel free to point out typos, pronoun errors, and bugs. If the game tells you you’ve met someone when you have not, if it tells you that you knew someone when you did not, if it tells you you’ve done something you did not, or perhaps you possess something you did not previously grab.

Demo on the first post. Have fun reading!


Me, expecting to fall in love with A after reading the RO description.

Also me, ready to propose💍 to J after a single conversation with them.

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It seems like I cant win against A in battle class without basing my stats depending on what kind of class I choosed if I focus on getting more than 50 intelligence stat so that I will be able to defuse the bombs myself without reporting it to the headmaster.

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@NecroSun Glad to know the ROs interest you proud creator noises :pleading_face: :sob:

@GliCurse Yep, there are some conditions in order for you to win in Battle Class. Don’t worry too much about losing though, it’s just the first day :smiley: But it wasn’t A you’re up against, it’s the other rude student Briyan/Briyana (tho Achaius is quite rude too cough)


I really hate to lose but its more important to stop the bombs from exploding without letting anyone know about the danger.


@CsN I suggest you hide the choices about the location of the bombs and about the thing in the library rather than greying the choices in your next update because you basically letting us know where to find the bombs

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Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, those are spoilers. I’ll hide them if conditions are not met in the next update. Perhaps, I’ll make an achievement regarding this too.

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@CsN I think it should be in stealth stat rather than agility stat because of the word “slip”.

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I had many dark joke about the “Do you descriminate people simply by their age?”

But I will simply say that child labor should not be illegal becouse that is decriminating against their age.


I didn’t think much of this line until this comment. Now this got me like :eye::lips::eye:

I mean, that phrase could be used by eager younger student/person that want to join the army becouse they think is cool/honorable/romantic to be enlisted in the army at young age.
But I didn’t really expected an old and venerable headmaster to say such thing.
Now I understand that this is a fantasy world in probably the medieval era, so age of conscription is lower that modern non fantasy world, but I guess that the school the MC attend is the equivalent of our college, so there could be students from 16 to 20 years old, less or more a normally draft age.

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Just wondering, but what difference does defusing the bombs make?

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Not much for the first few chapters, but once you decide to defuse the bomb, there will be two outcomes. You fail or you succeed. Either way, you’d get an early evidence of the bomber (the bomb shells and whatnots) and will have the opportunity to identify who is who and prevent further character deaths. Earlier than those who have not. Same goes to reporting it, it will give you events that differ from other routes. If you’re asking if it will prevent the explosions, then it will not. Only benefits identifying what sorcery is happening :joy:


I just want more to read of this project.

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Hello everyone.

I have not updated any content for now, just some grammar and typo corrections. However, I wanted to inform that I may not be updating for some time because of my studies. It might take a month or two, depending on the hell my university decides to give me. I have been working on a few scenes though, but the content is not yet ready to be publicized. Thus, I apologize if it is a letdown for those of you wanting more of the story.

I will still be active in the forums and tumblr though, unlike the last hiatus where I just became ghost. I will be replying to inquiries and all, just not updating the demo for some time.

Thank you :hugs:

Here’s a meme made by a friend of mine after simping on Achaius