Velos (WIP) - Demo Update on 2/20/21

The demo is very interesting! I hope there will be more updates soon. :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words and support. I can’t handle compliments. I’m diligently working on the demo and hopefully I’ll be able to post an update on the 20th of this month.


When I clicked the demo link it said it’s currently set to private. The concept sounds really interesting look forward to checking it out when it’s available

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Hello, I apologize for the trouble. I was (and am still) checking and proofreading different paths in the new update. And I was doing that through dashingdon due to the handy save system. I changed the link to private to prevent readers from playing a faulty demo :sweat_smile: (and also from reading the new updates before the announcement :eyes:)

I will change it back to public very soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, everyone. It’s been a while (not really :laughing:). Honestly, I planned to post an update on last Valentine’s day but procrastination got the best of me, as well as personal matters. However, I’m glad to present you an update entailing features below.

I have also made a tumblr for the dev blog of Velos, link on the first post. I’m quite new to the scene, but don’t hesitate to shoot out asks or complaints.

Demo Update on 2/20/21

  • Current word count is now 56,000 (incl command lines) and 50,000 (excl command lines).

  • Location 1 now available.

  • Meet up with the white haired student and demand his/her name! And meet a relative (perhaps) of his/hers.

  • A new romance option! Befriend, infuriate, or flirt with her.

  • Fourth class is now available. Meet a new professor.

  • Spy on fate, memories, and perspectives through your dreams. Go through your dorm mate’s room. :eyes:

  • Begin to discover a power, or two.

  • Investigate, inspect, or report! It might save you or others from future chaos :wink:

Demo on the first post. Have fun reading!


Yay, an update! I’ve been replaying it many times, taking a nap every period and dreaming about the different ROs. It was good!


Awesome, was waiting for it.! Calleome is so mysterious…, it makes me more curious about her.! An amusing interaction with her.I saw some grammar errors.Like in some sentences, pronouns of Calleome were changed like instead of she, it was ‘he’ and in one line, you forgot to wrote the word ‘hand’.I have attached screenshots for reference. Other than that, the shy girl is also a nice addition.Eager for next update :grin: :heart:!

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Might be just me, but the new words for plain things like years, months, weeks, days, night kind of confuses me. It doesn’t seem to be a specifically cultural thing, just word substitutions. Maybe it is, and it just hasn’t come up yet. But if it isn’t, I’m at a loss to what the point of it is?

An old fantasy setting may refer to years as winters (ex. “He is three winters older than me”) due to how overcoming winters may be a big thing in that era. A fantasy vehicle that bears resemblance to trams may be called something else. In a setting where night is an ordeal, perhaps run amok by demons or lasts an impressively long time, there may be an emphasis by naming it differently. Even in translation, directly translatable words are translated, but ones with deep cultural connotations are left untranslated. But if the concept is essentially the same as what we’re used to, it’d be like calling a pen a frindle for no reason, or leaving a word untranslated for no reason.

I could adapt with time if it weren’t for the italics automatically making me pay extra attention every time the words come up.

Eh, I’m probably honing into something most people aren’t bothered by. Just my thoughts though.


I think those words are linked to the two Gods because how important they are to the world’s lore and their significant effect to the story, maybe I’m wrong but surely we will welcome a solid chunk of lore for world building if the author don’t have any for them


is it possible for a “tanned skin” choice? somewhere between rosy and light brown.


@Sel_Lee Thanks for your feedback! I get a few complaints about the terms, but as @Manaxaggd said, those are related to the two gods and will be further discussed as the game progresses. Although I might have to rethink about this matter :eyes: if the demand increases.

@S.M.Abdullah Thanks for pointing that out!

@rja I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm.

@Mistyleaf123 Sure! Thanks for the suggestion.


Professor Naverisse tho :eyes:

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