Vampire House (Complete)


I honestly tried to power trough but I just cant really enjoy. In a way I dont like being railroaded in hanging out with jerks and calling a whole race freaks but on the other hand Elizabeth is pretty horrible and I find no way I can enjoy this. I dont know if it get better later but so far I really dont like it.


when will this game be finnished


It's a little bit rude to ask a writer when something will be finished (trust me, I write too), but I believe this game is finished already smile When it will actually be published as a hosted game, I'm not too sure, of course. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!


It's in the works. Choice of Games has other hosted games in front of this one, and they'll be in touch with me when my time comes. There's no current release date.


Hey there. I guess I got to trying your game late, but I very much liked it however I feel there's still a lot of glitches. (In the most recent link you put not the first one although that one slightly glitches too)
Sometimes no new text shows up and I have to restart also it seems like specific skills are only needed for specific character plots. For instance your grade is only needed for Elizabeth.
Also I noticed the abrupt end at the Halloween party. Well it's not really too quick, but I felt as if the ending was a bit unfinished. After you say you're glad it turned out this way and Elizabeth says me too and then done.

Also I noticed you changed the relationship values from number based to event based. Maybe I'm just not used to it, but I sort of liked the number based better.
All in all pretty cool game.


I'll try to hunt those bugs down before it gets released. I hadn't seen anything like that, but I'll look into what may have changed in the newer code.


If there's anything else I'd like to mention it would be that scrolling isn't very smooth. It lags for me, but on other games/demos they work just fine.


I finished it multiple times to get all the endings, it's great! But dude, who was that evil guy anyway?


I really enjoyed this story. There are a few things I can complain about, but I'm unsure how to improve them. Good job with this and I hope you keep working on it.


To sum all of the mental ramblings of a sleep deprived girl: premise is great, but execution needs work. This honestly played more like a story than a game. It's the prose that turned me off from this game. I tried to not mind, but I just can't. Maybe it's because I've read too much stories with borderline purple prose, or maybe it's because my writing is borderline purple prose, but the beigeness didn't really click with me. Simplicity is good, but for me, I didn't work.

It's like those mediocre quality, supernatural-fantasy-romance Wattpad stories with annoying and unlikable characters...but with choices! And you get to pick who the MC ends up with! But sadly I ended up with no one in my first playthrough. I might replay this one again to see the other endings, but for now, I'll just take a rest from lurking in the forums.


I think that might have been the most brutally honest response I've had to this story.


Umm...thanks, I guess?

Sorry if I was too harsh on reviewing; fatigue and stress can bring out the worst in me. I played during a bad time and it kinda jaded my opinions.


No, I was being sincere. That was the right kind of negative review to receive.


I played this when it was quite early in development, I'm really interested in how much it improved and expanded since then. :smile:

Will write a detailed opinion/review once I finish to testplay it


I felt it was hallow, but it has plenty of place for a sequel and a prequel.


Holy...Snap! I just got to the end after several play thru`s...and man was this story unique. The writing was nothing under wonderful, and I love how you slowly introduced all of the other supernaturals.
I also loved how we had a cycle kind of each and every day :smiley: The characters were all very interesting aswell.
I had the ending with Elizabeth and man was the ending great.

Overall this story has probably been one of the most unique/best stories I have ever read on COG and I feel like we can all gain from the moral of the story.

I R8 8/8 M8


The game I love. : D But I still somehow I can not finish the round with Damien. : D I've tried several times, but always end up at 5/6 with the fact that the party has no interest in taking and ending. : D really do not know. What is bad? : P


Huh. So, out of curiosity, was Damien meant to be one of the possible romances? Try as I might, I can't seem to trigger a romance with him. Every day since he became available to visit as an activity, I picked it. Heck, I even bought and read that "Charming Devils" book hoping maybe that's what I needed in order to trigger it, but.. nope.

Anyways, I think you've got a solid premise with a lot of potential, but as it stands, it feels a little... lackluster? I felt as though there were a lot of things that could've been explored further. Especially the PC's affinity for magic if we're to believe what the rune storekeeper was saying about the craft being a difficult one to learn. Then there's the aberration itself. Being stalked by it and attacked at your own home was a quality idea, I loved it, but... it's implied heavily that there's some big lore on it/it's creation that isn't presented to the player? I was hoping to find out more about it. Maybe it's just in one of the routes I didn't take? I ended up romancing Matthew.

Speaking of Matthew's route... we never did find out why he stopped going to the Lodge? I mean, I /know/ why, but it would've been a nice touch if, let's say, his mother decided to teach him the proper way to be a hunter rather than letting him go on with the pretenders at the Lodge. If she can't quell his desire to want to protect, she might as well teach him the right way, you know? It also would've been much more satisfying if it was your PC and Matthew that took down the aberration rather than just having his ma teleport(?) in and save the day.

That also ends up bringing me to another point: do the stats even matter? I can't say I really noticed any scenarios where a higher fitness or hunting level got the PC out of a sticky situation (not that there were many to begin with but still) or where the skills "Charm" and "Empathy" actually presented me with a new dialogue choice.

Overall, I think you've got a solid work with some real potential to be something great, especially with some better stat integration.


There is a problem with the Damien route I cant seem to get the 6th event with him so I can't choose him as a date and the game ends


pssssst we are not supposed to necro old threads bro...very good story though.
I would just pm the author.