Vampire House (Complete)


By editing youbmean the full game is completed? Or just editing the Elizabeth branch?


The full game is completed. Every ending is done, now I'm just sprucing things up.


So damiens ending is out I cant seem to find it...


All the endings are finished? It looks like only Elizbeth has a full one. All the others seem to just end when you call them (I'm refering to Mathew). Great game, by the way!!!!


Whoops! I copied the new files over to dropbox, but I didn't compile them.

It's been fixed and the actual link has been updated now. Sorry about that!


Admit it! You just wanted to tease and torment us! smiley


"Can't a guy take a walk through the woods without being bothered."

Wrong gender pronoun.


So. It's actually impossible to get the Damien ending without skipping.
There isn't enough time to get all of his events regardless of what you do.

Also Roxanne's ending is tacked on his ending so I guess you forgot to put an actual end on his. :].


Thanks. I'll be sure to find it as I go through the story.

Yep, I was missing the *ending command! :smile:

I'll have to rework the relationship values so it's actually possible.


Well peeps... that's it. I've finished editing the story. It's officially sent in.

I did a last minute title change to 'The Black Book'. I felt it was a little better. Plus surprisingly little of the story took place at the house in question... which wasn't how I originally planned things.

Eh. That's how it goes down.


Seems just like yesterday I was playing this game for the first time


Hey Odic, I'm not sure if you got around to reworking the relationship values, but I still can't seem to get Damien's side to work. I'll keep on trying, unless you haven't gotten to it yet :sweat_smile:. Amazing work though!! I'm so excited to get Damien's story :grin:


I actually didn't update that link.

I was debating holding the final version for myself, but... I'll go ahead and update it.

The skip would have let you see his ending, I think.


That's the final version. I'm keeping it separate since it doesn't have the debug skip.


I just wanted to thank you for completing the story so fast and for always keeping us on track. I really enjoyed all the paths, especially Elizabeth's. It was so well written and carried all the emotions so well. I really appreciate your effort and look forward to see the game in the Hosted section. wink


I was just thinking, if you pursue no one in particular at all, what will happen?


Thanks! I'm thinking of starting my next story today, so I'll probably have the wip for that out in a day or two.

The game gets a premature end with the protagonist deciding not to pursue anyone. It's a bit boring really... I was planning to add a death scene at the hands of the sackman, but it just didn't work out.


So what is your next game?


I smiled. "Thanks! *this is great!" That seed probably wouldn't have lasted very long anyway.
* Pesky capitalization.
When Jeremiah gives us the coin.

*the blond responded. "We know
Bully Elizabeth

Damien looked like he wanted to get snippy with *my, but he bit back whatever retort he had before turning to face me.
*is that supposed to be me?

Eventually, however. I stumbled across a home that caught my eye.

*the door was wide open.

"I know," I said. "It was a really lucky break."

And I meant *in when I said it. Nobody knew I had tracked the killer's location, but if I had been even a few minutes late, that situation could have ended a lot worse.
"Well..." I scratched the back of my head. "A-alright. Fine, I wont.* for now anyway
'*him' being a guy from our grade. Brown hair. Short. Kinda lanky.

*'unfortunately, the spell does little to weaken such a being's combat prowess, and thus they still pose a threat during combat. Quick use of a blade or gun after casting the spell is highly recommended.'

There was only an invocation. *it was split into two parts. The first part only had to be said once, and initiated the spell.

I smirked. "Gotta say, I'm kind of surprised. I kind of figured you'd see yourself as being above a holiday most well *know for candy."

"*Be the way..." She gave me a playful expression.

I see a flashing light. The police? *i think so
Maybe cap, I accidentally went over the page too soon so I'm not sure if I saw it.


This story made me feel good inside for some odd reason. Maybe it was because this story was so awesome. I have been lurking on this WIP since it started, and I am so happy that it is a finished story!

Truthfully, I am a little sad it is over. cry

Can't wait to see if you have other ideas for stories!


To be honest, I played this a while back, and I was disappointed to find that the only ending available was for a character I really can't stand.

I tried playing again now that the other endings are done, and found that I couldn't - the earlier game bores me too much for me to sit through it again. The vampire girls annoy me, and it took too long for the one character I was actually interested in to show up.

I might suggest rewriting things so that you meet all the main characters earlier, so people aren't forced to deal with people they dislike. It would also give more time to increase relationship values. Just a thought, though.