Vampire Game on Chooseyourstory


So I’ve decided to try a hand at writing, and I’ve started a Chooseyourstory game based on COG’s Choice of the Vampire. While it draws on some similarities (namely the time-period) I chose this not to copy them but because it’s the one I felt most comfortable working with at the time. This being my first go-round I’d like to know if a few people would like to try it out before I go any further with it and tell me what they think. I’ve got a bit done, and although it doesn’t offer the same versatility as a Choicescript game, I don’t find it too bad and would like to hear yall’s opinions.




Haha okay, if you enjoy give me some feedback on your choices would ya?




Messaged the link to both of you, should work. I’m adding more of it as we speak, although I should be getting off soon, I have work in 5 hours, and I’ve had little sleep


I too would like to read what you’ve come up with so far and tell you my thoughts and such.


Link’s sent, any feedback you have you can message me or post in here, I’m gonna stay up a little while longer to get some more writing done.




I would like to read it


I would LOVE to read what you’ve got RockBou!!! :smiley:


I want to try it out


I want to do




I will try it as well. What are the vampires like? Are they allergic to the sun? Can they eat food and hve sex?


I was originally going to do private messages to everyone because I thought there’d only be a few interested but I’ll just post the link here.


And as far as feedback goes what did you like about it? What path did you choose? What didn’t you like? Grammar Errors (I’ve already corrected a few) etc. You can either send me a message or post it here.


So far I have no reason to post but I read the 2 page(The one after you pick who you where) and I pick a holy person and I just love how you made it


@RockBou Can I just say you’re FREAKING amazing! I’m so happy to see another vampire game up lol! I’ll do my feed back in segments lol first here is some grammar mistakes I noticed.

 Needed corrections (mostly grammar)
  1. On the intro page god should be God.

  2. Second paragraph of page two: Sadly that was not the case for you should have a semi colon after it instead of a comma

  3. Third paragraph: find it hot to touch should have semi colon instead of a comma as well.

  4. You’re a lone predator now… does not need a comma

  5. Who don’t attract much attention… needs a semi colon instead

  6. As does Use your time wisely…

  7. Vampire Info page: THE SUN: for Halfling its needs to be it’s

  8. GARLIC: strong senses needs a semi colon after it

  9. WATER: with water also needs a semi colon

  10. HALFLING: only those who’s should be whose


Thank you I’ve been trying to get them all but I’ve had a hard time catching them.


Your welcome! :slight_smile: Most are just minor grammar mistakes. If possible just post everything in a word doc and review it all. I’ll finish feedback tommorrow on the game itself!