Using node.js and Cscript

On my previous topic i talked about how i didnt know what to do
I have downloaded both node.js and Cscript but cant proceed
I probably need to connect them to each other bit how?

I didn’t want to annoy you by starting from the basics if you already know them, but you’re really not giving much to go on, so I suppose I must. Your error message pretty much said your Node isn’t installed properly, which is why it doesn’t work. Did you run the installer?

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Start from the basics if you have to.
I dont use a PC much (at all actully)
But do you mean that i only need to install the node properly?
I just installed and extrated it what else do i need to do?

Okay then. First if all, downloading and installing are not the same thing on a PC.

Just to clarify though, are you using a Windows computer? (That’s what PC used to mean, but it’s not always used that way these days.)

Yup i am using windows

Okay then, you should have downloaded this one:

(Or the 64-bit .msi I guess)

So just downloading and extracting it will make the choice script work?

No, no, you don’t extract it (that’s for .zip files and the like), you execute it. It’s a program you need to run. (Although doing a virus scan for it before executing it is always a good practice.)

I figured I’d make sure you have the correct file before giving further instructions.

But basically, you download that, (virus scan it,) double-click it, and follow the on-screen instructions. If all goes as it should, ChoiceScript should work afterwards.

Fair warning though, it can take whole day.

Ok thank you when i will continue working on it ill let ya know

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