Using *bug

I’m having trouble with the *bug command.

First thing I noticed: When I put it in my code and run Quicktest, it shows me that the lines right under the *bug go untested, for no reason that I can figure out. They test just fine when I remove the *bug.

Second thing noticed: When I try Randomtest, it fails due to the bug, even though there should be no bug there given what was selected in the test.

Any idea what is going on here? I’d show my code, but I’m not sure what part to show. Is it possibly related to implicit_control_flow being set to true? That probably has no connection, but it is one thing in my code that I really don’t understand at all, and I think that both relate to *if statements, so I thought I’d ask.

Doesn’t *bug stop the code? This would mean Quicktest doesn’t test the stuff under it (because it’s impossible to reach those lines) and Randomtest stops running because it hit a bug. If that’s not the problem, feel free to show the code around the *bug, as this would probably be the most useful. :thinking:

implicit_control_flow shouldn’t be a problem; all it does is lets the program drop out of *if/*else and *choice blocks without needing *gotos and *labels.

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*bug is a command used to intentionally put an error in your code wherever you put the command down. This is useful to flag down places where you don’t want the game to go whether it’s unfinished, design choice, or other reasons.


Oh! I was misunderstanding how it worked. Now I see. Thank you both.

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