Everyone here has such unique User-names and I was just wondering what gave you the ideas for them.
Mine was because I found a troll on the internet, burned him. then watched troll hunters.

Behind The Name
Behind The Name

Your username is really cute. I always imagined you came from a long line of troll hunters. Like, a family of troll hunters. lol

The long version of my username is “Beauty of the Far Side,” but that’s just pretentious so I shortened it.


My username came from another site I joined around the age of 13, and back then I wanted a really cool name(13 year old) and I thought the name 2Ton sounded amazingly cool at the time, now I keep it to remind me of all the ideas and creativeness I had when I was that age, and possibly remind me of simplier times when I had many misadventures on the internet, as far as usernames go, I think my name holds the most weight :stuck_out_tongue:


Ksu has no meaning and is just a random name that I typed in when I was creating this account…


The MIG in my username are in fact the initials of my name and I just chose hunter to combine and make my username


mine stared off as just Lobo after the DC comic character but it also means wolf so when i hit more & more sites where Lobo was already taken i made Lobo420
Lobo = wolf
420 numerical code for weed

the High Wolf was born lol


Nocturnal stillness was the name a friend suggested during a brainstorming session for a website name. I loved the idea so that’s the name I used.


No real surprise here–I’d already decided what type of game I was going to do, and what I was going to call it, before I signed up to the forum.


xD Lobo the high wolf and Lobo was pretty amazing Character, I only seen him in that one Batman episode where they fight the collector was epic


i seen Lobo in a couple of episodes, seen the one where he beat superman & captured him for a bounty but his employer betrayed him so he set superman free


I got my user name from the movie “Hackers”. In it there’s a character that goes by the online handle “Phantom Phreak”. I was 16 at the time and thought that was awesome, so I decided to use it. Sadly, most variations of “Phantom” were taken, and I didn’t want to use numbers. So, I changed the spelling to “fantom”, which I’ve been using on most sites since.


First used as my username for Baldur’s Gate when I was about 7 years old. Not quite sure how I’d come by a Slavic name, but there you go. It’s been my standard username ever since, as creating new names for anything gives me a headache.


… Is it okay if I just called myself Happy for Unknown reason(s) you guys will never know? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I guess you’re called happy because when we see ur comments, u light up our mood ?


i put the name of my two favorite characters from books i have read


… Maybe. Also, my name is based off a Virtue. :expressionless:


CS_Closet: Because they wouldn’t let me sign up as countersongscloset on twitter. :expressionless:

Countersong’s Closet is basically what what I stamp on everything I make; taken from my XBL Gamertag and the fact that the closet in my studio is filled with magical wondrous costumes and props. And “Countersong” should sound familiar to anyone who’s played as much D&D as I have. :>


I just love music to be honest.


Pffft, who needs D&D when you have MUDs? \:D/


I was really into inuyasha a long time ago. So I made all my accounts theinuyashafanatic, eventually shortened to this and it just stuck for me.