USA Unity/Stand Against Hate Campaign


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I’m trying to put this politely since i am not an expert on politics or racisim. With the recent election results I have heard many stories about hate crimes and racist acts and sexual assault being comitted partially in the name of the new president elect. I have also heard many people call all Trump supporters racist, and have seen protesters burn flags and few also resort to violence.
At this point it may seem to some that the majority Americans are racist and those effected by racisim as well as anti-LGBT rhetoric are living with greater fear and anxiety about leaving thier homes.
I honestly do not belive that the majority of Americans are racist and I want to do something to show just how many people are not okay with hate crimes and hate speech.
I would like to form some sort of national campaign where people would either pledge to stand up to racisim&hate speech and/or post a photo/sign/hashtag that would prove this point. Overall I just want to do something to show that the majority of people will not stand for hate and hopefully bring some confort to those who are unfortunately and understandably living in fear.
I was wondering if you think this will work or had any suggestions.

My experience in an anti Trump rally and my news interview

I rather doubt any significant amount of crime is being committed in the name of Trump, and if it were it’s going to be by thugs who would have been inclined to do so whatever the prevailing politics. To be blunt twitter hashtags are probably the laziest form of activism and make no difference whatsoever. I’d suggest simply going on with your life and allowing everyone a week to calm down.


Just ignoring the problems and giving people a ‘week to calm down’ is a stupid idea. The problems won’t just go away. Another thing is it’s not petty crimes being committed, it’s full on hate crimes among other distasteful things. To simply dismiss them is abominable in it’s self. At least @Melzzi_d is trying to do something.

I don’t think you intend to dismiss or make light of them but that’s how it comes across at least to me.

In terms of actual advice. I honestly don’t know what would be effective. Other than you being the better person and helping where possible. If that sounds vague well that’s because it is.


If anything beyond petty crimes are being committed undoubtedly law enforcement agencies will take care of it.And yes the problem will pretty much go away as the current spazz out by American Liberals is mostly that they believed their own bullshit about Trump being Hitler and that no one could ever get away with saying unpleasant things. Glass houses are prone to shattering, but really the actual consequences of Trump’s election will be generally minimal for most people so really all they need to do is calm down.


Obviously the police aren’t doing a good enough job. Another thing is I’m not condoning what the liberals are doing, there are plenty of Trump supporters that are being viciously beaten by Hilary supporters. And you can’t say the consequences will be ‘minimal’ nobody knows what will happen from now on. Besides you’re likely a white male. So of course if you’re talking about your own demograph then the consequences to you and other white Americans will more than likely be minimal. Let’s not forget that despite the fact that Trump did have some good policies, (improving the infrastructure of America for example) the majority of his campaign was ran on hate. “Build the wall” right?


See saying building a wall is “just hate” is why the democrats lost. You haven’t bothered to analyze other people’s policy positions in any kind of fashion. No building a wall isn’t hateful. There is a logical desire for anyone with a respect for law and order to want to have control over one’s borders. It goes to the whole notion of a country being sovereign it makes decisions for itself. Most english speaking countries like Canada, England and Australia are not adjacent to an impoverished neighbour so don’t have to deal with an influx. Correspondingly their immigration is by and large selected by them on the basis of the desirability of the skills would be citizens bring. Anyone rationally should admit selecting useful people is a much better system than just letting anyone who shows up in. Ideally you have people entering the country whom are going to make useful contributions to the economy rather than filling out the ranks of the unskilled and welfare dependent.

Secondly, many of the people in the rust belt voted for the wall as they are essentially labourers and don’t agree with an unending stream of illegal competition for work which drives their wages down. That’s simply rational self interest on their part. The idea that the only motivating factor could possibly be hate is just a horrific lack of imagination and consideration on the part of liberals. Neither wanting a rational immigration system or a less than endless pool of unskilled labour is racist, it’s simply a way of looking at politics that you don’t agree with.


I was using “build a wall” as an example there are a whole lot of other hateful things Trump has said, you don’t really need to look very hard to find them.

Just so you know America was built on immigrants coming over the waters without thought to skills it was called the ‘open door policy’ if I’m remembering correctly. Hell it’s even on the godam Statue of Liberty. Though you do have a point in saying illegal immigration is a problem but what you fail to realise is that most illegal immigrants actually come over legally but just overstay what their visa allows. Oh and America is trillions in debt. 19.5 to be exact, sooooo yeah I’d say America is pretty impoverished itself.

Another thing and I know it’s petty and irrelevant to the topic at hand but It’s not England, it’s Britain or the United Kingdom. And yes England is a English speaking country but I am assuming you mean all of Britain and not solely England.


I’m no american so my intake in this matter is highly subjective and lightly informed. Please be advised that I will generalize in a manner that is highly unjust to a big chunk of the Americans, maybe even to the big majority of them. I ask for the understanding of both of those facts and I ask for the apology for anyone that might take them as not accurate or as gross/uneducated opinion.

I don’t know if the majority of Americans are racist, the rest of the world (at least Europe) sees that statement as a probable truth.

What I can say with (an outsider’s) some certainty is that Americans seem to be highly conservative, with everything that something like that implies, for christ sake your president and politicians can’t shut up about god and the “god save america” and “so help me god” tropes. Europe is much more agnostic/atheist in a social/popular level and incredibly more secular on an state level. Statements like that are almost never made by European leaders. One more thing, we don’t really care about the sexual and marital life of our politicians, European leaders are very commonly divorced/single, their wives/husbands don’t participate in the elections or public life, some of them (very few, but still) are homosexual and a lot of them are agnostic or atheists. In America divorce is the end of a political career, in Europe we couldn’t care less.

One more thing, Americans come across (and friends of mine that have family and have already been in the states told me the same thing) as highly nationalistic. Don’t get me wrong, European countries are also nationalistic, just look to the internal functioning of the EU, with all countries trying to take what they think that is their due and overlooking the needs of the other and the collective. But the majority of Americans seem to take it to another level, having little respect or consideration for other nations and thinking of them as the best country in the hole world, and you better not put that in cause or else you are going to receive some aggressive stares and comments.

So, regarding the topic of this thread, I have no idea if there are some persons taking the “trump wave” as an opportunity to behave themselves in an illegal and immoral way, I’m not even american so that is out of my reach. But I think that the “american culture” (take that concept as a gross and unjust generalization) has in its roots (or in the roots of what trump calls the “real america”) the preconditions for some of the abuses, hate and discrimination that might or might not be taking over part of the country or its citizens’ behavior. Europeans have a huge tendency to start full destructive wars in the name of national interests, but Americans seem to be specially able to canalize those basic but not so nice (at least from my perspective) tendencies of the human nature to an internal level, whether on a self-aggrandizing note or on a internal-discrimination one.

Again, I apologize in advance if anyone takes my comment as offensive in any manner. That is not my goal but the fact that I’m necessarily dealing with generalizations and the fact that English isn’t my main language might impede my text from expressing the care that subjects such as these should be discussed and commented on. :sweat_smile:


Well the US did take a step towards not caring about the relationships of a candidate when they elected twice divorced cheater Donald Trump. Of course they were very concerned about the indiscretions and alleged offenses of Clinton’s husband… so it was mostly just massive hypocrisy/denial on the part of Republican voters.


An immigration policy that makes sense when you are colonizing vast stretches of empty land is hardly relevant to current circumstances. Trump said many inflammatory things, but what someone says is not the same as why people support them. The reasoning you put forward simply imputes the worst possible reasons for people to have voted the way they did. There are far more rational reasons available if you chose to simply look beyond your own prejudices. It’s the ironic thing about liberals they claim to be “tolerant” until you disagree with them, then everyone else is some combination of a racist, bigotted fascist.

Saying America’s in debt is really a good reason to keep out more people whom are not going to contribute economically and whom will claim social benefits right? And the people trying to fix the indebtedness appear to be in your world the bad guys.


I’m not saying that was his sole campaign policy in fact I made mention to one of his better ones. You do have to admit that using hate and the like was a big part of it. To say otherwise would be ridiculous.

Also I’m not defending illegal immigration I’m simply saying that when most illegal immigrants come over they do so legally likely because there skills are valued. Those same people who stay when there visa runs out.

Dealing with Anerica’s dept is going to take a LONG time. Mass deportation is a nice ideal but it will take time and money America doesn’t have.

Bringing up America’s origins is relevant because America is supposed to be a mix of people and cultures. I am in no way condoning illegal immigration but the America Trump sold was a WASP America.

Now as much as I dislike Trump, the fact remains he is now President-elect and in my honest opinion I think that he should be given a chance as all people should. Besides Trump is a business man, maybe not the best one but a business man could be what America sorely needs.


The problem is that these “far more rational reasons” still boil down to “My desire for [thing] is of greater importance than the risk to the well-being and lives of marginalised groups that a Trump administration might entail”. In short, it’s saying to those groups “your lives are not important to me”.

I should point out that your last sentence was about looking past ideological prejudices, which makes this sentence that follows all sorts of ironic.

What makes you think that undocumented immigrants are economic deadweight? As a first-generation immigrant myself, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume that you consider all immigrants to be economic deadweight.

“Balancing” a budget by slashing public spending fixes nothing. Decaying public services and infrastructure lead to greater maintenance costs and a greater burden on taxpayers and business owners who rely on those services. That leads to lower tax revenues, which leads to continued cuts.

The best way to balance a budget is to raise taxes, especially on the classes which don’t spend anywhere near the majority of their income (read: the rich). Of course, this is America we’re talking about, and we all know how much you all hate raising taxes on anyone…


I’m not an American but the building of that wall seems like a massive economic disaster to me. First, you need to actually build said wall and pay for it. (Which USA will have to do themselves cause why would Mexico ever do it?). And then, when that is done, you need to man it. Not sure how long the border is but I think 2000 miles is a decent estimate (or not whatever). The upkeep you need to pay for that wall + manpower required to man it, the equipment, etc will be such a huge drain on your treasury that it seems like a massive waste.

Also not sure why people voted for Trump. To me, he seemed too immature to be president. Then again, Clinton had a lot of controversy as well what with her emails. Even if innocent, it certainly displays a severe lack of judgement.

Actually, it’s sort of surprising that in the end you had these 2 candidates to me at least. It will be interesting to see what global fallout will be anyway.


I have always hated the term ‘Hate Speech’ I think arresting people for saying what they want is a complete and utter joke. It goes against freedom of speech completely. The best way to ignore Hate is by ignoring it. Grow a thick skin. As long as you aren’t being threatened with violence then you’ll be fine.

Also this kind of culture where everything offends someone is why Trump got elected. Clint Eastwood said it best when he described it as a ‘pussy generation’. It seems to be young people who are affected the most by this epidemic of being offended at everything.

One man’s joke is another man’s hate speech. I feel like people need to stop acting so offended and grow up. That just my take on it anyway.


I for one would tax the ever-loving shit out of the wealthy, however aforementioned wealthy have somehow convinced a shocking amount of the poor that this is somehow a bad thing…


Oh yes, the infamous wall would be nothing but a massively expensive boondoggle and is so infeasible that I don’t think even Donald Trump’s sheer pigheadedness could push it through. I can’t recall the exact numbers but cost projections for construction and maintenance are in the tens of billions and there’s no particular reason to think that it would be of any use whatsoever considering you could get over it with a rope and a ladder if you had a mind to.


Just look at the example of countries like Portugal and mainly Greece, they made huge budget cuts (Greece especially) and they are more indebted as the years go by.

And America is probably one of least tax paying countries in the world. It is so funny when we see that the tax burden has been going down for some decades and the Republican Party still insists that the way to fight the budget’s deficit is cutting the meager so called “social-services” that the US government provides.

I have to disagree here. A person’s liberty ends where another person’s liberty/rights begin. It is just as Trump saying the Hilary is the most corrupt politician in the USA, such a statement in Europe would certainly have legal consequences for Trump, because he can’t just say stuff like that without presenting any evidence and protect himself behind the “freedom of speech” argument.

America is going through the exact same problems that affect Europe in this subject. Americans are choosing to ignore what made America the country that it is today. When we see grandsons of immigrants (such as the irish, italian and so on…) voting for a no-immigration policy we know that we have seen everything. Europe is also having a problem of this nature with the complete lost of the democratic and solidarity culture that gave origin to the EU. It isn’t a phenomenon restricted to USA, but Trump’s victory is a huge signal of the dangers that times of crisis originate and a big boost to every radical populist out there.


It’s no lie that history repeats itself in this case we likely are witnessing our generations fall of Rome(America being rome those time). The parallels are there And somehow Caligula is now the President


I don’t remember who said it, but I read a wonderful quote about b Donald Trump. Those of us who are anti-Trump don’t take him seriously, but do take him literally. His supporters don’t take him literally, but do take him seriously.

Now I’m definitely not a Trump supporter. I think his campaign alone was harmful to my adopted home. His election is horrifying especially in light of the acts of hate that I’ve seen in his name since.

His presidency has the potential to be even worse, or maybe not. In a community of professional liars Donald Trump stands out. During his campaign, and life he has continuously made claims that are not only not supported by facts, but are in direct opposition to facts, or even to his own statements.

At times during the campaign he said things to pander to Christian conservatives, or union steel-workers, or the KKK. My point is I don’t know if he actually believes in any of it.

Few if any presidents follow through on their campaign promises, and I honestly don’t know if Trump wants to try to keep his. Right now greatest hope is that when it comes to keeping campaign promises he’s as bad as he is at selling steaks, or running a “university,” or running a charitable foundation, or…well you get it.

It’s kind of a bleak thing to hope for, but it’s something.


I would agree with that. However I would call that slander instead of hate speech. I don’t really think that example works because Hillary is perhaps the most corrupt politician in the US. It was scandal after scandal with her.


What America is currently experiencing is no different from most first world countries at the moment. Over the past 30 years a great amount has changed allowing people from anywhere to talk to anyone else, allowing people access limitless information.

This has allowed people to realise the country they live in lacks something (every country does) and demand more. Forcing much change to rights and understanding and doing a lot to break down the nationalism that has existed since the start of the 19th century.

This has also created echochambers for anyone to reinforce what they believe, to feel marginalised by others around them and feel they’re not getting the same deal as eveyone else.

Now were seing that wave of change reverse. People who have seen a world where their country is no longer the best and most important and are fighting to return to an era where they believe they were at their best. (Really what’s happened is a global world is forming and countries are slowly losing their nationalist status, forming into a global community).

The fighting back of nationalism involves blaming other countries for the issues that exist in their own. The USA blames people from other countries for sneaking in, stealing thier jobs and threatening their economy (Mexico mainly). The UK blames the EU (polish immigration and immigration from Syria) causing the Brexit vote.

France and Italy are beginning to follow and similar paths and similar parties are becoming popular in Australia.

Even if the USA didnt vote Trump into power they would be faced with a world also trying to turn in on itself and fight the unstoppable tide of a global community. Its something the world has to go through unfortunatly, just as WW2 was required to force the world to understand the horrors and dangers of a world where contries competed rather that co-operated.

Its no coincidence that this is occuring now that nearly everyone who is voting these days never experienced the great wars