URL Denied


If anyone could help me I would be grateful…in my game, whenever I try to go to a different chapter with *finish, or goto blah I get the “Couldn’t load URL scenes access to restricted URL denied”…I cannot seem to find a solution to this.


Thanks for the help I had that same problem as well!!

  1. What type of web browser are you using, and how are you accessing the game (locally, though dropbox, ect.)

  2. Do you actually have the second scene’s text file created and properly named in both *startup and the scenes folder?


I usually work with internet explorer, but firefox also had the same issue… I work with my game locally on my computers desktop, and then add on to my dropbox after i make sure its correct…

Yes i have a separate notepad++ file spot, and i am almost certain both are the same name.


@BraveMustang If in Firefox the very first line of that error says something like…

Couldn’t load URL: scenes/filename.txt

…where ‘filename.txt’ is the actual name of the file it’s trying to load, then that exact filename is almost certainly not present in your game’s scenes folder. The “Access to restricted URL denied” bit really only serves to confuse, since the filename is simply not present there.

I’d recommend using your Windows File Explorer to confirm that all your text files are in


not (e.g.)


as I suspect you’ve simply either accidentally saved them in the wrong folder or the filename isn’t exactly the same as you the one you’re trying to load.


@Vendetta THANK YOU! I had to move my folder to a different spot and now its fixed!


@BraveMustang …and that’s the other possibility! I’m glad it helped to point you in the right direction at least.

I wouldn’t feel too bad about it, btw: when testing my game, I see this error all too often as I have a bad habit of unthinkingly typing *goto_scene instead of *goto [label], which results in this exact same error but for the dumbest of reasons. :smiley: