Urban Fantasy Game | Interest Check (POLL RESULTS)



I like the options, but dhampirs and vampires may be a little redundant to have both of, and same with selkies/sirens. I can’t really see them being in the game together without a bunch of overlap, so for the sake of diversity I’d maybe do a poll for sirens or selkie and dhampirs or vampires.
Ideally, I’d love all of them to be in, but that’s a lot of extra work :confused:


@Adam_VanCleave_Perro @E_RedMark I can’t make any promises since I’m still in the planning stages, but there likely won’t be any rampages for a werewolf investigator! In the game’s lore, werewolves can generally control themselves when they shift, so long as they aren’t in extreme distress. The rampages their kind is known for in myths/legends come from werewolves who are just cruel and violent people.

@Gwenstn This poll is for which species the investigator can potentially be! Dhampirs, vampires, selkies, and sirens all exist in the game’s world, though selkies and sirens are rarely found in cities. I’ll be picking only three species featured in the poll to be choices for the player. Hope this clears things up!

Quick update: It’s been four days since the poll’s been up, and I’m honestly surprised by the amount of votes it’s gotten. Thank you so much, all 59 of you! I think I’ll leave it running for another day or two before I close it and let you know what the results are. :slight_smile:


Could our character learn magic and what our magic/powers be for our chosen race


Poll Update!

Sorry about the radio silence on this topic! Uni has been particularly grueling, and I’m currently in summer school, so I’ve been trying (and failing rip) to focus on that.

I closed the poll about 20 days ago though, and I’m pleased with the results! 82 people voted, which has blown me away — thank you all so much for contributing and helping me out!

Now, the results. The four species options for the private investigator are going to be: human, demon, werewolf, and (half) siren! These may be subject to change as I work on lore and plot, but I’m confident in at least half of them lmao.

Progress is going to be slow-going tbh, but I’m thinking about updating this topic from time to time to reveal some details, such the love interests and who they are going to be. So be on the look out for that! :smiley:


I’ve been thinking about whether humans would have some kind of magic, but at the moment the answer is no.

Though to answer your question, I’m leaning towards this being a mystery game, so the focus is on that rather than leveling the investigator up or learning new powers.


Hey everyone! (If people are still keeping an eye out for this thread?) Since this was meant to be just an interest check, I’m thinking it would be better for this topic to be closed.

I’m currently working on ironing out backstory, plot details, and characters, with the hope of completing a few chapters for people to check out! Once I’ve got a demo ready, I’ll open a WIP thread.

Until then, maybe I’ll talk to y’all on some other threads! Thanks so much for giving me your thoughts and suggestions thus far, guys! :smiley:


@Eiwynn would you mind closing this thread, please?