Urban Fantasy Game | Interest Check (POLL RESULTS)



@Morphine It’s not likely for mermaids to be in cities haha, which is why I don’t think it would be possible for the investigator to be one. In this game’s lore / canon, mermaids can’t walk on two legs on land. But thank you for the suggestion!

@Gwenstn Here’s an article that talks a bit about the Wendigo and how it originates from Indigenous folklore, if you want to read up on it! Non-Indigenous people tend to get them very wrong and divorce the Wendigo from Indigenous culture, which is…bad. Hope this clears up some confusion!

@E_RedMark @kirakana I’m staying away from high fantasy races all together, so unfortunately dragons / wyverns / elves / dwarves / etc. are off the table. Sorry 'bout that. :confused:

I’m sticking with ‘humanoid’ supernatural creatures, yes! Otherwise it would be difficult to code the game, since I would have to change up a lot of scenes to fit a certain race. >< Hope you two aren’t too disappointed, haha!

@Harley_Robin_Evans Well, private investigators — who you will be playing as — are very different from law professions such as police officers and detectives. They can’t actually arrest anyone! But there are special prisons for supernatural criminals, since they tend to be stronger than human criminals.

@resuri08 Noted! Thanks so much for expressing interest in the game! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to playing my Jane Constantine smartass who enjoys bourbon and avoids showing fear. Ooooh instead of depressed ideation cheerful nihilism! Nothing in life matters so why not enjoy it.43979e55e185dc0ef3015afabf9f29b2


@GenecoInheritor I’m glad you’re looking forward to the game! :smiley:

Almost forgot to mention: I’m hoping to put up a poll with a few supernatural creatures; that way people can give a preference for which race/s they’d like to be a choice (for the investigator) in the game! So look out for that in a day or two!

And I’m also working on the love interests and what they’ll be like… :wink:


Human all the way for me.


I actually read that earlier today along with a few others :stuck_out_tongue:

It was interesting to read about though, so I’m glad you brought it up.


If you decide to add demons maybe you could add angels or nephillim, and for the spider folks perhaps something like a shifter. Also, I doubt this would work in your world but maybe a Bigfoot (just imagine the look on someone’s face when they open the door and find detective Sasquatch there to interrogate them)


No worrie lol half of the fun is throwing ideas at you .


@GenecoInheritor Human will definitely be one of the choices in the game! The poll is only for which supernatural creatures people prefer.

@HippoAttack I think adding angels and nephillim would complicate matters, though it’s certainly possible that they exist. I’ll have to think on it! Detective Sasquatch is hilarious to imagine, thank you for that visual. :smile:

@E_RedMark Glad to hear it, lmao. All these suggestions (even the ones I can’t ultimately incorporate in the game) are super helpful, so feel free to keep 'em coming!


At long last, here’s the poll — you can choose up to three supernatural creatures you’d be interested to play as!

This doesn’t necessarily guarantee I’ll include the top three as choices in the game, but I want to incorporate at least one of them. :slight_smile:

  • Demon
  • Dhampir [half vampire, half human]
  • Selkie
  • Siren [half human]
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf

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What’s the difference between a siren and a mermaid?
In Spanish the word for mermaid IS siren (sirena) so that’s why I’m a bit confused


siren are from mythology , mermaid is from disney? lol joking!


what’s a selkie ? and I would like more info what’s a dhampir…

well my vote is clear . SUCCUBUS! ahem…I mean…demon…:sweat_smile:

yeah I’m gonna vote just for demon . Personally , I would have loved if your story had only all kind of demons . While Vampires and werewolf are cool , I would love to see something new that doesn’t include them . Unless you get more choices of what kind of vampire and werewolf , but alas…peoples seem to go for the old cliché . As vampire you are sexy and suave and as a werewolf you can’t control your transformation and howl lol .

And in the demon category , depand where you get your inspiration , there are much more choices there (beyond succubs ) .


A lot of people confuse mermaids and sirens, so I understand why that’s the case! In original folkore, mermaids were half-human, half-fish creatures, whereas sirens were half-human, half-bird! From what I’ve researched, sirens are found in Greek mythology only.

In this game’s lore, however, both of them are half-fish, and I think of them more as genetic cousins. Mermaids live in various parts of the ocean, whereas sirens congregate on islands. The biggest difference, though, is that while mermaids get along with other creatures and tend to help lost humans, sirens keep to themselves and have an alluring voice that attracts their prey—and sometimes this includes stray humans.

What this means for the half-siren investigator is that while their allure is more subdued, they can momentarily put people in a trance (it varies by creature, I’d think) and come off as very charming. Which can really aid their investigations! As for their background, it’s likely their siren parent wasn’t exactly… the best person, haha.

Hope this helps!


that sound like harpies…you sure ? :thinking:


Selkies are creatures that are seals in the water and, when they come up on land, they become humans once they shed… essentially, their skin! :smile: There are a lot of myths of selkies being tricked by humans into staying indefinitely on land by stealing their sealskin, which they need to return to the sea.

As for dhampirs… they’re born from vampire and human parents. I kind of added them to the poll last minute, but I was playing around with the idea of there being different combinations of dhampirs. Some are regular humans, others closer to vampires… that sort of thing! They’d have an interesting experience, since they aren’t welcomed in the human world and don’t tend to get along with vampires.

I understand why you see vampires and werewolves as cliché, but I personally love them regardless! I think there’s a lot of interesting ways to interpret them, and I really wanted to write about a world where countless supernatural creatures are real. I hadn’t even considered demons until this thread, honestly. :sweat_smile: Still, I hope this game offers something that will interest you!


I’m sure, haha! Here’s a wikipedia article on sirens. From what I can gather, sirens appear in Greek mythology whereas harpies are from Greek and Roman mythology. Also, while sirens tend to vary in terms of how they are half-human and half-bird, harpies have human heads and bird bodies. I imagine that harpies don’t lure humans, typically sailors, to their deaths either!


oh don’t misunderstand . I still love vampire and werewolf . I’m just bored with the same old ‘Awooo! you gone werewolf and can’t control yourself!’ and so on . Let just say I’m thirsty for something new and fun! Something that will set my brain on fire !

So many water creatures…I see a pattern here lolol …

Pray tell , what is your astrological sign , I will look in my crystal Ball and divine tha truth! :smile:


you should play ’ Dragon dogma Arisen’ …its a treat , it has the old mythology creatures like Harpies and chimera !


The losing control of themselves makes sense but I wish it wasn’t always bloody rampages.

That’s the only part I’m tired of honestly. I want to see other kinds of losing control.


thats why I hate that part as well lol it always ‘you went on a rampage and have no memory of what you did . You look about you and see blood dripping…and it is not your own!’ oh noe! what did I do again ? LOL