Urban Fantasy Game | Interest Check (POLL RESULTS)



Are we keeping up having selkies gender locked as female?


@Joyous (love the username, btw) I’m very interested in this as I love me some good urban fantasy and I also need to branch out while Wayhaven 2 is being written, lol.

How about you make a (multiple choice) poll with all the possible races that would fit within your world? That way you only have to look at the top handful of choices. :slight_smile:


Love the idea!! Sounds like it’ll be a fun ride it hits all the marks
Investigating:check, check, check!!!
Can’t wait for a demo :grinning::smile:


Maybe you should do something like a dragon or half-dragon, cuz who doesn’t want to be a freaking dragon!


@Adam_VanCleave_Perro Selkies won’t be genderlocked, no. From the few sources I’ve checked out, selkies can be male and female. I’ll stick to that if I incorporate them in the game!

@impeccably-stressed Thank you! :’) I love your username too - it’s my perpetual mood, lmao. And I adore Wayhaven. When will it return from war…

That’s a great idea! Once I have a list of supernatural races that will congregate in the investigator’s city, I’ll for sure put them in a poll.

@HippoAttack Dragons might be… a bit much for the game, unfortunately! Though who knows, maybe they were around in the past…


I’ve loved mermaids since I was a kid so I would love to play as one! :heart_eyes:


Huh, I’d never actually heard that before.
I mean, I’m totally fine with that. Just y’know… huh. Now I have to go look into it because I’m curious.


your office gonna be in a bathtube then :joy:

you can also play these 2 games : The sea eternal and The daring mermaid expedition .

One let you play as a mermaid and one doesn’t but have mermaid innit .


well you can go for wyvern instead of dragon , just smaller and still as badass as a dragon .


Just saw dragons probably won’t be available, so there goes my answer :smiley: Contrary to some, I would enjoy playing as a human. Probably because I get a kick out of humans, well, ass-kicking the supernaturals.

My other choices would be: werewolves and succubi/incubus. Or demons. Or anything else, as long as it doesn’t have too many limbs and other body parts.


boo! no fun! and here I was gonna ask him to make me a Giant hairy spider! :grin: I be great at multi tasking!


I’d probably just lost track of which hand/leg/other is doing what.

Which reminds me, if you play as a non humanoid race (case example: spider), do you use some sort of magic to turn to human while working or do you keep working as you are (claws, fur, fangs, tail included)?


Good…that make it easy to pick poket you :grin:

well as a spider , I was merely joking there . Although that made my brain catch fire and I started thinking of a comedy story with a detective (a la Beetljuice like) who has a secretary that is a cranky bitchy spider to take the call lol and every leg of hers , has a flashy red high heel shoe :joy:

But to answer your question , in a world of ‘What if…’ , I’m guessing all the super natural we can choose can turn into a human but maybe with some distinctive feature . Like a werewolf still has exellent hearing and sight and speed . A vampire can get shot at but will survive better then a human . In a case of a spider , (I have to look them up) , but she could be able to make…uh…whats called…thread? from her hand AND NOTHING LIKE SPIDERMAN!!! lol or being able to spit poison (can be like she has different poison she can make )…just spit in a cup and hand it over…and your ennemy fall asleep or die…horribly .


Super easy to pickpocket, yep. Good thing I don’t carry stuff in my pockets. cough Back to the topic.

Spider secretary sounds awesome, but I wouldn’t dare hiring her, haha.

We shall see, what the author comes up with regarding the whole “turning into a human” thing.


Just for that…I may just nag the author to add a scene where your Step mother nag you on the phone and you will wish you had a spidery secretary! :grin:


Already played Sea Eternal.
Most mermaids in media can walk on two legs on earth and grow a tail on water. I was thinking of the sims 3 where your legs have scales.


oh yeah I remember ! I also remember , that some peoples didnt like those scales on ya leg lol and asked for a mod to remove them .

I personally like the tail…but not the scale once you turn human .

unless you are wearing a short skirt…if you wear pants (as a detective)…and shoes…and socks…nobody will see them ?


Would be a bit funny to see a character based off the story of mermaids being inspired by a sea mammal.


If we capture a supernatural criminal creature can we put in a supernatural prison and that


Too bad… I want to be some kind of Auror. ≧ω≦ Anyway, being a part kitsune would be nice. The shapeshifting abilities would be nice to have.