UPDATE- the wars we wage (30/07) : war, love survive and win that's your goal ! (Now with 73k words )

Hi! I’ve been playing your demo but I guess some bug occurred??
I played on both PC and cellphone and both of them occured this thing; I click to continue, the game crashed and I can’t play anymore!
I tried to restart and all but It doesn’t work!
Love your story tho, really captivating!


Man, why cool stories like these has to be first person, it makes me feel like im playing as someone else, which is kinda uncomfortable for me…


Bro look at it like this, you control not yourself… But your character, your own MC which resembles you


That actually makes a lot of sense ngl, but i still prefer the other way around.
Shame, i won’t be able to experience this story.


Um i thought at least the MC was our MC, if it aint then why you still let us name the MC


Bro you said that is my MC, you making me trippin dawg

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My G sometimes the game behaves like you are. I don’t know.

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I don’t want to read someone else’s story dawg, play and then tell me if it’s expensive level experience

Got you dawg.
@Zulkrath I highly recommend you to stay away, if you don’t like “I tried to listen” “I gave her my necklace”
“I decided to blah blah”

Typos, missing words and suggestions

“Ayla, how are you feeling about going into the real world ? Living school and finally being on tracks to become an officer ?” the smile never faltering, her question made me wonder, how am I actually feeling about my life right now ? And not just about school.

Should be “leaving”

“W-well, we can leave next to each other and your partner could come and play cards with us !” trying to save the situation is often like trying to avoid a fall on a slippery surface : you only prolong your sufferings and make the fall even more awkward. Dorian’s mirthful laugh made me aware of that.

Should be “live”

The admission made me shiver slightly.
This woman is frightening
This woman is awe inspiring

Just two options? No cunning/guarded MC that thinks they have to tread carefully/watch out for the Empress? Or even an MC thats just done with everything because its more than they bargained for

It might seems unfair, but in case you die in war time or in enemy territory, the weapon which would have became ownerless could be bound to our opponent. It would be like trying to catch a fish, but losing the bait, the fishing rod and an arm at the same time instead. Do you have any question ?"

I believe it should be “seem” due to “might seem”; better worded as “which became” or maybe “would become ownerless and could be”

Sheesh, no pressure at all, I just hope that I won’t end with a rubber duck as my relic, because then I’ll just wish 0 had done a good job and sent me on a one way trip to hell, not here to get humiliated.

Insert the name of previous-life colleague on “0”, unless MC is calling them a zero which… wow brutal

“My, oh my, why is your language so foul human, you’ve had two childhood to correct your rudeness.”

Should be “you had two childhoods”

I whipped my head around, looking for the voice I could recognize as well as my own, the one I haven’t heard for 16 years.

I believe should be “hadn’t”

holy crap, whatever she takes, give me triple the dose !
I beg for mercy in stead of the jovial lady I’ve come to like quite a lot
I, as laughable as it is, attack God

Should be “instead of”
And eh… can’t MC just watch? Or intervene out of obligation in the case God won’t clean up the mess that would be erasing a ruler… God seems as unreasonable as the Empress and that doesn’t seem ideal. MC needs a break

I knew that at the moment, true faith or not, I was completely deferring myself to this being of absolute power. Kraftais, highly positive opinion or not, was quite the most important reason why I was able to get my education to this level and to break through the “class-celling” of this world.
I repay kindness tenfold.

…ok, how can MC not know about how the military operates with a proactive nobility leading the ranks having lived a decade through it? The whole deal is that just a marginal percentage of people advance socially so it can be possible but not widely achievable. MC was chosen because of their magic, not out of kindness. I’d expect that MC should know they’re a beneficial pawn, both in the battlefield and outside it, much to their disdain of not wanting to stand out. If anything they should thank the Empress bloodthirsty/war effort for the childhood non-voluntary recruitment…? Also how in the world the MC somehow feels indebted towards the Empress…? What did I miss??

“That’s quite a domineering way to ask such a big request to a superior my friend.”
we are not friend

Should be “friends.”

You know, I used to watch an anime about a boy reincarnating and then dying again and again to go back at a checkpoint in his new life.

There could have been so many monologues about tropes and memes at MC’s situation and it’s a tragedy it was not utilized… I request memes! This is very important :eyes:

“This is a parting gift for now you’ll get around to use it because you are a smart woman. When the world will pick back up its course, you’ll have a weapon next to you that will act as a placeholder for your relic. But never forget.”

Should be “you’ll have to get”, or maybe “you’ll somehow find a way to utilize it”; could be better worded as “the world picks up its course”

My heartwarming room was in the same state I left it before all the drama I had encountered. Feeling still shaken, the pounding pain in my came back with a vengeance. A queasy feeling filled me as I couldn’t help but remember the piercing pain I felt as a finger broke through the hardness of my skull and easily nudged into my soft brain matter. Sweat started to drown my skin and clothes.

Should be “in my head came back”

The story is interesting! The MC being jaded was a mood lol

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@mah_sanogo Hi! Probably others already mentioned these things, but I wanted to make sure that you get notified nonetheless. While I was playing the game, I noticed multiple cases of pronoun mistakes. First, I chose the god to be female, consequently to make all ROs female. However, when the god reappeared 16-17 years later, they looked as a man. Also, our childhood friend from orphanage was a male as well. I am not sure whether it was supposed to be like that or not. But in my earlier replay few weeks ago, the gender of the orphanage friend kept switching back and forth from male to female. That is why I am confused. Is the RO gender choice affect the friend as well? Second, when we were choosing our weapon, I chose a rifle. However, characters kept calling it a sword regardless of my choice.

These were the most pressing issues with the game. Thank you and have a nice day/night!

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Okay so the very first line of the whole thing took me right out of it.

“Hi! My name is:”

The urge to type Slim Shady is near impossible to overcome

Also yes I’m old


I feel you.

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Will we ever get a nickname like the “The devil of the Rine”


Tanya is an absolute menace XD.

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